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Public Auction March 24-25, 2022

The AFAB Collection
Newfoundland & Canada
Part One

We are honoured to present the magnificent AFAB collection, to be sold in two parts – Part One as presented herewith and Part Two in late June, following the Capex 2022 international stamp show held in Toronto, after more than a 25 year hiatus.

This outstanding collection, spanning all areas of Newfoundland philately, demonstrates the true magnitude of what Newfoundland philately has to offer. The degree of completion will surprise even the most seasoned collectors. Many years in the making with attentive guidance from well-established dealers and auctioneers, the collection offers a mesmerizing display of rare stamps, varieties, essays and countless die proofs from the very rare 1857 Pence Issue to an unparalleled representation of progressive and trial colour proofs from the 1910s to 1930s. Numerous items that have not seen the light of day in decades will delight the philatelic community. This is without question the largest formation of Newfoundland proofs and stamps that we have had the pleasure of offering in our 40 plus years in business.

The collection also showcases Canadian rarities from Pence issues to early 1900s as well as the New Brunswick Decimal Issue essays and proofs.

We invite you to participate in what will be remembered as two of the very finest and most important BNA auctions of our generation.

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Auction Sessions
Session One (Lot 1-273) – Thursday March 24, 2022 begins at 1:30pm Atlantic Time (12:30pm EST)
Session Two (Lot 274-508) – Friday March 25, 2022 begins at 1:30pm Atlantic Time (12:30pm EST)

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