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 Welcome to our March 10 mail auction. I am pleased to offer a large and varied assortment of new lots, including many seldom seen and unusual offerings. 

For example, if you like Canadian postmarks, postcards and postal history, particularly of Western Canada, you will find many lots in this auction. We recently purchased the inventory of a dealer who had operated in the Vancouver area for many years. He had a flair for acquiring interesting material and it has been a pleasure lotting this stock. 

From a collector in Greece we purchased a very nice early Greek collection, with both mint and used stamps. The first part is offered in this auction. If you have an interest in Greek stamps you will find over 150 lots of singles and sets plus some desirable large lots as well. Condition is above aver-age with many large margined classic stamps. The used items are often attractively or lightly cancelled. For those of you who use the Hellas catalogue we have indicated their catalogue number and value on most of the lots. 

Stamps from the French Colonies are very popular and often among the most bid on lots in our auc-tions. Our January sale featured a section of St. Pierre and Miquelon, which was very well received. You will find the other counties from that collection in this auction, including useful sections of French Colonies in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and around the world. 

The Auction closes on Wednesday March 10, 2021.  

Remember that Eastern Auctions Mail Sale bids do not incur any buyer’s fees and there is no surcharge for credit card use. You pay only the hammer price plus shipping costs and required taxes. Bid by calling toll free: 1 (800) 667-8267 or E-mail:

Online Auction ends on 10/03/2021 24:00:00(AST):

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Bidding in this Mail Auction has Closed

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