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Welcome to our October Auction, closing date October 12, 2022.

 We have purchased a substantial amount of collections over the summer, in fact, we are currently working our way through 150 cartons of stamps! As a result, you will find many interesting sections in this auction. Austria is well represented with most of the key stamps, from a near-complete album that I broke down one weekend. There are also good sections of mint Libya and San Marino; these came in from a European collector recently. British Europe enthusiasts will appreciate the Cyprus and Malta listings and Gold Coast is unusually nice as well. 

Great Britain deserves special mention, probably the best we have ever offered here, with such key stamps as the £1 Seahorse and £1 P.U.C. both mint and used. This collection came from a long-time customer in the U.S. Ireland is above average as well with a good showing of Seahorses. Among the extensive Canada listings, there are some nice early items in the Plate Blocks section. A good selection of covers follows with scarce early rates and a further selection of Money Letters from a specialized collection. Provinces offer many good covers (especially New Brunswick) and individual rarities including shilling values. 

We are actively buying rare stamps and specialized collections so if you have something good for sale please feel free to get in touch. We are aggressive buyers of British Commonwealth and Foreign stamps in addition to Canada and Provinces. 

Be sure to allow adequate time for your bids to arrive if using the mail. Fax, email and telephone bids reach us faster. Good luck in the auction and many thanks for your continued support.

This sale closes at midnight on October 12th. Please remember to bid early, especially if mailing your bids. Good luck in the auction.

Remember that Eastern Auctions Mail Sale bids do not incur any buyer’s fees, and there is no surcharge for credit card use. You pay only the hammer price plus shipping costs and required taxes. Bid by calling toll free: 1 (800) 667-8267 or E-mail:

Online Auction ends on 12/10/2022 24:00:00(AST):

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