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Thanks to all of you who participated in our April auction, which was very well received. As the pandemic continues to drag on, I appreciate more and more what a wonderful hobby that we stamp collectors have. It is the perfect pastime, available any hour of the day or any day of the year. It is true that there has been a dramatic upsurge in the market over the past year, a benefit that will have lasting effects once this pandemic has ended. 

While doing research recently I stumbled upon an old article published in Maclean’s Magazine, a Canadian publication. Entitled ‘STAMP CRAZY’ and appearing in 1947, it provides a fascinating glimpse into the hobby at that time. It mentions many of our top philatelists including Fred Jarrett, Lewis Reford, B. C. Binks, A. S. Deaville and many others. Prices were somewhat different back then. For example, a twelve penny black (Scott #3) could be purchased for $1,500.00. Or how about a complete set of mint U.S.A. Columbians for $500.00? Other subjects covered including famous finds of old correspondence, gaps in the collection of the Canadian government and speculating in stamps for profit. The printing and checking of stamps is also discussed. If you wish to read the entire article follow this link: 

 This mail auction closes on June 2nd and offers hundreds of interesting items. Countries of special note are France, Cyprus, Burma and Malaya covers, Malta, Germany, Greece, Saar, Australia with extensive postal stationery, and of course Canada and Provinces. Interesting postal history lots from around the world are also featured. 

Remember that Eastern Auctions Mail Sale bids do not incur any buyer’s fees and there is no surcharge for credit card use. You pay only the hammer price plus shipping costs and required taxes. Bid by calling toll free: 1 (800) 667-8267 or E-mail:

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