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Welcome to our June mail auction.

I was reviewing some lots for our public auction recently when something caught my eye. It was a matched set of corner blocks of the Canada 4¢ Caricature Issue (Scott #589). Each block had double perforations. A friend and I discovered the only sheet of this error ever found. We used to check inventories of post offices and look for errors and varieties and found this error sheet in Florenceville, New Brunswick. We promptly sold it to John Jamieson in Saskatoon, who broke up the sheet into singles and blocks and resold them. That was 49 years ago! It was a pleasure to see the corner blocks again after so many years. This story illustrates just how long an item can remain in a collection before becoming available to collectors again.

This sale closes at midnight on June 12th. Please remember to bid early, especially if you are mailing your bids. Good luck in the auction.

Remember that Eastern Auctions Mail Sale bids do not incur buyer’s fees, and there is no surcharge for credit card use. You pay only the hammer price plus shipping costs and required taxes. Bid by calling toll-free: 1 (800) 667-8267 or E-mail:

Online Auction ends on 12/6/2024 24:00:00(AST):

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Bidding in this Mail Auction has Closed

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