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Public Auction March 26, 2022

Canadian Federal & Provincial Revenues The Auchenbraith Collection

We are proud to present the Auchenbraith collection of Canadian Federal and Provincial Revenues, including Telephone and Telegraph franks. Sensational “IN PRIZE” Supreme Court stamps & documents, Manitoba & Cape Breton law stamps are among the areas that surpass, on many levels, well known collections of the past such as Ed Richardson, Fred Jarrett, Harry Lussey, Philip Little, etc. Emphasis was focused on acquiring rarities relating to Law stamps, from essays & proofs to elusive provisionals, very few of which have surfaced at auction at any given time.

The collecting of revenues or fiscal stamps is an integral part of philately. In many cases these stamps were issued in interesting formats, were used to collect duties, fees or taxes. Often elaborately engraved to counter potential fraud, serial numbers or extra security features were added. It is an appealing area for collectors, either desiring to build a simple yet challenging one-of-each collection, or seriously delving into a specialized area. Although many reference works and articles have been written on Canadian revenues, both federal and provincial, the field is still very much wide open for new discoveries. We hope this collection will captivate experienced and new collectors alike.

We certainly enjoyed the experience of researching and describing the collection.

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Auction Session
Session Three (Lot 1001-1326) – Saturday March 26, 2022 begins at 1:30pm Atlantic Time (12:30pm EST)




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