Featuring British North America, Newfoundland Decimal Era Canada Essays, Proofs, Imperforates, Varieties, Postal History Fakes & Forgeries, Specialized Collections, Large Lots & Estates

We are pleased to present this very interesting sale. Emphasis is on specialized British North America and Canada, with a wide range of areas spanning elusive essays, beautiful multiples, superb mint NH singles and postal history.

The outstanding Thomas Douglas McKee collections takes centre stage. Built by a discerning philatelist over a period of more than 40 years, numerous single-lot items from Pence to modern errors are offered. Another highlight is Don Steele’s Newfoundland 1865-1897 Cents issues, and his collections of Canada and Provinces fakes and forgeries.

An exceptional offering of specialized lots and collections from various consignors (including those from the McKee collection) concludes the sale.

The auction will be conducted at the Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia, in accordance with the latest provincial and specific hotel health protocols. We will maintain official guidelines to create a safe environment for the protection of our clients and staff. Please note that auction viewing will be by appointment only. If you plan to view please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a viewing time.


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AUSTRALIA 129,A nice used single with unobtrusive circular cancellation, Fine+ (SG 138 £600)
Cat. $800
AUSTRALIA Housed in four Lindner hingeless albums with slipcases, starts with 38 Kangaroos of 2p to £1 denominations, plus another 23 perforated "OS", excellent coverage of KGV period including shades, watermarks, perforations, perforated OS, etc. From 1930 onward excellent coverage mint or used, including a 1932 5sh used (light crease). Often shown parallel mint AND used. Noted many souvenir sheets, AAT, some postage dues & N.W.P.I overprints, etc. Condition is variable, but noticed many nice CDS postmarks on KGV stamps. A good starting point for further expansion.
Est. $750+
AUSTRALIA In mounts or mounted on quadrilled pages in three springback albums, most issues from 1931 to about 1996 are present both mint and used, much of the mint is NH. Then from 1997 onward to 2014 used. Also back-of-book with airmails, officials, AAT, and a few pages of Australian States. Mainly Fine to Very Fine, (Scott 2020 over US$9,000)
Est. $1,250+
AUSTRIA M1-M21,Emperor Franz Josef mint set of 21, imperforate with full margins, each stamp showing the double "FELDPOST" overprint variety, backstamp S. Faludi; 10h has a crease, otherwise, VF LH, seldom seen (Cat. as imperf stamps - no premium added for double overprint variety)
Cat. $450+
BULGARIA Housed in three Lindner albums with slipcases on blank hingeless pages with many hundreds mint or used (or in many cases, both). Excellent representation from Lion issues 1879-1896 (30 different) noting 1879 5c part OG, 10c used, etc. plus various perf changes, surcharges, shades, etc.; 1933 Balkan Games mint set (less 4 lev), regular & commemorative sets, imperforate souvenir sheets, semi-postals, airmails, dues, officials, parcel post, postal tax, etc. A few flaws on earlier but mainly Fine to Very Fine; an unusually extensive country collection not often seen.
Est. $600+
CHINA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC 684-695,Complete set of matching irregular blocks of 18 stamps, ungummed gum as issued; a few with minor perf separation and marginal flaws, nevertheless in fresh, clean condition. Each block show the plate imprint above top left stamp, VF
Cat. $1,647
CHINA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC 756-757,Matching set of lower margin blocks of twenty-five stamps, with imprints on left and right side, folded twice; VF NH
Cat. $250+
CHINA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC 810-817,Complete set of eight of matching lower right corner blocks of ten with imprint in right margin, VF NH
Cat. $800+
CHINA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC Originally bought as new issues; includes Scott #696-701, 702-707, 737-745, 750-755, 791-794, 821-822, 827a, 850-854 and 855-858 ranging from blocks of 8 (a few singles and strips) to irregular blocks of 29; many are lightly folded due to their size. A high percentage have imprint(s) and many show a serial number. A few flaws but mainly fresh mint NH. An inventory is enclosed. (Scott 2020 US$4,044)
Est. $2,000+
CONGO DEMOCRATIC REP. Thousands of stamps in sets or multiple examples, myriad imperforates, souvenir sheets, errors of surcharged & overprinted on 1960s Democratic Republic of Congo, mostly in original stapled glassine folded sheets received directly from new issue services of the country. Also includes similarly presented sets and souvenir sheets of that era from Burundi, Rwanda and Katanga. Some foxing and light toning in places from being stored for decades in old-time glassine sheets. A wonderful array of topicals, such as Fauna, Flora, J.F. Kennedy, Sports, Medicine, etc. Catalogue value is well into six figures; the first time we have ever seen such a massive, untouched holding of this area.

NOT COUNTED are several hundred sheets, part sheets and blocks from the late period of Belgian Congo, 1960s D.R. Congo, etc., bought as new issues and left in disarray, heavily duplicated and in very mixed condition due to improper handling and storage. However, some can be salvaged.
Est. $1,500+
CUBA Mainly from 1960s to 1980s, stacked into over thirty full envelopes / folders, in blocks of four or larger multiples, some sheets as well as numerous souvenir sheets. Up to 10 of the same, often in multiples. Excellent topicals such as flora, fauna, scenes, Christmas, space and aircrafts, Olympics, organizations, revolutionaries, etc. Some peripheral faults on a few but mainly well kept. Bought as new issues with original cost well into the thousands. A wonderful lot for a show or internet dealer.
Est. $750+
CUBA Meticulously organized in 17 binders, hundreds of stamps, first day covers, souvenir sheets, covers, die proofs, tuberculosis and hospital stamps, cinderellas, postal tax, etc. all copiously written up on pages and divided into various sections, such as medical doctors and associated activities, auxiliaries of medicine such as scientists, nurses, etc., diseases and their treatment, pharmacy and much more. Collection has numerous philatelic articles of topical nature illustrated countless items found in the collection. Material ranges from early turn of the century to modern era, noted a scarce unused 1910 10c Zayas special delivery with inverted centre (Scott US$1,250), various imperforate or gutter margin multiples, souvenir sheets that are seldom seen, etc. A lifetime endeavour that has taken countless hours to acquire, research and write-up. Viewing is recommended to appreciate the in-depth nature of this vast subject.
Est. $2,000+
CUBA Two Lighthouse albums with various 1940s to 1970s mint / NH sets, souvenir sheets, Space and other theme topicals, also selection of mint XIX century telegraph stamps. Stockbook with 1910s-1960s mint / used duplication assortment. Plus 1878-1882 collection of unused postal cards, double cards (+ reply card), types, shades, printing varieties, all displayed on pages with detailed write-up.
Est. $200+
DOMINICA 85,Fresh mint, LH in margin, stamp VF NH (SG 91 for hinged £225)
Cat. $240+
EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA 17-29A,Set of 14 complete to the 10 rupee; plus 1907-1908 1c/75c (new currency) KEVII set of 8 (less 15c). All with bright fresh colours and NEVER HINGED. The ½a-8a with horizontal serifed SPECIMEN overprints in black; others with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp overprint in violet (ex. Goa collection), F-VF NH (SG 17-31, 34/42)
Est. $350+
EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA 40-59,A fabulous, complete set of 20 with bright colours and NEVER HINGED; each stamp with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp overprint in violet (ex. Goa collection). An impressive set, F-VF NH (SG 44-63)
Est. $1,500+
EGYPT Hundreds of stamps on manila stockpages; mostly used before 1928 and then mint and / or used to late 1950s, includes semi-postals, airmails, dues, officials, surcharges / overprints. Heavy duplication in places for the used definitives. Mixed to very fine; useful for studying cancels, finding plate varieties, etc.
Est. $200+
ESTONIA Mainly mint in mounts on pages, including definitives, commemoratives, semi-postals, airmails and a few souvenir sheets. Noted better such as mint #90-104 & 117-133, B9-B12, C4-C6 (also C7-C8 but status doubtful and not counted), etc. Quite well represented from 1922 onward. Also few odds & ends.
Est. $150+
GERMANY Identified on a few hundred glassine envelopes from early 1950s (various earlier issues noted, occupation, etc.) to 2001 including semi-postals and East Germany - DDR to 1989. Most of the mint is NH, includes duplicated sets, many blocks of four, also many clean modern used CDS postmarks stamps (often of the same series). A clean stock ready for retail.
Est. $400+
GREAT BRITAIN 2,A choice used example with uniform rich colour on fresh paper, sharp and quite well centered Maltese cross cancel in red, VF+ (SG 5 £975)
Cat. $950
GREAT BRITAIN 175a,A nice mint example in a distinctive shade on fresh paper with full original gum NEVER HINGED. A beautiful stamp, seldom encountered as such, F-VF NH (SG 413 for hinged £3,500+)
Cat. $4,500
GREAT BRITAIN 209,A fresh mint single with full original gum, F-VF LH (SG 438 £750)
Cat. $750
GREAT BRITAIN BK12,Complete booklet containing four booklet panes - ½p green, 1p scarlet, 1½p dark brown panes of six stamps plus 1½p pane of four + labels. All panes with inverted watermarks. In excellent condition, VF NH (SG BB13 £500)
Cat. $550
GREAT BRITAIN O23,A nicely centered example with excellent colour and centrally struck oval Registered Bradford datestamp, F-VF (SG O24 £900)
Cat. $725
GREAT BRITAIN Neatly displayed on quadrilled pages with write-up and identification by Gibbons, carefully collected with emphasis on 1841-1857 (a few later issues also noted) with 100 stamps, some in pairs or strips, usual mixed condition but noted a wealth of shades, numeral cancels (and types), etc. Noted 1p red brown imperforate single tied by clear oval grid '812' in BLUE on clean cover and three different Mulready - a 1p black used and 2p unused lettersheets, and a 1p black envelope used; all in nice condition. An excellent starting point to get acquainted with these classic stamps.
Est. $750+
HONG KONG 146,A selected and fresh mint single of this key, VF LH (SG 132 £500)
Cat. $475
HONG KONG In a Lighthouse hingeless album, nice representation of Victorian era, also dozens of different KEVII to mid-1980s mint or used. Mixed condition to Fine or better
Est. $500+
KENYA, UGANDA, TANGANYIKA 18-37,Set of 20 stamps to the One pound; each with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp overprint in violet-blue (ex. Goa collection); gum thins on 12c, Fresh and F-VF NH (SG 76-95)
Est. $300+
KENYA, UGANDA, TANGANYIKA 40,A remarkably fresh mint single with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp overprint in blue (ex. Goa collection), full pristine original gum, F-VF NH (SG 98)
Est. $350+
KENYA, UGANDA, TANGANYIKA 41A,Brilliant fresh and choice mint single with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp overprint in violet-blue (ex. Goa collection), with full original gum, VF NH (SG 100)
Est. $500+
KENYA, UGANDA, TANGANYIKA 41B,A precisely centered mint single in pristine condition with bright fresh colours, displaying a diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp overprint in violet-blue (ex. Goa collection) and full unblemished original gum, XF NH (SG 101)
Est. $1,000+
KENYA, UGANDA, TANGANYIKA 41C-41F,The four high values of the set, each with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp overprint in blue. First three without gum and couple shorter perfs on £25; the £100 thinned at lower right but nevertheless with nice appearance and large part OG. A striking group of these sought-after high values, a perfect alternative to the very expensive stamps, F-VF (SG 102-105)

Est. $2,000+
MALAYA KELANTAN 50-64,Original set of 15 in lower right Plate 1 corner blocks, with bright colours, VF NH (Scott cat. as singles; SG 61//81 £782+)
Cat. $769+
MALTA Displayed on Lighthouse hingeless album pages with nearly 300 stamps including shades, printings, etc. Starts with eleven 1863-1882 ½p stamps, some are unused, mostly different shades from early buff to golden yellow, 1885 1p rose, 1886 5sh rose, 1899 10sh, 1903-1904 KEVII set, well represented from 1904 to 1922 overprints, then complete sets such as 1922-1926 "Malta", 1926-1927 KGV pictorial, 1938-1943 & 1948 overprinted KGVI, 1956-1964 QEII, etc. Much of the later issues are NH. Overall clean and fresh throughout, Fine to Very Fine
Est. $1,000+
MALTA Over 200 different on Lighthouse pages, noting a few better such as 1886 5sh, 1899 2sh6p & 10sh, 1902 "One Pnney" variety on two different 2½p shades, 1903-1904 & 1904-1911 KEVII sets, etc. A few flaws but mostly F-VF
Est. $300+
MALTA Housed in two deluxe multi-ring Lighthouse hingeless albums with slipcases with hingeless pages up to 1999 (as new). Virtually complete mint NH (only saw one hinged set) up to mid-1996 and well represented to 1999; a few used on more recent. Also a stockbook with souvenir sheets, sets, etc. from the 2000s. VF throughout
Est. $300+
MEXICO Housed in a two-post album on pages with postal envelopes (94), postal cards of various types (130), wrappers (11), letter cards (17) and Wells Fargo printed franks (6). A higher percentage is unused, light duplication often presenting different imprint types, shades, card stock, etc. Noted many Civil War era handstamped / overprinted items. Light foxing in places, mainly F-VF
Est. $400+
NICARAGUA Displayed on blank leaves in three binders with postal envelopes (126) and postal cards (147) for domestic and international UPU, a higher percentage unused, some duplication but noted complete message + reply cards, myriad surcharges, SPECIMEN / CANCELLED handstamped items, uprated frankings, different types, sizes, a few Bluefields overprints, etc. Also a group of 35 unused wrappers, odds & ends such as cut squares and unusual Die Proofs of indicia (some likely essays; unadopted designs). Light foxing or flaws in places, mainly F-VF
Est. $750+
NEW ZEALAND 131d,A fresh mint corner block with serial number, LH in selvedge only, stamps are F-VF NH (SG A3 for hinged singles £220)
Cat. $300+
NEW ZEALAND Selection of over 100 mainly King George V plate proofs in blocks of four and pairs, plus other issues, mostly printed in black on a variety of papers - unwatermarked wove, watermark NZ wove paper, thick glazed paper, thick wove, etc. Noted 1p "Commerce" and ½p KGV typographed & imperf. booklet strips of 18 in black on watermarked NZ & gummed paper, with some creases, latter shows "J 417010" number at top right. A useful lot for the specialist.
Est. $500+
POLAND 251,Mint souvenir sheet of two, fresh and well centered, hinged in the selvedge, leaving stamps NH, VF
Cat. $250
POLAND 251,Souvenir sheet of two with clear double ring First Day 3 V 28 datestamps, F-VF
Cat. $325
POLAND Offices in Odessa,A very scarce mint set of five with large part original gum; each stamp signed Rachmanow and most with additional backstamp from Wrubel and others, Fine OG (Michel 1-5 € 4,060)
Est. $750+
POLAND Housed in three Plymouth Albums, hundreds of stamps neatly mounted on quadrilled pages, virtually all issued stamps in the years covered are present both mint and used, plus additional examples showing minor varieties, postmarks, shades, printings, private perfs, etc. Starts with 1918-1919 overprints / surcharges including inverts, printings, varieties; valuable display of 1919 Cracow overprints on Austrian stamps, several have backstamps / guarantee handstamps and or signed; several others of questionable status (not counted). Souvenir sheets including 1946 Educational Work and 1948 Airmail sheets of 3, etc. A great many years were needed to assemble this comprehensive collection, a large percentage of the stamps go beyond Scott listings. Viewing will reveal many pleasant surprises.
Est. $1,500+
POLAND Few hundreds, mainly mint in mounts on pages with write-up. Nice range of early surcharges and overprints, then from 1920s to end of 1930s mainly mint including back-of-book, plus Exile Government in Great Britain and various issues with "Port Gdansk" overprint. Overall Fine to Very Fine; a great starting point for someone wanting a new country collection.
Est. $500+
POLAND Housed in seven Plymouth albums, hundreds mint AND used, mostly used with different postmarks, etc., mounted on quadrille pages including definitives, commemoratives, semis, airs, souvenir sheets, etc. Very strong representation. Plus seven small FDC albums with over 300 FDC and unused / used postal cards from the 1960s & 1970s. Also two stockbooks of Canada 2010s FDC and new issues.
Est. $350+
POLAND Plymouth Album with an excellent representation of unusual material starting with Offices in Turkish Empire 1919 3f-5m "LEVANT" mint set of 12, also set of 15 with overprint "P.P.C." in blue, each with Constantinople CDS on receipt. Strong showing of Port Gdansk overprints both mint and used, followed by Exile issues mint (plus three covers), local overprints on 1910s Germania issues - Blonie to Wroelawek, large run of officials and dues as well as "Groszy" overprints on Polish stamps mint and / or used, etc. Interesting lot of not often seen material.
Est. $750+
POLAND Plymouth Stamp Album with extensive mainly Scott unlisted stamps mounted on quadrilled pages, includes Military stamps for the Polish Legion, Polish Corps including overprinted Russian set mint, issues of Central Lithuania, quite extensive showing of local town post and local camp post stamps, some Rocket mail labels and other odds & ends. Useful for the specialist.
Est. $750+
POLAND Plymouth Album with WWI era military stamps of Austria, plus various issued under German Occupation, followed by General Government issues up to 1944; Plebiscite areas such Marienwerder noting better 1920 5pf-1m overprinted mint set of 6, Allenstein, Upper Silesia including shades, surcharge types, etc. A lovely collection which will make a great sideline to any existing Poland collection.
Est. $500+
RHODESIA A remarkable lot of 70 legal documents / receipts, plus various pieces / fragments, bearing 1890-1909 Coat of Arms (from five different series), some in combination with other issues. Noted 1890 £5 green (12 examples on piece and another 18 on documents, one document alone has 16 examples), 1890 £10 orange brown (7, plus 2 on documents), 1897 £1 black & red (5 and a further 19 examples on documents), 1909 £5 blue "Rhodesia" overprint with two examples on piece in combination with pair of £1 "Admiral" etc. Myriad fiscal datestamps and some punch cancels from British South Africa Co., some outside Rhodesian territory. Condition mixed but noted many impressive multiples of mid and high values, mixed-issue frankings and much more. A "gold mine" for the specialist.
Est. $1,000+
RHODESIA An interesting group of 29 legal documents / receipts, plus various pieces / fragments, bearing "Double Head" issues, some in combination with other definitives. Noted two documents franked with the scarcer £1 perf 15 plus a further 9 on piece (SG 179; Scott 118c), in addition to £1 perf 14 on four documents (5 stamps) plus five perf 14 on piece, various other 7sh6p & 10sh values, etc. Mixed condition in places; a useful group for a specialist wanting to study shades / printings.
Est. $1,000+
RHODESIA Group of 27 legal documents / receipts, plus various pieces / fragments, bearing "Admiral" issues. Noted three franked with single-usage of the £1 stamp, plus another 20 noting different printings / shades on pieces (three pieces alone bears four copies each), etc. Condition is variable as to be expected but noted a variety of cancels, printings, shades and dies, ideal for further study.
Est. $500+
ROMANIA Mostly in black mounts on leaves, starts with large selection of mint and / or used pre-1920 issues in mixed condition, noted many selected examples, especially from 1880s onward. From 1922 to 1959 an extensive showing of definitives, commems, semi-postals, airmails and other back-of-book, plus locals and postage "exempt" stamps. From 1922 onward virtually all mint and mostly NH. Noted 1932 25b-20 lei King Carol II mint set of 10, excellent coverage of semis including 1952-1953 surcharges NH, souvenir sheets, imperf stamps & sheetlets, etc. Overall condition much nicer than normally encountered; seldom seen this comprehensive.
Est. $1,000+
RUSSIA Housed in a Scott and an Elbe album on quadrilled pages, mint or used with light duplication in places, also a few multiples; nice range mint Armenia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania Russian Offices in Turkish Empire, etc. Stamps are mostly inexpensive with focus on 1920s period, but noted two 1917 1r used sheets of 50 without margins, showing Groundwork - pale brown colour INVERTED. Unpriced in Scott (#131e) used. Condition varies from mixed to F-VF
Est. $750+
ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON Mounted on quadrilled pages in a Simplex springback album, excellent coverage of 1885-1891 surcharges & overprints including some varieties, inverts, etc.; 1892 to 1975 with good degree of completion, only a few missing up to late 1940s including many FRANCE LIBRE overprints / surcharges (the more valuable FRANCE LIBRE overprints are fake and annotated as such). Also airmails, semi-postals and postage dues. Minor flaws on some earlies but well-above average collection, includes scarcer cancels and a couple FRANCE LIBRE covers. Worth a close look.
Est. $1,500+
ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON Housed in a green Lighthouse multi-ring hingeless album, three early stamps LH, all others are NH, virtually complete 1958 to 2010 including regulars, airs and dues. Routinely VF NH throughout
Est. $750+
ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON Includes modern era deluxe die proof selection of 14 different, of which three (1962 Flowers set are Artist signed), engraved in black and scarce thus; then imperforate VF NH sets of 1970 animal breeding, 1970 discovers, 1971 ships, 1972 fishes, etc.
Est. $500+
ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON Housed in a red Lighthouse springback hingeless album, strong representation including definitives, numerous se-tenants and souvenir sheets. Difficult to find modern period, often with select CDS postmarks.
Est. $250+
ST. PIERRE AND MIQUELON Includes covers, flights covers, cards and FDC in two binders, mostly 1960s to 2000s, plus a group of French Colonies forgeries on pages; also some related literature.
Est. $200+
EL SALVADOR Displayed on blank leaves with postal envelopes (32), various types of postal cards (51) and letter cards (15). Noted domestic, international UPU, officials, surcharges, overprints, cards with stamp in place of indicia; etc., a higher percentage are unused. Light foxing in places, mainly F-VF
Est. $300+
SOUTHERN RHODESIA Three different series represented; 1924 Admiral issue, 1931 KGV and the 1954 Coat of Arms; in addition to regular postage stamps. Over 10 documents / receipts, plus various pieces / fragments. Noted one fragment with 1954 series bearing 10sh, £2 (3), £5 (2), £10 (3), £20 (3), £50 (8). Mixed condition in places, nevertheless an interesting lot with not often seen items.
Est. $250+
USA An impressive lot of 157 different unused (punch cancelled from the remainders) large special tax stamps measuring approx 14½" x 7¼" inches in eleven different dealer categories - Manufactured Tobacco, Leaf Tobacco (two different types), Peddler 2nd Class, Peddler 3rd Class, Manufacturer of Cigars, Malt Liquor, Brewer, Retail Liquor, Wholesale Liquor, Rectifier of Distilled Spirits, all with intact stub receipt at left. Some minor edge flaws to be expected, nevertheless in an excellent state of preservation. An unusual and colourful lot.
Est. $1,500+
USA A duplicated range of unused / mint from 1909 to about 1960, mixed condition on earlies. A few dozen mint NH sheets plus part sheets and blocks mid-1950s to 1980 with duplication; an assortment of Easter Seals, etc.
Est. $200+
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH About 750 two-row black retail cards in glassines in three long red boxes, individually identified and catalogued. In alphabetical order from Aden to Virgin Islands, a large percentage are NH or LH long sets from KGVI issues to 1970s. Numerous colonies and dominions are shown including larger representation of British Oceania and West Indies, plus GB & Channel islands, Bermuda, Dominica, Falklands, Virgin Islands. Useful lot for breakdown and resale. Total catalogue value (by older editions of Scott 2000-2005) is well over US$19,000.
Est. $3,000+
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Over 250 cards displaying singles or sets, identified along with older catalogue values. Queen Victoria to KGVI, plus some early QEII era, organized from A to Z on large stockpages in a binder. A large percentage catalogue US$25 and up. Mixed condition on earlies, mainly F-VF, inspect.
Est. $750+
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH In glassines with emphasis on Great Britain with earlier issues such as 1840 1p black [FL] slight crease at foot but nice used, 1841 2p blue superb used pair, 1884 10sh blue with neat CDS, 1902 £1 KEVII used, one shorter perf at foot with central JERSEY postmark, 1939 10sh KGVI indigo mint NH and modern issues. A large selection of NH 1977 QEII Coronation omnibus and related issues, Hong Kong thematic sets and souvenir sheets, various mint or used 1935 Silver Jubilee, etc. Also some modern USA mint.
Est. $750+
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Complete set of 138 stamps, about a third of the high values are NH, F-VF (Scott cat. US$2,350; SG cat. £2,250)
Est. $750+
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Binder filled with modern era omnibus series of including 1981 Royal Wedding, 1982 Princess Diana, 1984 & 1986 Lloyd's List, 1990 Queen Mother, 1993 RAF, some souvenir sheets; missing colour errors (6 different). Also Liberia ABNC Specimen overprint stamps, officials and revenues and Egypt 1874 5pa brown mint perf 13½12½ positional block of eight (4x2; one stamp LH, rest NH) displaying three different tête-bêche varieties. Useful lot for internet / show dealer
Est. $350+
WORLDWIDE Better singles and sets organized on three stockpages; a high percentage being mint with some NH. About 15 countries represented with better such as Denmark Scott #C1-C5 mint, Germany - Berlin Scott 9N21-9N34 used set, Greenland Scott #19-21, Sweden Scott LX1 used with Star cancel, Switzerland Scott #293-305 mint, etc. Tiny flaws on a few but mostly Fine to Very Fine, Scott cat. over US$7,000.
Est. $1,500+
WORLDWIDE Selection of thirteen different semi-postal sets in choice used CDS blocks. Noted Austria Scott B260-B263, B269-B271, B273-B276, Belgium B107-B113, Germany B3-B4, B320-B323, B334-B337, etc. Mainly VF, Scott US$2,988.
Est. $750+
WORLDWIDE Strength in North Korea with excellent coverage from 1958 to 1963 (many ungummed as issued), Russia late 1950s to 1960s, Vietnam mid-1960s to 1971 many are ungummed as issued) and a few China (PRC and ROC). Originally bought as new issues (some still in their new issue wrappers) often in sets, in large multiples, part sheets, blocks, perf & imperforate, souvenir sheets. Best section is the North Korea hoard which is seldom seen in such quantity or in multiples. Peripheral flaws, folds and perf separation to be expected in places but overall well kept with fresh colours, mint NH. Ideal for a dealer to break up into individual sets of singles and blocks, etc. Enormous catalogue value.
Est. $1,000+
WORLDWIDE Identified on several hundred glassines, mainly 1950s to 1990s plus some earlier. Better representation of Australia, France with modern booklets, Great Britain, New Zealand, British Oceania and various exotic countries with mint NH sets, souvenir sheets, blocks, etc. Duplication noted but often with both mint and used shown, multiples, etc. High catalogue value; a clean stock ready for retail or for breakdown into smaller groups. Worth a closer look.
Est. $750+
WORLDWIDE Mounted or in old-style clear mounts in 8 albums and a binder; plus various Canada sheets, etc. in a sheet file. Emphasis on Canada from Small Queens to 1960s, also USA, Ghana, Europe, Commonwealth, etc. Noted small selection of covers, notably Seychelles. Needs checking as condition is mixed. HEAVY LOT
Est. $500+
WORLDWIDE Thousands of mint and used stamps on album pages, etc. From A to Z including British Colonies, Foreign, China, etc. Mainly 1920s to 1970s, some older issues on certain countries. Nothing of great value but a fun project to identify and rearrange for your collection. Mainly Fine or better HEAVY LOT
Est. $300+
WORLDWIDE Noted 1981 Royal Wedding mint NH collection in album, numerous additional specialty items such as surcharges, booklets, sheetlets, miniature panes, etc. still in their original glassine packages; various album pages with range of China mint / used 1940s-1950s, Germany, Mexico (early revenues), Monaco 1920s-1950s, Netherlands, Worldwide in two stockbooks and one album, some better sets on dealer pages, odds & ends including baseball 1934 World championship game ticket, Christmas seals, etc.
Est. $500+
WORLDWIDE Starting with two stockbooks of mostly mint / NH South America countries 1940s-1980s issues, folders with Venezuela new issues, first day cards and covers along with collection of mint / NH or used 1951-1954 Arms series, USA modern mint and unused postal cards, USA 1870s to 1980s earlier issues mainly used, then from 1940s onward in Lighthouse springback album, Canada 1953-1980 mint collection (plus some earlier issues) in Lighthouse springback album, plus modern 1980s-2000s new issues in a filled stockbook, various stockbooks with European countries being represented used (some mint), etc. Inspect.
Est. $750+
BRITISH COLUMBIA 1,Mint single of this difficult classic stamp, unusually surrounded by large margins, true bright colour associated with this particular imperforate, couple tiny ink spots on face, otherwise sound with large part dull, white original gum. An exceedingly scarce stamp with OG, VF OG (Unitrade $60,000)
Est. $10,000
BRITISH COLUMBIA 3,A rare mint single, just into frame at foot, otherwise clear to large marins with portion of sheet margin at right, brilliant fresh colour and displaying the characteristic full, dull streaky original gum associated with the early De La Rue printings, barely perceptible hinging; small "J.SCHL" (Julius Schlesinger) backstamp. A lovely mint example of this British North America rarity, Fine VLH; 1998 & 2020 Greene Foundation certificates
Cat. $50,000
BRITISH COLUMBIA 4,An attractive, fresh unused single, well clear at left to very large margins on other sides showing portion of adjacent stamp at foot, from the top row of the sheet as top frame of the watermark is clearly visible, VF
Cat. $3,000
BRITISH COLUMBIA 7,A choice mint block of six, exceptionally fresh and possessing full, dull streaky original gum, NEVER HINGED. A rare block to find in an excellent state of preservation, Fine+ NH (Unitrade cat. as hinged)
Cat. $1,200+
BRITISH COLUMBIA 10,A brilliant mint single with intact perforations and remarkably full, dull streaky original gum; pencil signed by experts Bolaffi, Enzo Diena and A. Diena. A very nice stamp, Fine+ LH
Cat. $3,600
BRITISH COLUMBIA 12,Mint single with typical centering for the issue, original gum is slightly toned but the stamp's colour is deep and fresh, Fine OG
Cat. $1,800
BRITISH COLUMBIA 13,An exceptionally choice mint single with bright colour, intact perforations well clear of the design on three sides, pristine fresh paper. This beautiful stamp displays remarkable attributes, as fresh as the day it was printed, VF LH
Cat. $3,000
BRITISH COLUMBIA 14,An attractive mint example of this challenging stamp, a few irregular perfs as often seen on the 1869 Issue, nevertheless unusually well centered and displaying superb colour and full clean white original gum, better than most we have seen, Fine LH
Cat. $4,000
BRITISH COLUMBIA 15,An unusually well centered mint single, a few uncleared perf discs typical of the 1869 Perf 12½ issue, large part OG lightly sweated; two guarantee backstamps, Fine and attractive
Cat. $2,400
BRITISH COLUMBIA 16,A premium mint single with superb deep colour, intact perforations and very well centered for this issue, large part OG, VF; 2015 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $1,500
BRITISH COLUMBIA 16,A nice mint single with superior centering, characteristic uncleared perf discs at top and large part OG, VF
Cat. $1,500
BRITISH COLUMBIA 17,A post office fresh mint single, quite well centered, a few uncleared perf discs characteristics of this notoriously difficult issue, exceptionally bright colour on fresh paper, F-VF LH; a beautiful stamp. 1999 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $2,400
BRITISH COLUMBIA 17,An appealing used single with an unusually clear, centrally struck grid '10' cancel of William's Creek (in the Interior of British Columbia mainland), Fine; 1980 RPSL cert.
Cat. $1,000
BRITISH COLUMBIA 18,An unused single with decent centering for the issue, a few uncleared perf discs and hint of soiling, Fine
Cat. $1,800
BRITISH COLUMBIA 18,A scarce used single with intact perforations and showing portion of a grid '35' cancel (Victoria) in black, Fine
Cat. $2,200
BRITISH COLUMBIA Confederation Era: 1873 (circa.) Wells, Fargo & Co. "Victoria, Vancouver Island" printed frank in black on white envelope in unusually clean, fresh condition, franked with an early Montreal printing 3c bright orange perf 12 tied by unusually clear Wells, Fargo & Co. JUN 25 Victoria oval datestamp in violet, addressed to San Francisco with no backstamp as customary for mail to the US. A beautiful express company cover, seldom seen in such nice quality, VF (Unitrade 37)

Provenance: Frank Laycock, June 1980; Lot 282
George Hicks, November 1967; Lot 39
Est. $500+
BRITISH COLUMBIA Confederation Era: Undated (circa. 1875) Wells, Fargo & Co. "Victoria, Vancouver Island" printed frank in black on white envelope, remarkably fresh condition mailed to San Francisco with a well centered 3c orange red, Montreal printing perf 11½x12, tied by Wells, Fargo & Co Victoria (undated) cancel in blue (R. Lowe HS-34 footnote; late usage) paying the newly reduced 3c letter rate (effective Feb. 1, 1875) to the US, VF (Unitrade 37iii)
Est. $350+
BRITISH COLUMBIA Lot of 25 mint, unused and used stamps on a stockpage, also a 5c on 3p bright red, perf 14 on 1871 cover. Noted better such as 10c blue unused single and used pair; 1869 Perf 12½ 5c used (1979 RPSL cert.), 10c mint, unused and used, 50c used, $1 part OG, etc. Mixed condition including fine examples
Est. $1,500+
BRITISH COLUMBIA Includes #2 mint with toned gum and used with neat grid "1" (New Westminster) cancel; the key 1865 5c rose imperforate (#3) with faded colour but sound with adequate to large margins and grid "35" cancel in blue; clear 1939 RPSL cert., #5 unused with rich colour, #5-6 used with small perf flaws, #7 part OG, #9 OG and #11 unused.
Est. $1,000+
NEW BRUNSWICK STAMPLESS COVERS An excellent grouping that once graced Graham McCleave's collection; with many seldom seen items. Includes two rare Miramichi & "N. Caste" town manuscript cancelled covers (both unlisted in JGY handbook); two large "primitive" Miramichi Star cancelled covers (JGY Type 58); three different Richibucto manuscript & straightline postal marking covers, all three are also ex. J.R. Saint and very rare to possibly unique; four (three different) St. Andrews early manuscript & straightline covers; and five different St. John straightline handstamped covers. Some with wear and / or ageing, but most select with choice strikes.
Est. $3,000+
NEW BRUNSWICK 1,A lovely example in the characteristic duller shade of a later printing, adequate to large margins, light oval grid '23' cancel of Richibucto, VF
Cat. $700
NEW BRUNSWICK 1860 (February 20) Folded lettersheet from St. John, NB via Halifax to England, light overall soiling, proper 7½p franking consisting of a diagonal bisected 3p dull red and a single 6p olive yellow, latter creased, both tied by neat oval grid '1' cancels, St. John NB Paid FE 20 1860 double arc dispatch at left, clear Hull MR 5 60 CDS receiver on back, Fine; 1958 RPS of London cert. (Unitrade 1b, 2, cat. $6,000) ex. William Vestey (September 1958; Lot 299)

Effective August 1, 1854 the rate to the UK was reduced from 15 pence to 7½ pence currency, which remained in effect until April 17, 1860 and the change to Decimal currency. This cover was mailed in the final weeks of the 7½ pence rate and is the third latest reported usage.

Est. $1,500+
NEW BRUNSWICK 2,Select used example with ample to large margins, bright colour on fresh paper, neat and unusually clear oval grid '23' cancellation of Richibucto; a great stamp with a beautiful numeral grid, VF
Cat. $1,600
NEW BRUNSWICK 1852 (October 5) Blue folded entire from Shediac to New York, bearing a selected example of the 6p olive yellow on blued wove paper with ample to large margins, tied by an oval mute grid, border exchange office New Brunswick double arc in blue and unframed Paid 10 Cents in red; on reverse Shediac OC 5 1852 and neat St. John, New Brunswick OC 6 1852 transit, no receiver as customary for mail via sea route to the US; couple light file folds away from stamp, VF; 1996 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 2, cat. $2,000+)

Provenance: Norman Brassler, January 1996; Lot 1083
Est. $750+
NEW BRUNSWICK 3P,Plate proof in black on thin card with sheet margin, VF
Cat. $800
NEW BRUNSWICK 3,A nice used single with four small even margins, devoid of the usual flaws so prevalent on this key stamp, radiant colour on fresh paper and showing a pleasing, centrally struck oval grid '8' (Chatham) cancellation in BLUE, Fine; 1987 Greene Foundation cert. ex. Grant G. Simmons (March 1971; Lot 212)
Cat. $4,000
NEW BRUNSWICK 5P,Plate essay single printed in brown on india paper, VF
Cat. $300
NEW BRUNSWICK 5P, vii,Plate essay pair in brown on card mounted india paper, sheet margin at right, shows Major Re-entry (Pos. 60) on right stamp with remarkable doubling visible throughout left side of design, rare and striking, VF
Cat. $900
NEW BRUNSWICK 6,"Goodall" Die Essay showing the locomotive facing left instead of right as on the issued stamp, printed in brownish red on india paper 29 x 24mm, die sunk on card 33 x 29mm; faint surface tone spot at top right edge of proof and minute surface mark hardly detract. A beautiful and sought-after essay, VF and rare; ex. Koh Seow Chuan (April 1999; Lot 85)
Est. $1,000+
NEW BRUNSWICK 6,"Goodall" die proof in black on india paper 42 x 34mm, showing die number "130" above design. A very attractive and rare proof ideal for exhibition, VF (Minuse & Pratt 6TC2g)
Est. $1,000+
NEW BRUNSWICK 6P,Plate proof block of four in dark violet on india paper, VF
Cat. $500
NEW BRUNSWICK 6TC,An attractive trial colour plate proof block of four reddish orange on india paper. Seldom encountered, especially in a multiple, VF
Cat. $800+
NEW BRUNSWICK 6a , 10,Choice mint singles, both well centered with deep colour and full original gum; seldom seen thus, VF NH
Cat. $750
NEW BRUNSWICK 6b,Lower right margin pair imperforate vertically, without gum as are all known pairs; an appealing positional pair, Fine
Cat. $650
NEW BRUNSWICK 8TCi, iii,Trial colour plate proof block of four, printed in black on india paper, showing the scarce SPECIMEN Type D overprint in red on left pair (right pair Type B), VF
Cat. $935
NEW BRUNSWICK 10Pii, iii, iv,Plate proof block of six in thee issued colour on card mounted india paper, showing all three types of horizontal SPECIMEN overprint in red (the elusive Type D on top row, Type B at centre and Type C at foot. A scarce se-tenant SPECIMEN block in choice condition, VF
Cat. $1,160
NEW BRUNSWICK Emphasis on Decimal issues noting several plate proofs including 5c Connell pair in brown and single in orange; mint blocks of 10c, 12½ and 17c, various mint / used singles; a 12½c tied by superb oval grid '13' to cover from Fredericton JU 21 1861 to Woodstock; a bisected 10c from Buctouche MY 30 1860 to Richibucto (1983 Greene cert.); a few Pence issues with 6p proof in black, 1890 3p, 6p & 1sh official reprints, etc. Condition varies from mixed to very fine
Est. $750+
NOVA SCOTIA STAMPLESS COVERS Folded lettersheet datelined "Manudie" and sent to Hartford, USA, manuscript "1½" and rated "10" at the border, showing a clear, complete Amherst, N.S. British CROWNED CIRCLE in red, same-ink double arc MR 17 1846 dispatch on reverse with light transit St. Andrews, NB MA 20 backstamp in blue. Robbinston, Maine trans-border circular postmark in red; couple light file folds as usual and small tear at top. An appealing and very early use of this marking, VF (SG CC1 £1,000)
Est. $400+
NOVA SCOTIA 2,A choice unused example with large even margins uncommonly seen on this issue, displaying exceptional colour and bright impression on fresh paper, small part OG, XF (Cat. as no gum)

Cat. $1,600+
NOVA SCOTIA 3,An attractive unused example with characteristic shade and impression, full margins; a nice stamp, VF
Cat. $2,200
NOVA SCOTIA 2,A full margined mint pair with excellent colour, diagonal crease ending in a small tear on right stamp and gum thins, still a scarce pair with large part original gum and VF appearance (Unitrade $6,400)
Est. $1,000+
NOVA SCOTIA Cunard Line grid "A91" on 3p bright blue and "A97" on 6p yellow green and 6p dark green; all with some degree of faults but rarely seen.
Est. $500+
NOVA SCOTIA 1859 (August 22) Small envelope from Wolfville to Montreal, Lower Canada; some faults and portion of backflap missing not affecting the impressive franking which is in sound condition and consisting of two singles and a diagonal bisect of the 3p blue on bluish wove paper, all large margined and tied by light grid cancels; paying the sauce 7½ pence letter rate TO CANADA, carried biweekly from Halifax closed mail via the United States; on reverse Wolfville, NS AU 22 1859 dispatch, oval "H" (Halifax) AU 22 transit and Montreal AU 28 receiver backstamps. A remarkable cover displaying what is quite likely the only known such franking to Canada, Fine (Unitrade 2, 2a)

According to Arfken & Firby census in "The Pence Covers of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 1851-1860", there are five recorded 7½p rate covers to Canada; all are franked with a single 6 pence (either yellow green or dark green) and a bisected 3 pence.
Est. $1,500+
NOVA SCOTIA 5,1859 (January 4) Envelope from Lock's Island, NS to Maine, USA, bearing a 6p dark green on blued wove paper, slightly touching design on one side to large margins, tied by unframed oval mute grid cancel; reverse shows four different datestamps, Lock's Island JA 4, Shelburne JA 4, Yarmouth JA 5 in red, Digby JA 7; St. John NB JA 19 transit on front and exchange office circular Paid 10 handstamp in red. Minor soiling at foot, an attractive cover, F-VF (Unitrade 5; cat. $4,000)
Est. $750+
NOVA SCOTIA 6,A remarkably fresh used example with distinctive bright colour, just clear at right to otherwise full to exceptionally large margins, light unobtrusive oval mute grid cancel, a very nice stamp, F-VF; 2008 BPA cert. ex. Senator Calder (February 1958; Lot 444)
Cat. $5,250
NOVA SCOTIA 6b,A extraordinary used example of this keenly sought-after classic stamp, remarkably large margins all around - superior to most we have seen, deeper colour than normally seen, oval mute grid cancels; pencil signed on reverse by expert Peter Holcombe. A superb stamp ideal for the collector who is only seeking for high-quality stamps, XF; 2013 Greene Foundation cert. ex. E. Carey Fox (Second Portion, October 1968; Lot 290)
Cat. $9,000+
NOVA SCOTIA Pence & Cents issues on seven stockpages, a few highlights are 1p and 1sh palte proofs in black, 8½c ABNC trade sample proof in deep magenta on wove, 10c plate proof in black with diagonal SPECIMEN in gold, 12½c die proof in black on india paper. Stamps also with 6p yellow green (2 sound used, one with 2007 Greene cert.), 5c blue mint; four 3p covers in different shades, one bearing #3 pair, 1c pair on printed circular, single 2c on county rate cover, etc. Mixed to F-VF
Est. $1,500+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 1 variety,The rare DIE II, an attractive used single with light, centrally struck grid cancellation, this die occurs only once in the sheet of 60 (Position 15), tiny tear at right is barely discernible, quite well centered and displaying bright colour, F-VF (SG 2a £1,000)
Est. $500+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 3,A bright mint single with excellent colour and unusually intact perforations for this issue, tiny translucent spot, otherwise in sound condition, quite lightly hinged, Fine OG
Cat. $2,500
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 1862 (December 19) Folded lettersheet from Charlottetown to Boston, franked with 6p yellow green perf 9 tied by oval grid, usual irregular perfs and couple small cover tears, partial Prince Edward Island DE 19 1862 dispatch on reverse. A very scarce rate cover in above average condition - Lehr reported only 15 similar frankings to the USA, Fine (Unitrade 3; cat. $4,000)
Est. $750+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 5vi,Lower left margin block imperforate horizontally between stamps, trivial natural gum skip on left pair, an elusive and appealing perforation variety, VF NH
Cat. $1,400
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 9,Trial colour plate proof pair in light blue on white wove paper - shows clearly printed 3p stamps on reverse in a darker shade of blue, most unusual, VF
Est. $250+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 9a, 9g,A mint horizontal strip of three imperforate vertically between all stamps, F-VF NH, scarce
Cat. $1,950
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 13,British American Bank Note engraved plate essay in green on gummed thick paper, perf 13, VF and attractive
Est. $250+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 15a,A mint pair imperforate vertically between stamps, completely devoid of the usual flaws encountered on this elusive variety, F-VF NH
Cat. $480+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 1873 (June 18) Cover from Charlottetown to Georgetown franked with a rare diagonal bisect of the 6c black paying the 3c letter rate, tied by segmented cork, neat Charlottetown JU 18 73 split ring dispatch at right, light next-day receiver backstamp; slightly reduced at right and some foxing spots, still quite nice for this - fewer than a dozen exist, Fine; 1976 BPA cert. (Unitrade 15b cat. $3,000)
Est. $1,000+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Displayed on five pages with 37 mostly NH stamps, many are well centered, also includes many plate flaws, six mint NH blocks noting two shades of the 2p with the "TWC" variety in blocks of six. 1893 "Tilleard" reprint set of proofs in black on thick paper, lower imprint blocks of 8 (2p & 12c) or of 10 (4p & 3c) and 1962 Harmer reprint 6p die proofs in ten different colours.
Est. $750+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND On stockpages and loose leaf, noting better such as 1861 6p yellow green, perf 9 sound used, various mint & used singles along a few multiples including scarce 6p blue green mint block, 4p mint sheet of 30, 4½p block with lower pair NH; imperforate pairs on ungummed wove paper - 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p (pair and block), 1c (3 pairs), 6c; a few covers in usual mixed condition including 2p perf 9 single franking, 2p perf 11½-12 pair to New Brunswick, 4p bisect on toned faulty cover, etc. Mostly sound throughout, Fine to Very Fine
Est. $1,000+
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND A remarkable assembly of 19 stamps (13 different), hand-picked for centering and freshness including a few shades / printings. Noted 1p yellow orange, 6p blue green, 9p violet and red violet shades, 4½p brown, 2c ultramarine, 3c rose, etc. A lovely group for the discriminating collector, VF NH
Cat. $2,165
PROVINCES Displayed on three stockpages, noting New Brunswick 5c green proof block of six with SPECIMEN Type D, C & B (two of each type), Nova Scotia plate imprint block of 8½c in black with diagonal SPECIMEN (Type B), lower margin imprint block of 12½c in black with diagonal SPECIMEN Type B on top pair and Type C on bottom block, PEI 6p reprint die proofs set of 10 colours, Newfoundland 1897-1908 ½c, 1c green and 2c vermilion (3) SPECIMEN blocks of four, three different 1911 John Guy engraved plate proofs, etc.
Est. $750+
PROVINCES Lot of 16 items, on india paper (some card mounted), consisting of singles (7), pairs (8) and a block of four. Noted New Brunswick 5P pair; Nova Scotia 11Pi pair, 11TCvii, 12Pv UR imprint block, 12TC pair, 12TCi, 12TCxii, 12TCx, 12TC variety in a dull rose shade on india paper, 13TCix, etc. F-VF or better (Cat. $3,205)
Est. $500+
PROVINCES On two stockpages in variable condition with better stamps such as Vancouver Island 1865 10c blue imperf small margins unused,1865 5c rose perf 14 part OG, 10c perf 14 unused; British Columbia 1870 25c orange perf 14 unused, 1869 25c orange perf 12½ light cancel; New Brunswick 1851 3p, 6p & 1sh Heraldic in mixed condition (1sh has 1987 Greene cert.); Nova Scotia 1851 6p yellow green, used with just clear to large margins, 1857 1sh purple creased but F-VF appearance (2012 Greene cert.), PEI 1861 3p perf 9 mint, small thin (2011 Greene cert.), etc.
Est. $2,500+
PROVINCES Selection of singles and blocks, mostly mint including choice NH stamps of Nova Scotia, 5c dark blue on white paper with redistributed OG (1988 Greene cert. states "regummed"), New Brunswick 1c Locomotive lightly used block, 2c orange mint block and three singles all with OG - an underrated stamp very difficult to find with original gum. Nice quality throughout.
Est. $600+
NFLD. TRADE SAMPLE PROOFS Perkins Bacon (1929) Trade Sample Sheet in deep green on thin white diagonal mesh wove paper (0.004" to 0.0045" thick), displaying the COMPLETE SET of nine denominations in a very rarely seen complete sheet, also coloured proofs of Cape of Good Hope 6p & 1sh, Chile 1c, 5c, 10c & 20c, Ceylon "Chalon" die without denomination and Western Australia incomplete1p Swan; the Newfoundland 4p is the scarred die characteristic of the Plate 1 proof sheet. Minor wrinkles, inconsequential for this remarkable intact sheet, VF; pencil signed by expert Herbert Bloch on reverse.
Est. $3,500+
NFLD. TRADE SAMPLE PROOFS Plate 1 Paper9,(1929) Perkins Bacon Trade Sample Proof on thin white diagonal mesh wove paper (0.004" to 0.0045" thick), appealing and VF
Est. $300+
NFLD. TRADE SAMPLE PROOFS Plate 1A Paper9,(1929 - Defaced State) Perkins Bacon Trade Sample Proof on thin white diagonal mesh wove paper (0.004" to 0.0045" thick), striking, VF
Est. $300+
NFLD. TRADE SAMPLE PROOFS Plate 1A Paper9,(1929 - Defaced State) Perkins Bacon Trade Sample Proof on thin white diagonal mesh wove paper (0.004" to 0.0045" thick), striking, VF
Est. $250+
NFLD. TRADE SAMPLE PROOFS Plate 6 Paper13,(1929) Perkins Bacon Trade Sample Proofs on thick stiff yellowish card (0.085" to 0.095" thick) - the complete design without the defacing scars found on other plates. A scarce duo, VF
Est. $500+
NFLD. TRADE SAMPLE PROOFS The Griebert Plate,Engraved essay (circa. 1919) in green on thick wove (0.006"), from a stamp dealer advertising plate (Hugo Griebert) specially prepared by Perkins Bacon and showing the characteristic defaced left corner from overlap of another stamp design (Chile 5 centavo), small vertical crease at right. A rare and desirable item, VF; ex. Ed Wener collection (June 2012; Lot 218)
Est. $300+
NEWFOUNDLAND 1,A full margined, premium mint example with radiant colour and full dull white original gum, VF+ NH
Cat. $480
NEWFOUNDLAND 3,Engraved Die Essay in black, stamp size on card mounted india paper, showing the corrected lower left "3" (slating in the Die I essay) and having small differences not present in the final die for the issued stamp. One major trait not found on the plate proofs and issued stamps is the lack of the outer delineation line surrounding the central vignette trefoil. A very rare initial die proof of which not more than three of the Die II essay exist according to R. Pratt, VF (Minuse & Pratt 3E-A)

Provenance: Ralph Hart, May 1977; Lot 624

We would like to point out that no actual die proof of the final die is known in private hands. Only a few die essays of Die I and of Die II (according to Robert H. Pratt handbook) exist.
Est. $2,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 3,Engraved plate proof singles of both dies, printed in black on thin white card, full to large margins. A very scarce duo as only one plate proof sheet of 80 (40 of each die) was printed, VF
Cat. $1,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 6,A scarce used example with small even margins, rich colour and neat barred cancellation; faint soiling on reverse only, a key stamp devoid of the usual flaws that plague this issue, Fine; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $3,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 7,A beautiful unused example with exceptional colour on pristine paper as the day it was printed, surrounded by mostly large margins which is quite unusual on this particular stamp. A very attractive example of this classic stamp, VF+; 2017 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $6,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 8,Top sheet margin mint single, colour lightly oxidized, hinged in selvedge leaving stamp VF NH
Cat. $1,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 8,An elusive used example with small to full margins, bright colour and light grid cancel; much scarcer than mint examples, Fine; 1952 BPA cert.
Cat. $500
NEWFOUNDLAND 9,Plate proof printed in black on thin card; rare as only one sheet of 20 was printed, VF
Cat. $1,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 9,A rare used single of this sought-after classic stamp, surrounded by small to full margins and displaying deep rich colour which is lightly oxidized, neat grid cancel, missing from many advanced collections, F-VF; 1996 APS cert. ex. Colonel E.H.R. Green (Part XXVI, March 1946; Lot 663)
Cat. $10,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 11,A very nice mint single with exceptional colour, large margins and large part original gum; a beautiful stamp, VF OG
Cat. $1,200
NEWFOUNDLAND 11,An excellent mint example with exceptional colour, typical smaller size margins often encountered on this particular stamp, large part original gum; a great stamp, F-VF
Cat. $900
NEWFOUNDLAND 12Ai,A fresh mint corner block of four showing "STACE" of the papermaker's watermark, reading down and visible on all four stamps, lower right stamp hinged, others NH, VF
Cat. $1,400
NEWFOUNDLAND 13,A choice example of this difficult stamp with excellent colour, large margins and a light unobtrusive cancel, VF
Cat. $1,600
NEWFOUNDLAND 13,A four margined used example, is difficult to find as such on this particular stamp, faint bend, light barred cancel, VF
Cat. $1,600
NEWFOUNDLAND 16,A rare mint single, displaying the characteristic traits of this very elusive error of colour, which is unlike any of the other One penny stamps issued, surrounded by full to large margins, unused without gum and in flawless condition; pencil signed by expert Peter Holcombe on reverse, VF

Expertization: 1994 Peter Holcombe certificate

According to Robert H. Pratt, the leading authority on the subject, only four sheets of 120 stamps were originally printed, an error of colour allegedly prepared for use and never issued. Only a small number have survive.
Cat. $16,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 24P-31P,The set of six horizontal plate proof pairs, printed in first issued colours on card mounted india paper; 24c has close margin at foot, otherwise a lovely VF set (Unitrade cat. $1,260)
Est. $350+
NEWFOUNDLAND 24, 25, 28,Top portion of a trade sample sheet showing se-tenant proofs of the 2c Codfish, 12c Queen Victoria and 5c Harp Seal, LITHOGRAPHED in garnet red on yellowish horizontal mesh paper (0.003" thick) with intact ornamental sheet margins on three sides, rarely seen like this, XF (Minuse & Pratt P8-Ca)

Most known ABNC trade sample proofs were engraved. This example is lithographed; surely very few exist as such.
Est. $2,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND 25,Engraved Die Essay in brown on india paper 38 x 29mm, showing nearly all of the elements found on the issued stamp but reading "PROVINCE OF NEWFOUNDLAND" instead of "FIVE 5 FIVE" at top. An exceptional essay of the utmost rarity, ideal for exhibition, VF (Minuse & Pratt 25E-C)

We are aware of only three other 5c die essays in brown: one is similar in size but has overall foxing; another is cut close to design; and a reported third example, the condition if which is unknown to us.
Est. $1,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 25Piv variety,Plate proof block of four printed in black (as the reissue of 1868) on india paper showing full ABNC imprint in bottom sheet margin; trivial flaws, scarce and underrated especially as a block, VF
Est. $350+
NEWFOUNDLAND 25,An exceptional unused single displaying superior centering and deep fresh colour, ABNC plate imprint in the right wing margin. A magnificent example that has virtually no equal among its peers, unquestionably one of the hardest "Cents" issue stamps to obtain in such remarkable quality, VF+ GEM
Cat. $800+
NEWFOUNDLAND 25,An attractive used example of this challenging stamp, quite well centered for the issue and displaying intact perforations and a neat circular segmented cork cancel, VF
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 26,A remarkably well centered unused example within noticeably large margins for the issue, bright colour, VF+
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 27a,An outstanding mint single of the distinctive early printing, printed in a deeper shade than normally seen, extraordinary centering within jumbo margins capturing a nearly complete plate imprint at foot, insignificant gum wrinkle, relatively lightly hinged. An exceptional example displaying rarely seen physical traits for this most difficult stamp, VF LH
Cat. $1,200+
NEWFOUNDLAND 27,A selected and appealing mint block of four with sheet margin at right, quite well centered for this challenging stamp and possessing unusually full original gum, hinged on right pair and left pair NEVER HINGED. One of the nicer blocks one can hope to find, F-VF
Cat. $3,300
NEWFOUNDLAND 27,An unusually choice mint single with post office fresh colour, well centered for the issue, full white original gum, NEVER HINGED. A tough stamp to obtain in such condition, VF NH; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $1,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 1886 (January 9) Small cover to London with Bay of Islands / Newfoundland embossed on backflap, franked with a well centered 10c black on stout white paper tied by unusual radial cork cancel for UPU double letter rate to the UK, legible St. John's JA 9 86 split ring and London JA 23 backstamps, VF and attractive; one of only six such rate / franking covers reported. (Unitrade 27)
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 29,A remarkably well centered mint block of four, scarce in such top-quality, XF NH
Cat. $1,200
NEWFOUNDLAND 29,A remarkably fresh and unusually well centered mint upper right plate block of six showing the full ABNC imprint at top left, lightly hinged on top right and bottom left stamps leaving four NH. A beautiful plate imprint block, VF (Unitrade cat. $1,400)
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 1900 (June 19) "Krippner" cover to Chemnitz, Germany, slightly reduced at left, displaying mixed-issue franking totalling 20c postage (15c triple UPU letter rate plus 5c registration); stamps tied by oval Registered St. John's 19 JU 00 datestamps, oval Registered Liverpool 2 JY 00 transit and on reverse a clear Chemnitz 4.7.00 CDS receiver, F-VF (Unitrade 29, 35a, 45, 61)
Est. $250+
NEWFOUNDLAND 30,"Goodall" die proof printed in bluish green on india paper 31 x 29mm, die number "418" above design, without the larger card they are usually on; small mount mark at top and faint traces of foxing, nevertheless a rare coloured die proof, VF
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 32,A remarkably well centered mint single with brilliant fresh colour and the full shiny original gum characteristic of this particular stamp, printed by the National Bank Note Co. of New York (in fact the only stamp of Newfoundland ever printed by this firm). A great example of a very scarce stamp, VF+ NH; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 33P, 33TCii, iii, vi,Four different trial colour plate proof pairs on india paper printed in vermilion, dusky blue green, dark slate violet and brown, VF
Cat. $780
NEWFOUNDLAND 34,An extraordinary mint single with bright colour and clear impression, displaying unusually precise centering and possessing full original gum. Among the very toughest perforated stamps of Newfoundland to find in choice quality, XF NH; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $3,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND 35,An unusually well centered mint single of this difficult stamp displaying excellent colour on bright fresh paper with full, shiny white original gum; a lovely stamp as fresh as the day it was printed, VF+ NH
Cat. $165+
NEWFOUNDLAND 36,Lower right corner block of ten with full sheet margins, ABNC imprint below stamps 97-99, exceptionally fresh and unusually well centered for the issue, three stamps in top row are LH leaving seven NH. A wonderful plate imprint block, VF (Unitrade cat. $1,680)
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 37,An impressive block of this difficult stamp, unusually well centered and in clean condition; a beautiful mint block, VF OG
Cat. $800+
NEWFOUNDLAND 38,A fabulous mint single with intact rouletting all around, very well centered and displaying superb, post office fresh colour and full pristine original gum, NEVER HINGED. A great stamp in all respects, VF NH; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $1,200+
NEWFOUNDLAND 39,A superb mint example with unusually precise centering, intact rouletting on all sides, rich colour on fresh paper and full original gum, lightly hinged, XF
Cat. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND 39 variety,A post office fresh mint single with intact rouletting on all sides, showing the "Tumbling Stones" constant variety (Pos. 11) ideally captured in the wide left margin, full original gum, VF VLH

This variety is listed in the Unitrade specialized catalogue on the 1870 3c vermilion and 1873 3c blue in used condition; it is unlisted on this stamp.
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 40,An appealing mint block with superior centering and large margins, bright colour on fresh paper with remarkably full original gum showing mainly faint traces of hinging. A very scarce and desirable multiple, VF LH
Cat. $1,600+
NEWFOUNDLAND 41,An amazing mint single, well centered with unusually tall margin at top (part of adjacent stamp is visible), fabulous colour and full pristine original gum; unusually choice, VF+ NH JUMBO
Cat. $400+
NEWFOUNDLAND 42,A magnificent mint example of this challenging stamp in superb quality, precisely centered with balanced large margins, exceptional colour and full immaculate original gum; rarely encountered in such quality, XF NH GEM
Cat. $400+
NEWFOUNDLAND 42,Impressive large margined example, well centered with one trivial improved perf at top, VF NH JUMBO
Cat. $400
NEWFOUNDLAND 43,An exceptional mint example with amazingly deep rich colour, distinctive from the myriad shades found on the Prince of Wales issues, very well centered with large margins and full pristine original gum, XF NH
Cat. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND 45,A post office fresh mint single, extremely well centered with sharp impression on bright white wove paper, full pristine original gum, XF NH
Cat. $150+
NEWFOUNDLAND 45a,A precisely centered mint single with deep rich colour and full original gum, XF NH
Cat. $180+
NEWFOUNDLAND 46i,An extremely well centered mint example with the distinctive radiant colour of the early printing, full pristine original gum, never hinged. An impressive example of this elusive shade, XF NH GEM
Cat. $640+
NEWFOUNDLAND 47,A fabulous well centered mint block with full unblemished original gum; very seldom seen in such top-quality, VF-XF NH
Cat. $2,400
NEWFOUNDLAND 47,An amazing mint single, beautifully centered with deep rich colour and with full pristine original gum, XF NH
Cat. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND 48a,A large margined imperforate pair, ungummed as issued, scarce and under catalogued in our view, VF+
Cat. $400+
NEWFOUNDLAND 48b,A post office fresh mint block with exceptionally bright colour, the nicest one can hope to find on this stamp, very well centered with full pristine original gum, choice and VF-XF NH
Cat. $720+
NEWFOUNDLAND 1897 (October 2) Clean cover from St. John's addressed locally and franked with a diagonally bisected 2c orange Codfish paying the 1c drop letter rate, neatly tied by grid and postmarked at left. VF (Unitrade 48i)

Although not officially authorized, the bisecting of stamps was accepted without penalty. Supplies of 1c stamps were exhausted and the provisional surcharges did not arrive until later in October.
Est. $300+
NEWFOUNDLAND 51a,A remarkable mint example, very well centered with unusually wide margins, brilliant fresh colour and full original gum. A great stamp, XF NH JUMBO
Cat. $360+
NEWFOUNDLAND 53,An impressive mint example of the distinctive first printing, the colour, paper and original gum are all different than the more common later printings, a fabulous example with a rarely encountered combination of superior centering, large margins, true rich colour and full, dull streaky white original gum, NEVER HINGED. Without any doubt one of the finest examples ever to come to auction; much scarcer than catalogue values indicate, XF NH; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $3,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND 53,A choice example of the challenging first printing, bright colour and impression, well centered within large margins and showing full, streaky white original gum, NEVER HINGED. Missing from many advanced collections and a key stamp of the 1880-1896 BABN printings, VF NH; photocopy of 2006 Philatelic Foundation cert. for a block (top pair hinged), this the bottom left stamp. ex. "Malibu" Collection (May 2006; Lot 257)
Cat. $3,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 59,An amazing mint single with bright colour on fresh paper, fabulous centering within equally impressive "boardwalk" margins, lightly hinged mark in lower margin only, stamp with full pristine original gum. A wonderful, eye-arresting stamp perfect for one seeking only the very best, XF NH JUMBO
Cat. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND 59,A very well centered and fresh mint single with pristine original gum, VF+ NH
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 59,A post office fresh, well centered mint single, VF+ NH
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 59,Amazing mint example, well centered with huge "boardwalk" margins all around, fresh with full original gum, tiny moisture spot on gum, XF NH JUMBO
Est. $250+
NEWFOUNDLAND 61-74,The complete set of fourteen plate proof blocks of four in the issued colours on card mounted india paper, most are sheet marginal. A beautiful set, seldom seen in blocks, VF (Unitrade cat. $3,100)
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND 61-74,Complete set of fourteen plate proof pairs, printed in the issued colours on card mounted india paper, mostly with large margins, VF
Cat. $1,550
NEWFOUNDLAND 61-74,The complete set of fourteen with diagonal SPECIMEN overprint in red, bright fresh colours, F-VF NH
Cat. $1,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 61-74,Complete mint set of fourteen with diagonal SPECIMEN overprint in red, F-VF NH
Cat. $1,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 61-74,A selected, well centered mint complete set with brilliant fresh colours and full original gum, VF-XF NH
Cat. $1,155+
NEWFOUNDLAND 75-77,Intact mint full pane of fifty, sheet margins at sides (no margin at top or bottom as usual), separations in places sensibly strengthened with hinges, natural short gumming along first column. Showing all surcharge types: Pos. 1 to 30 Type A, Pos. 41 to 48 Type B (Pos. 41 the wide spacing variety) and Pos. 49 to 50 Type C. Typical centering for the issue, Fine+ OG / NH (Unitrade cat. $6,600)
Est. $2,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND 75,Mint block of thirty, the top three rows in the setting of fifty stamps; Type A surcharge which is visibly slanted (ascending), some perf separation mostly between seventh and eighth columns, only four stamps are hinged, Fine. Also includes a photograph of the complete setting, a useful guide in plating this issue. (Unitrade cat. $3,360+)
Est. $750+
NEWFOUNDLAND 75-77,Mint se-tenant block of four showing the three different surcharge types - A on top row, B on lower left and the elusive C on lower right (Positions 38/49), trivial reinforced perf splits, fresh colour, easily above average for this block, Fine OG
Cat. $1,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 75variety,Mint single with a dramatic shifted, slanting surcharge, large part OG, unusual, Fine+
Est. $250+
NEWFOUNDLAND 76, 76i,Mint positional pair with sheet margin showing both Type B surcharges, left stamp with the elusive wide spacing (2mm) between "ONE CENT" (Pos. 41), nearly full NH original gum, natural gum skips along perfs; scarce and F-VF (Cat. as hinged)
Cat. $825
NEWFOUNDLAND 77,An exceptional mint single of the sought-after Type C surcharge, Position 50 in the setting of 50 subjects, very well centered with brilliant fresh colour and full original gum; clearly one of the nicest examples that exists, VF+ NH; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.

A total of 792 panes were surcharged for issue on October 12, 1897. Type C was found only on Positions 49 & 50 for a total of 1,584 printed. Off centre sheets are the norm for this issue.
Cat. $3,750
NEWFOUNDLAND 77,An exceptionally fresh mint single of the elusive Type C surcharge with large margins and full pristine original gum. A great stamp with superior centering for this issue, F-VF NH
Cat. $2,625
NEWFOUNDLAND 1897 (November 23) USA One cent Reply postal card uprated with in-period use of the 1c on 3c grey lilac (scarce Type B) provisional surcharge tied by circular grid cancel to Richmond, Virginia, St. John's NO 23 97 dispatch CDS at left, New York transit on front and back with Richmond NO 30 receiver, card crease away from stamp. An unusual franking to pay the 2 cent card rate without penalty, VF (Unitrade 76; USA Scott UY1r)
Est. $200+
NEWFOUNDLAND 78-86,The complete set of forty-seven mint singles, each with American Bank Note security punch and Specimen overprints of various types and colours representing all known printing orders, displaying a wonderful range of shades, papers and gums in use between 1897 and 1910. Generally only one sheet of 100 for each printing order was produced, NH and mainly with VF centering
Cat. $1,850
NEWFOUNDLAND 78-86,The complete set of forty-seven stamps, each with ABNC security punch and specimen overprint (various types and colours), all known printing orders are shown with shades, paper and gums in use between 1897 and 1910; one 3c stamp with dulled perfs at foot. Generally only one sheet for each printing order was prepared. F-VF NH
Cat. $1,850
NEWFOUNDLAND 1902 (March) Clean 3c violet postal envelope uprated with 2c vermilion and 5c blue tied by circular grids, oval "R" registration handstamp at left, oval Registered St. John's 2? MR 02 datestamp at left, mailed to Chemnitz, Germany, light oval Registered Liverpool 2 AP 02 ties 5c stamp and partially clear oval Registered 3 AP 02 datestamp in red, clear Chemnitz 4.4.02 receiver on back. A beautiful 'Krippner' cover with 5c UPU rate + 5c registration to Germany, VF (Unitrade 82, 85, EN1)
Est. $250+
NEWFOUNDLAND 87xiii,A well centered mint pair imperforate vertically between; shows the constant listed varieties - "NFW" (Pos. 41) and "Jamrs" (Pos. 42); tiny natural inclusion between stamps, fresh with intact perforations and full original gum. A rare combination of perforation and plate varieties, VF NH
Cat. $3,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 87/97,The complete set of ten plate imperforate proof pairs on the distinctive thicker gummed paper, all in issued colours; the 6 cent is Type I (the 6c Type II and 12c do not exist in this format). Some toning on 2c and 8c, otherwise fresh and VF NH
Cat. $3,750
NEWFOUNDLAND 87/97,Mint complete set of ten plate proof pairs on thick gummed wove paper in issued colours, small hinging to lightly hinged; the 6 cent Type I has a few light tone spots (the 6c Type II and 12c do not exist in this format). A scarce group, VF
Cat. $2,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 87-97, 87a, b, 88a,A beautiful, post office fresh mint set of 12, plus 1c perf 12 & 12x14 and 2c perf 12x14; 12c unused, all others well centered with immaculate dull white original gum and NEVER HINGED. A challenging set to assemble in this quality, VF NH
Cat. $2,580
NEWFOUNDLAND 92ii,A striking mint pair imperforate vertically at left between stamp and sheet margin, tiny gum thin, unusually large margins, VF OG, rare
Cat. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 92Ab,A fresh, large margined mint imperforate pair, VF LH
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 92Ai,A mint single showing the "WF" joined variety from Position 17 (with malformed "L" in NEWFOUNDLAND), pristine original gum, VF NH
Cat. $900
NEWFOUNDLAND 98-103,A selected mint set of six with deep colours and full original gum, VF NH
Cat. $1,450
NEWFOUNDLAND 98-103,A well centered set of six, each with matching socked on nose Island Cove split ring postmark, VF
Cat. $525
NEWFOUNDLAND 104-114,A remarkable complete set of eleven trial colour plate proof blocks of four, printed in black, each with sheet margin at top. A very rare set in blocks of four, VF+

De La Rue & Co. engraved and printed the 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c and 10c on thick white wove paper. Macdonald & Co. engraved and A. Alexander & Sons printed the 6c, 8c, 9c, 12c and 15c, which are on thin white card.
Cat. $6,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 104-114,A superior mint set of this underrated issue, uncharacteristically well centered and never hinged, very scarce thus. One would need years to assemble another set in such choice condition, VF-XF NH
Cat. $1,340+
NEWFOUNDLAND 104/114,Mint set of singles (except 3c, 10c) plus three blocks of four (4c, 9c & 10c) with De La Rue archival defacement lines, most quite well centered, F-VF NH
Est. $350+
NEWFOUNDLAND 115a-126a,An impressive complete set of 12 imperforate pairs, ungummed as issued, mostly large margined and all with sheet margin at right; 1c & 4c with minor wrinkles. A scarce and desirable set of this sought-after series, VF

Other than the 4c each pair shows the right-hand centre of sheet "cross" guidelines in the sheet margin.
Cat. $4,200
NEWFOUNDLAND 127, 129, 130, 160,2c on 30c VF NH sheet; 3c on 15c Type II surcharge VF OG sheet with twenty NH including Raised "E" (Pos. 24); 3c on 35c VF NH sheet; and 1929 3c on 6c F-VF NH sheet. (Unitrade cat. $2,805)
Est. $750+
NEWFOUNDLAND 127a,Mint single of the inverted surcharge error, signed "HnB" on reverse; very scarce with only two panes of 25 printed, Fine+ LH
Cat. $1,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 128,A scarce mint block of four of this elusive setting (only 120 panes of 25 were printed), top pair hinged at centre, lower pair is NH, F-VF
Cat. $1,400
NEWFOUNDLAND 128,A choice mint single, well centered, VF NH
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 132b,Mint imperforate block with cross guideline in top margin which is clipped at right, light gum wrinkle on top pair, otherwise F-VF NH
Cat. $590
NEWFOUNDLAND 134a,Lower margin imperforate block showing centre of sheet cross guideline, ungummed as issued, VF
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 135,Trial Colour Die Proof in red brown on unwatermarked white wove paper 52 x 60mm, showing die sinkage on two sides; light bend, VF and attractive
Est. $300+
NEWFOUNDLAND 137a,Imperforate block of eight, ungummed as issued; a rarely seen large block which is perhaps the largest surviving, VF (Cat. as four pairs)
Cat. $1,200
NEWFOUNDLAND 145-182,Complete sets, each stamp individually hand-picked for centering and freshness, with 1928 Publicity set plus 4c shade; 1929-1931 re-engraved set and 1931 watermarked set, also the 1929 3c on 6c. Difficult to assemble, VF NH
Cat. $1,450
NEWFOUNDLAND 152,Small Die Proof printed in dark blue green, near issued colour, on unwatermarked wove paper 34 x 42mm, showing engraver's guidelines at sides, attractive, VF
Est. $300+
NEWFOUNDLAND 160a,A bright, fresh mint single with inverted surcharge, F-VF NH; only three panes of 25 were surcharged in error, a small number survive in never hinged condition. 2019 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $2,150
NEWFOUNDLAND 160a,A fresh mint single showing the very elusive inverted surcharge error, full original gum with the faintest trace of hinging, F-VF VLH; only 75 examples printed. 2020 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $1,200
NEWFOUNDLAND 160i,Mint single of the trial surcharge IN BLACK, Type I showing wide 5mm spacing between "CENTS" and bar, full OG showing only a faint trace of hinging, scarce, F-VF VLH; 2009 Sismondo cert. ex. Mount Pearl collection (February 2018; Lot 758)
Cat. $1,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 182,Large Die Proof in olive brown, colour of issue, on unwatermarked wove paper 56 x 83mm, showing die sinkage on three sides, scarce, VF
Est. $350+
NEWFOUNDLAND 183c,A nice mint vertical pair imperforate horizontally between, VF NH
Cat. $375
NEWFOUNDLAND 183c variety,Mint vertical strip of four imperforate horizontally, originating from the booklet pane sheet and showing a 15mm gutter margin between pairs, unusual, Fine+ NH
Est. $350+
NEWFOUNDLAND 183iv,Mint block of four, the lower pair well centered and imperforate between the sheet margin and the stamps, VF NH
Cat. $750
NEWFOUNDLAND 186d,Mint horizontal pair imperforate vertically between, VF NH
Cat. $300
NEWFOUNDLAND 186iv,An extraordinary mint corner block showing a most dramatic double print error, the second image is descending and shifted into the left margin. The first block of this printing error we recall offering, VF NH; ex. Robert H. Pratt (as a block of eight)
Cat. $1,800+
NEWFOUNDLAND 186iv,Striking mint single with sheet margin at left, showing the spectacular double print error, portions of four different stamps are visible, VF NH
Cat. $450
NEWFOUNDLAND 186vi,A well centered mint block showing full reverse offset image on the gum side, VF NH
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 191,Group of 8 plate proof pairs in shades of deep violet, Perkins Bacon printings on bond paper, two show security "moiré" lines (bookend paper) on reverse. Different stages of the plates with K. Bileski notes, VF
Est. $300+
NEWFOUNDLAND 194,Corner margin plate proof block printed in black on bond paper, VF
Est. $150+
NEWFOUNDLAND 194 variety,A nicely centered mint block of six showing a rare double perforation error at top; small spot on top right stamp, striking and unusual, VF NH
Est. $300+
NEWFOUNDLAND 208b,A well centered mint block of four imperforate vertically between pairs, part sheet margin at foot, couple light natural gum bends, a very seldom seen block, VF NH
Cat. $2,250
NEWFOUNDLAND 209a,A choice, fresh mint imperforate pair, VF NH
Cat. $300
NEWFOUNDLAND 218a,A mint block with lower right corner margin, in the distinctive colour and showing printing ink smears as typically seen, minor gum bend on lower left stamp, F-VF NH
Cat. $4,125
NEWFOUNDLAND 224a,Large margined mint imperforate pair, VF NH
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 234b,Mint vertical pair imperforate between, an appealing and very scarce perforation variety, Fine+ LH (SG258cb £650)
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 234f,A large margined imperforate pair, ungummed as issued, VF
Cat. $300
NEWFOUNDLAND 235,Progressive Large Die Proof of the vignette and King's Portrait only, printed in bright ultramarine on die sunk wove paper 96 x 70mm. A beautiful proof that really stands out, VF and rare (Minuse & Pratt 235PX-Ba)
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND 236a,Mint imperforate pair with part sheet margin at right, natural gum creasing as often seen on this issue, VF VLH, quite scarce
Cat. $600
NEWFOUNDLAND 236c,A nicely centered mint pair imperforate vertically, exceptionally fresh and very lightly hinged. A highly select example of this sought-after perforation variety, VF VLH
Cat. $2,500
NEWFOUNDLAND 238a,Select imperforate pair, sheet margin at foot and ungummed as issued, VF
Cat. $500
NEWFOUNDLAND 239a,An unusually fresh and well centered mint vertical strip of four, imperforate horizontally between centre pair, full immaculate original gum, never hinged. A desirable KGVI perforation error rarely seen in such top-quality, VF+ NH
Cat. $5,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 240 variety,Large margined mint imperforate pair with full original gum; seldom seen, in fact currently unlisted in Unitrade, VF LH
Est. $350+
NEWFOUNDLAND 241,Large Die Proof in light blue, colour of issue, on wove paper 94 x 65mm, showing reverse die "1225" number at upper left and engraver's guidelines at sides; an appealing and scarce proof, VF (Minuse & Pratt 241P1a)
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 242a,Beautifully fresh and choice imperforate pair, ungummed as issued, VF+
Cat. $400
NEWFOUNDLAND 243b,A fresh mint imperforate pair, ungummed as issued, VF
Cat. $400
NEWFOUNDLAND 253a,A large margined mint imperforate pair, choice, VF NH
Cat. $300
NEWFOUNDLAND 253variety / 266i,Four different multiples showing full and / or partial reverse offset images on the gum side, includes 1c vertical strip of three, 7c (unlisted) vertical pair, 20c block and 48c vertical pair. A striking group, F-VF NH
Est. $350+
NEWFOUNDLAND 255iv, 257vi, 260i, 262i, 263i,Five different mint singles, all showing full reverse offset images on the gum side, F-VF NH (Unitrade cat. $1,435)
Est. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND 255 variety,Mint corner block showing a dramatic perforation shift error, most unusual, VF NH
Est. $200+
NEWFOUNDLAND 255iv/270ii,Seven different mint singles showing strong reverse offset images on the gum side, includes 3c, 5c, 10c, 15c, 20c, plus 4c Birthday and 5c Cabot, all fresh and F-VF NH (Unitrade cat. $2,700)
Est. $750+
NEWFOUNDLAND 257b,A well centered mint horizontal pair imperforate vertically, sheet margin at right, VF NH
Cat. $900
NEWFOUNDLAND 257c,Mint single with the double impression variety, light diagonal gum crease, centered high as often, a rare item, Fine NH; K. Bileski reported only 36 examples discovered.
Cat. $435
NEWFOUNDLAND 257vi,Upper Left Plate "43966" block with a striking full reverse offset image on the gum side, rare, Fine NH (Cat. as four singles)
Cat. $1,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 260i,Upper Left Plate "43838" block displaying a remarkably strong, complete reverse offset image on the gum side. A rare and eye-catching multiple, VF NH (Cat. as four singles)
Cat. $1,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND 261a,Mint imperforate pair, large margined, VF NH
Cat. $450
NEWFOUNDLAND 261c,A well centered mint vertical pair, imperforate horizontally, F-VF NH
Cat. $350
NEWFOUNDLAND BK1,The rare booklet containing partial panes of the 1c green and 2c carmine (2), all advertising sheets are present and covers are in excellent shape. Also includes fine mint booklet panes of eight of the 1c and 2c (2) with reinforced separations
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND BK2a,Complete booklet in a remarkable state of preservation, contains well centered NH perf 13.2 panes of 1c green, 2c rose (3) and 3c orange brown and all advertising pages, as nice as they come, VF+
Cat. $1,200
NEWFOUNDLAND BK2a,Complete booklet with perf 13.2 panes of 1c green, 2c rose (3) and 3c orange brown (all well centered) and all advertising pages; light corner crease on front cover and mounting marks near staples on back, F-VF
Cat. $1,200
NEWFOUNDLAND BK3,Complete booklet with buff covers in choice condition, contains all five panes line perf 14 - 1c grey black, 2c green Die I (3) and 3c orange brown, all well centered and fresh mint NH, with all advertising interleaves. Covers are clean and unmarked, VF
Cat. $900
NEWFOUNDLAND BK4a,Complete booklet containing Comb perf 13½ panes of 1c grey, 2c green Die II (3) and 3c orange brown (all nicely centered) and all advertising pages; light crease along staple line as often seen, F-VF
Cat. $750
NEWFOUNDLAND C1,A beautiful mint example of this sought-after pioneer airmail rarity, displaying the characteristic colour and clear impression associated with the very limited print run of only 200 stamps, possessing intact perforations and full original gum with the customary "J.A.R." initials of Postmaster General Dr. J Alex Robinson on reverse. A highly desirable example of this classic airmail stamp, Fine+ LH

Expertization: 1980 BPA and 2019 Greene Foundation certificates

Provenance: Sir Gawaine Baillie, British North America Volume VII, Sotheby's, May 2006; Lot 609

Cat. $20,000
NEWFOUNDLAND C2, a, ii,A very well centered mint block showing three different surcharge types (Position 19-20 / 24-25), UR stamp LH, others NH, VF (No premium added for displaying three types)
Cat. $2,650
NEWFOUNDLAND C2,A superb mint single with noticeably large margins, full pristine original gum, XF NH
Cat. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND C2a,A post office fresh, well centered mint single showing period after "1919" and no comma after "POST", VF+ NH
Cat. $700
NEWFOUNDLAND C2b,A beautiful mint example with no comma after "POST" and no period after "1919", Position 14 in the setting of 25 stamps, nicely centered with deep colour, VF NH
Cat. $1,300
NEWFOUNDLAND C3/C3j,An exceptional mint sheet with bright fresh colour, well centered; light fold between third and fourth rows. Certainly among the very best intact sheets extant, VF-XF NH; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.

Only 560 sheets of 25 were printed (four were inverted). It has been documented that 5,000 letters were franked with this stamp, from November 16 to 26, 1921. A very small percentage of the remaining sheets survive.

Cat. $18,125
NEWFOUNDLAND C3a,Mint single showing INVERTED OVERPRINT ERROR - wide spacing (2¾mm) between "AIR" and "MAIL" and no period after "1921", bright fresh colour, large part original gum, F-VF

Dalwick and Harmer reported four panes received the inverted overprint in error. The example offered here is allocated to the first pane with overprint impression being well centered vertically and horizontally.

Expertization: 1956 Philatelic Foundation certificate (identified as old number C3b)

Cat. $6,375
NEWFOUNDLAND C5,A selected mint example of this pioneer airmail, Position 2 in the setting (issued in panes of four), quite well centered and unusual as such, full original gum, showing only the faintest trace of hinging; pencil signed by experts Giulio Bolaffi and Enzo Diena, VF VLH; 1980 Enzo Diena certificate

Cat. $12,000
NEWFOUNDLAND 1930 (September 25) "Columbia" Flight cover to London franked with the special Trans-Atlantic flight surcharge 50c on 36c olive green (Position 2 in the setting of four), fine with intact perforations and exceptionally tied by St. John's SEP 25 1130AM 1930 slogan cancellation; on reverse a superb CDS strike of the Harbour Grace AM OC 9 30 flight departure postmark, London 13 OC 30 receiver on front. A visually striking example of this sought-after pioneer Trans-Atlantic flight cover, VF
(Unitrade C5; catalogue value $16,000)

Expertization: 2018 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: Newfoundland & Maritime Provinces, Christie's Robson Lowe, March 1985; Lot 50

Est. $7,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND C7b,Mint vertical pair imperforate horizontally between, full original gum, scarce, F-VF NH
Cat. $2,900
NEWFOUNDLAND C12,An extremely well centered mint single, bright fresh colour and pristine original gum, XF NH
Cat. $800+
NEWFOUNDLAND C18,A post office fresh and well centered mint single, Position 2 in the setting of four, VF NH
Cat. $900
NEWFOUNDLAND C18,A choice mint single, nicely centered with intact perforations, Position 1 in the setting of four, VF NH
Cat. $900
NEWFOUNDLAND 1933 (July 26) Balbo flight cover to Italy franked with $4.50 on 75c bistre, perf 13.8, Position 2 in the setting, just tied by clear St. John's 26 JUL 33 dispatch CDS, bluish green flight cachet; on reverse superb Shoal Harbour JUL 27 33 departure split ring and Lido Di Roma 12.8.33 receiver, F-VF (Unitrade C18b)
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND J7a,Mint vertical pair imperforate horizontally between, full sheet margin at top, usual gum bend at centre as normally seen on these. An elusive error, F-VF NH
Cat. $1,800
NEWFOUNDLAND OX1iii,Well centered, fresh mint single with ABNC security punch and small horizontal SPECIMEN overprint in red, VF NH
Cat. $1,500
NEWFOUNDLAND OX1iii,A well centered mint single with ABNC security punch and SPECIMEN overprint in red, full original gum, light natural bend, VF NH
Cat. $1,500
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Mint (mostly) or unused, much is NH on later issues, a few show the papermaker's watermark. Noted better such as 1857 3p yellow green (2 unused), 8p (2 mint), 2p orange (3, one with OG), 4p orange unused; various 1861-1862 issues from 1p to 1sh, plus eight mint blocks with 3p, 5p orange brown, 6½p and 8p watermarked. Also includes an Oneglia engraved forgery sheet of 36 composed of six rows for each value (2p, 4p, 6p, 6½p, 8p & 1sh) in orange on cream wove paper. A few trivial flaws, but mainly sound and F-VF
Est. $2,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Group of 19 mint stamps, majority are NH; noted six with papermaker's watermark, some somewhat oxidized; also two 5p brown violet and a 4p rose with favour cancels.
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Selection of fourteen different used singles, in mixed quality but hard to find in any condition. Includes 1857 Issues with 2p cut in on three sides (Bloch and Greene certs.), 4p just clear margins, 6p no margins to slightly in, small corner crease, 6½p small margins, somewhat smudgy cancel (1996 Greene cert.), 1sh cut in at foot, couple light creases (2007 Greene cert.), 1860 Issues with 4p light thin but VF appearance, 6p lightly oxidized, small to large margins (2005 Greene cert.), 1sh cut in to clear margins, some faults (2012 Greene cert.), etc. Many presentable copies ideal for filling those key empty album spaces
Est. $3,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Displayed on one stockpage with 17 used singles in somewhat mixed condition, later issues with usual doubtful cancels. Noted 1857 1sh scarlet vermilion repaired (2010 Greene cert.), 4p and 6p orange sound with clear to small margins (6p has 1972 RPSL cert.), etc.
Est. $750+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Twelve different plate proofs in issued or trial colours, on india (some on card mounted), a few are in multiples such as 13c orange LL vertical strip with ABNC imprint, 1865 24c blue LR block of 12 with imprints at foot and right, 1871 1c dark red brown block, 1894 6c carmine lake strip of three with imprint, etc. Mostly VF
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Sixty-one proofs (17 different) mostly in pairs or larger multiples including 1865 12c block of six on india Re-entry (Pos. 25) on LL proof, diagonal crease; 24c top ABNC imprint strip of three; 1897 Cabot pairs of 1c, 2c (two shades), 35c, blocks of 3c, 6c, 8c on india, 10c, 30c, 1897-1901 Royal Family pair of ½c, 3c, 4c, singles of 2c Map (3 shades), block of 5c and block of nine of ½c; 1910 John Guy 6c in bright blue NH and 12c in green, perforated and NH. VF group
Est. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Includes 1865 12c ABNC trade sample proof on wove paper and a trial colour pair in orange, 1868 1c Prince of Wales (four pairs in three different colours), 1910 12c KEVII (three different trial colour pairs on gummed stamp paper), 1911 6c & 12c John Guy unusual engraved proofs, 1941 2c KGVI Waterlow security punch mint blocks. Also Nova Scotia 11P var. block in an unusual bright yellow green shade, 11Pi pair and 12P pair with ABNC imprint at top.
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Neat lot of 24 (13 different) mint or unused stamps plus four used; from early 1865 printings on thin paper to 1876-1879 rouletted. Noted 1870 2c green (two shades, OG), 12c red brown and brown VF NH, 1870 3c vermilion part OG. Some regummed to appear NH, most have VF centering and all are in sound condition. A great lot for studying these challenging stamps.
Est. $1,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Comprehensive display of 34 mint (22 different) and one used singles. Noted 1c violet brown OG, 1c green shades NH, 1896 1c brown NH, 1896 2c green NH, 1896 3c violet brown NH, 1880 5c pale dull blue LH, 5c bright blue NH, 10c ship NH, 1890 3c grey lilac and slate violet NH, etc. Some with light oxidation or trivial imperfections but mainly sound with selected VF centering
Est. $1,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Selection on stockpages, some in mixed condition, however noted unusually choice mint examples of 1870 10c black, 1871 1c brown lilac (unused), 3c vermilion, 1877 3c rouletted, 1880 1c violet brown, 1896 1c brown NH, 1887 2c orange imperf pair (ungummed as issued), 1887 3c brown NH, 1896 ½c orange red NH; also superb used 1865 13c orange, 1870 3c vermilion, 1897 1c on 3c Type B surcharge, etc.
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Twenty blocks of four, some with plate imprints, a couple are larger multiples. Noted 1896 1c yellow green nice NH block of eight, 1896 2c green, 1887 10c black, 1897 1c on 3c se-tenant block showing the three types of surcharges (gum disturbed but scarce). F-VF
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Plate multiples with 1865 24c top margin imprint block; 1880 1c grey brown, lower margin part imprint strip of five (3 NH); 1894 5c bright blue imprint strip with zig-zag misperforation; 1887 10c black lower margin imprint block of six, line through "CE" of "CENTS" on top centre stamp, VLH; 1897 1c on 3 severed mint block of eight. Varieties with 1894 12c brown unused Chin Strap variety (Pos. 68) and mint Re-entry (Pos. 25), 1887 10c Ship mint with line through "CE" of "CENTS", 1897 1c Type B wide spacing surcharge used (Pos. 41), 1897 3c orange VF OG vertical pair, imperf horizontally, 1898 1c green unused vertical strip of 3 imperforate horizontally, etc. Minor flaws in places, mainly Fine or better
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on loose leaf, showing plate proofs, specimens and mint and used singles of all values, also a nearly complete set of mint blocks with much NH (ex 10c, 35c regummed); an engraved BABN vignette depicting Logging on a Wellburn album page. Also various mint / used 1920 surcharges. Some flaws but mainly F-VF
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on loose leaf with various proofs, specimens, mint blocks and singles, some perforation varieties such as 1c yellow green unused pair imperforate horizontally, 2c vermilion mint imperf pair small to large margins, 3c orange well centered block, imperforate horizontally (crease but full OG), etc.
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on loose leaf, complete mint singles for both lithographed and engraved issues as well as various used, mint blocks such as 5c perf 14x12 VF NH LL corner block of 9, 8c VF block lower pair NH; plate proof pairs of 2c and 10c on thick gummed paper, plus a few trial colours of the 12c; imperforate pairs of engraved 6c and 10c, etc. Mainly Fine to Very Fine
Est. $750+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on loose leaf with various mint and used singles, also mint blocks lacking only the 4c & 8c; 1c imperforate pair and 15c block of six; plate proofs in black of 8c (block) and 9c, 12c and 15c, etc. Many mint stamps are NH, F-VF
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS On quadrilled pages with various mint and used singles plus some shades. Also blocks of four complete both mint (lower pairs NH) and used, better centering than normally seen. Also ten covers including a small envelope bearing ten values sent registered to England. Mainly F-VF
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on loose leaf, well represented with a large range of mint blocks, mint and used singles and a few covers, plus numerous specialty item such as 1923-1924 1c, 4c, 5c, 11c imperforate pairs (last three NH), 12c progressive die proof; 1928 Publicity 3c lathework NH, 4c die proof on wove paper, 8c small die proof; 1929 3c on 6c VF NH pane of 25; 1929 3c imperf pair; 1930 "Columbia" Supplementary flight cover (1997 Greene cert.), key 1929 20c VF mint block (3 NH), etc. Mainly F-VF
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS A nice selection of 16 different items from pairs to blocks of four or larger. Noted two 1938 1c green blocks of eight from the booklet sheet with various perf varieties, light foxing mostly visible from reverse; 1938 2c green pair with partial, very strong reverse offset, 4c proof block in lake on brown paper, 4c rose lake NH imperf block, 5c deep violet, Dies I and II imperf pairs, 7c ungummed imperf pair, 48c mint NH imperf pair, 1938 7c NH imperf pair; also proof pairs with security "moiré" lines on 1c Codfish, 1938 Royal Family 2c, 3c, 4c, etc.
Est. $1,250+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on loose leaf with an extensive showing of proofs, imperforates, mint & used blocks and singles, plate & perforation varieties and covers. Specialized items abound such as 1938 4c & 7c die proofs, 1932 5c Caribou plate proof 11 different pairs from various plates and printings, 1938 Royal Family 4c plate proof pairs (7 different), 1941-1944 Waterlow Printing imperforate blocks with security punch (various printings) with 34 blocks 1c to 48c plus 28 similar Archive security punch blocks on normal stamps; 1941 (October) 5c emergency comb perf 13½ VF NH block (Unitrade #257ix), 25c line perf 14 block lower pair NH, 1941-1944 5c Caribou double impression NH. Imperforate NH pairs of 1932 4c rose lake (two pairs), 8c, 10c, 24c, 1938 3c Royal Family, 1941-1944 1c, 3c, 5c, 14c, among others ungummed pairs and a 1932 15c imperf ungummed block of eight. Gum wrinkling to be expected on some; overall nice quality.
Est. $1,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Selection of twelve (10 different) plate proof pairs printed in black on bond paper including 1c, 2c Die I (2), 4c, 5c Die I and Die II, 7c, 8c, 10c, 14c and 20c. VF
Est. $750+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Collection in mounts on loose leaf, large assortment of mint blocks including Gilbert set VF (most with two NH), mint and used singles including some perf 14s and a few covers. Better items not often seen left with the collection such as NH 2c vertical strip of three showing nearly complete perforated (S)PECIMEN, 5c imperf pair (ungummed, characteristic flaws), 24c mint imperf pair, 32c mint single with prominent pre-print fold, 1935 Silver Jubilee perforated SPECIMEN set, etc. Mainly Fine to Very Fine
Est. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on loose leaf with emphasis on 1937 Long Coronation issue; displaying a large assortment of mint blocks, various mint and used singles including plate and perforation varieties and some covers, better items that enhance this already extensive collection such as a plate proof set in issued colours on bond paper (less 3c as usual) plus the set in black (1c in issued colour on bookend paper), imperf pairs of 1937 3c Die II and 25c, 1947 4c Birthday NH and Cabot NH (creases); a select full reverse offset on 1947 Cabot VF NH, etc. plus odds & ends. Mainly F-VF
Est. $750+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Archival imperforate blocks on watermarked stamp paper, with 2c (two; one a LL Plate 43078 block), 3c (2), 5c, 10c UR block of 12 plus LL Plate 43702 block, each stamp with Waterlow security punch, a couple with printer's annotation for possible retouches, etc. Normal creasing / wrinkling as always on these, VF OG / NH
Est. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on loose leaf with excellent coverage of mint and used singles, mint blocks, plate proofs, imperforates and 15 flight covers. Noted better such as 1919 Alcock & Brown mint block (3 surcharge types), a choice single without comma after "POST" and without period after "1919"; 1931 15c to $1 plate proofs in black, 15c proof pair in issued colour on bond paper, 1932 DO-X mint (2) and a cover, 1933 Labrador set in VF NH blocks, imperf NH pairs of 5c, 10c and 30c (LH in UL corner margin only), Officially Sealed unused plus two plate proofs (one on india paper and scarce); various Postage Dues, etc. Clean condition throughout with much of the mint NH.
Est. $2,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Lot of five different large presentation cards with stamps affixed, includes 1897 Cabot; 1910 John Guy (2) one signed and printed "Prime Minister", some perf toning and a second signed and printed "Colonial Secretary"; 1911 Coronation "Colonial Secretary"; and 1929 Publicity. Some stamps with usual colour fading but these can easily be replaced. Individually and uniformly framed and ready to adorn someone's "stamp den". All five cards are quite scarce. (Walsh DPC1, 2, 2a, 3, 4 cat. $2,405)
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS In mounts on Scott pages, mainly mint with much NH even on stamps you would not expect. Noted a wealth of better stamps with 1857 1p VF used, 5p VF light cancel, 1860 3p VF NH, 4p Fine, light cancel (1992 PF cert.), 1861 1p watermarked unused, 2p rose Fine used, 1865 12c on thin paper VF used, 1894 12c VF NH, 1896 1c brown F-VF NH, 1c green VF NH, 1890 3c VF NH, 1897 Cabot including 35c VF NH, 1910 6c Type II, 8c & 9c John Guy VF NH, 1911 8c VF LH imperf pair, 1911 8c peacock blue VF NH, 1920 3c on 15c Type I VF OG, complete run of mint, much NH to 1947 including varieties of 1937 Long Coronation; airmails with Alcock & Brown, 1921 Halifax VF OG pair (wide & narrow settings), DO-X VF OG. Quality of the collection is nice throughout. Also provinces mint / used in mixed condition, noting PEI 1861 2p used perf 9 the scarce Die II (small thin), etc.
Est. $2,500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS About 40 different mint or unused, plus shades and a few used, starts with 10 Pence issues noting 1860 2p orange mint (colour oxidized), 1860 5p Venetian red mint, 1865 2c Codfish with full ABNC imprint in top wing margin, better than normal 5c brown and black Seals both sound unused, 1870 3c vermilion unused, 1873 3c blue part OG, 1877 1c brown lilac XF unused, 1876 5c blue rouletted mint with nearly full ABNC imprint, 1880-1896 BABN issues with many F-VF OG or better, 1897 Provisionals with Type B mint and the key Type C centered left used with neat grid. Minor flaws on a few but mainly sound condition; a useful lot.
Est. $1,250+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Mostly pre-1900 period including better valued items such as 1860 4p orange used, clear to large margins, light crease, 1861 5p orange brown used, 1880 3c pale blue VF OG, 1877 3c rouletted, unused, 1879 5c rouletted VF OG, 1880 1c brown VF unused, 1890 3c slate F-VF NH, 1897 1c on 3c scarcer Type C surcharge, fine unused. Mixed condition on a few, mainly F-VF
Est. $750+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Organized and displayed on two stockpages, starting with Decimal issues of New Brunswick & Nova Scotia, PEI pence to cents, then Newfoundland 1865-1890 Cents issues with #24 VF unused, 27a mint OG on thin paper, 39 unused, 47i VF OG with large margins, selection of 1890 3c slate (shades) to red tinted paper varieties. Condition from mixed to VF
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Group of 12 different mint multiples including 1865 10c black on thin paper VF OG block, 1896 ½c orange red F-VF NH block, 1896 1c green VF NH block, 1896 1c brown UR corner margin NH block of 9, 1890s 1c deep green NH BABN imprint block of 8, 1887 2c red orange UL NH block, 1897 1c on 3c Type A NH block, etc. A few proofs / specimens noting 1869 ABNC trade sample proofs of 5c & 10c both sound and in dull claret on wove paper, etc. Retail value approx $6,500.
Est. $2,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Lot 15 different blocks of four, starting with 1870 12c pale red brown on medium paper (shade closely resembling that of the scarcer thin paper), 1887 1c deep green VF OG, 1887 3c umber brown F-VF dist. OG, 1880 10c Schooner F-VF OG, 1920 3c on 35c VF OG, lower pair with variety (Unitrade 130a), etc. Mainly Fine to Very Fine
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Various mostly complete sets on Lindner hingeless pages, plus two stockpages of duplicated singles and blocks including better 1910-1919 issues. Noted 1919 Caribou set VF NH, 1921 35c Airmail (C3b) NH, 1923-1924 Pictorial set VF mostly NH, 1931 15c-$1 airmail sets NH, 1933 "Labrador" NH, 1933 Gilbert choice NH, 1941 5c Caribou emergency printing perf 13½ NH, etc. A few earlier with oxidized colour, overall nice quality often with VF centering
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Strong representation mostly mint with most sets present including some airmails and dues; additional used stamps sprinkled throughout. Noted 1910-1911 Guy sets mint including a 2c perf 11.8x11.4 (tiny gum thin), 1920 3c on 15c Type I (2, VF mint), 1919 Alcock & Brown C2 & C2a VF H, 1932 DO-X VF H, 1933 Balbo VF VLH (Pos. 4), etc. Clean condition throughout
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS An interesting lot of various varieties noting 1910 1c green perf 12x14 VF NH block with "NFW" and "JAMRS", 2c carmine perf 11.8x11.4 oxidized but NH, 1920 3c on 15c Type II VF NH block with Raised "E", 1922 Vickers-Vimy engraved essays, 10c Labrador imperf pair NH, 1938 3c Queen Elizabeth line perf 14 used, light crease (Greene cert.), plus others. Also 1897-1918 ½c-5c Royal Family + 2c Map complete set of 47 with security punch and SPECIMEN overprint (different types and printings), F-VF NH; somewhat oxidized especially on the 3c orange stamps.
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Twenty items from singles to blocks of four and panes, starts with three blocks and a pair of 1c Guy showing lithographed varieties such as "NFW", "JAMRS", etc. 1911 9c imperf pair, 1928 1c major misperf single and a normal lower sheet mint block of fifty showing Major Misplaced Entry (Pos. 60), 1920 3c on 35c pane, separation in places but showing partial / missing bar varieties, 1929 3c on 6c mint pane, 1929 3c on 6c fake invert (with 2020 Greene cert. stating its status), 1929 4c re-engraved imperforate pair, 1933 1c Gilbert full reverse offset on gum side, 4c imperf pair, 1937 7c block with Major Re-entry (Pos. 38), 1944 5c Caribou, Die I, imperf vertically. A few with flaws, otherwise clean with much NH.
Est. $1,000+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Lot of 8 different items, all VF unless mentioned. Includes #100a UL block, #163c, 183c F-VF NH block with extra line of vertical perforations between pairs (light foxing), #183b, 184c NH, 189a VLH, 246a and 261a NH (diagonal crease). Unitrade cat. $2,635.
Est. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Eight covers, noting 12c on 1872 cover to England, 3c blue perf 12 on small 1874 cover to Carbonear, 3c blue rouletted pair on 1879 mourning cover to St. John's, legal size OHMS 1895 cover with mixed-issue franking (60c postage) registered to USA, 1897 registered cover with 7 different Cabot stamps to Germany.
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Pratt, Robert, H. "The Nineteenth Century Postal History of Newfoundland", published by Collector's Club of Chicago, 1985, 771 pages, hardcover. The magnum opus on the subject; as new.
Est. $200+
NEWFOUNDLAND LARGE LOTS Includes 1865 Cents set of six plate proofs in issued colours (ex 13c in violet), 1910 12c Guy trial colour proofs on gummed stamp paper (three; one is perforated), 1919 Caribou NH set, 1931 Airmail unwatermarked set of three in NH blocks; 50c partially separated. Also Canada 7½p plate proof pair on india, just touching frame at left
Est. $600+
NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR33,Well centered used single with large part Boiler Inspector's Paid handstamp cancel; key value of the set, VF (Van Dam cat. $600)
Est. $250+
NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR36a, NFR38a,Scarce gutter margin mint pairs with bright colours, VF NH (Van Dam cat. $900)
Est. $300+
NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR41,A well centered mint sheet of 25 on fluorescent paper, showing Bradbury, Wilkinson and plate "2" imprint in lower margin, VF NH (Van Dam cat. $1,685 as singles)
Est. $350+
NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR41,Two different shades on fluorescent paper, lower margin strips of five with Bradbury, Wilkinson imprint and Plate "2" and "2a" respectively, VF NH (Van Dam cat. $675 as singles)
Est. $200+
NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR44,Provisional surcharge mint block of four with bottom pair NH; very scarce, VF LH; accompanied by photocopy of Department of Finance letter dated June 1967 pertaining to quantities issued. (Van Dam cat. $875)
Est. $300+
NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES NFR46a-NFR48a,The set of three mint vertical gutter margin blocks of ten; also 5c & 10c complete sheets of 50 showing panes with Plate "2" and "2a" imprint divided by gutter between, F-VF NH (Van Dam cat. $730; no premium added for plate imprints)
Est. $200+
NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES Walsh RTE1a,Plate essay pair, engraved, printed in bluish black on bond paper; very scarce as a pair, VF
Est. $500+
NEWFOUNDLAND REVENUES Walsh RTE1a,Engraved plate essay, printed in bluish black on bond paper, unissued, VF
Est. $250+
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Oneglia engraved forgery in orange brown, grid cancelled, perforated and gummed on unwatermarked paper. Seldom encountered
Est. $150
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Sperati reproduction die proof - working impression in dark orange carmine on white unwatermarked paper; some initial flaws have been touched up. A dangerous forgery ideal for reference
Est. $300
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved Oneglia forgery in greenish blue on gummed unwatermarked paper.
Est. $150
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Two engraved Oneglia forgeries in greenish blue (shades), both perforated, one with gum, the other with added grid "35" cancel in black and "Crown CC" watermark painted on back, the first we recall seeing.
Est. $250
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES An impressive selection of 36 typographed forgeries from singles to strips of four, in various shades of orange, red, etc. to emulate colours of the subsequent surcharged issues, attributed to Andre Frodel; a few are backstamped "Frodel". Also a couple lithographed forgeries.
Est. $750
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Ten engraved Oneglia forgeries perforated and gummed on unwatermarked paper; includes 3p blue, 2c brown (two, different perforations), 10c rose (two with subtle differences), 25c orange (three; two different perforations), 50c violet and $1 green perf 12½. The 3p and $1 have added cancels. Elusive items ideal for a specialist
Est. $500
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Lithographed forgeries of Spiro Brothers of Hamburg - intact panes of 25 perforated forgeries on unwatermarked, ungummed paper for the 3p dull grey shade and 2c, 10c, 25c, 50c & $1 surcharges (the 5c does not exist). A couple stamps stained but a very scarce set.
Est. $750
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Andre Frodel typographed forgeries, includes two single perf 12½, gummed and with Frodel backstamps, one example perf 14 gummed, one example perf 12½ with added grid "A94" in black; an imperforate pair and single, the former is gummed. All are on unwatermarked wove paper. Dangerous and deceiving forgeries.
Est. $500
BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKES AND FORGERIES A remarkable assembly of about 220 forgeries, mostly lithographed by Spiro Brothers of Hamburg, including four different intact panes of 25 plus part sheet of $1 (LR missing) bottom row with extra line of perforations. Duplication in the singles but noted differences in shade, perforation, surcharge and cancel. Also unusual forgery of a 3p essay in blue (unknown origin) and Senf Brothers of Leipzig typographed forgeries of Coat of Arms 10c, 50c (2) & $1 (2) - the three known forgeries all with characteristic "FALSCH" overprint. Also genuine 50c perf 14, clever repair at left but nice grid "22" cancel. Mixed condition in places; great reference material.
Est. $1,000
NEW BRUNSWICK FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved forgery on thick cream coloured paper, attributed to Argenti Forger A; a very well-executed block of four subjects, without the usual "FAC-SIMILE" overprint. Seldom encountered in this format.
Est. $300
NEW BRUNSWICK FAKES AND FORGERIES Set of three engraved Oneglia forgeries with added oval grid '8' cancels in blue, extra 6p with grid '8' in black. Also engraved forgeries - Argenti Forger A 3p & 6p with grid cancels.
Est. $300
NEW BRUNSWICK FAKES AND FORGERIES Four different well-executed engraved forgeries on thick cream coloured paper, attributed to Argenti Forger A, includes 3p, 6p and two different colours of the one shilling; an ideal set without the usual "FAC-SIMILE" overprint.
Est. $350
NEW BRUNSWICK FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved forgery block of four subjects on thick cream coloured paper, attributed to Argenti Forger A, without the usual "FAC-SIMILE" overprint. Highly unusual to be found in this "intact" format.
Est. $300
NEW BRUNSWICK FAKES AND FORGERIES Forty-seven forgeries from the crude to the deceiving, plus 1890 set of official reprints and two Spiro Brothers 3p panes of 25 showing different added cancels. Noted dangerous Forger A engraved forgeries without / with FAC-SIMILE overprint - 3p (3), 6p (5), 1sh (4), engraved Oneglia forgery 3p (3), plus myriad crude forgeries of the 3p, many of unknown origin.
Est. $750
NEW BRUNSWICK FAKES AND FORGERIES An impressive lot of 135 forgeries, mostly lithographed, noting five different Spiro strips of five and a 2c imperf pane of 25. Includes a 5c Connell rebacked proof, photographic and woodblock forgeries (5 different), a genuine unused 2c with fake "WAR / TAX" handstamp, then 2c to 17c mostly the work of Spiro Brothers with duplication throughout, however includes some "unused", different cancels, perfs, etc. Usual mixed condition.
Est. $350
NOVA SCOTIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved Oneglia forgeries of the 1p, 3p blue, 6p yellow green, 6p dark green, 1sh red violet and 1sh dull violet, each with added New Brunswick oval grid cancel. Very useful reference
Est. $400
NOVA SCOTIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved forgery block of four subjects on thick cream coloured paper attributed to Argenti Forger A, without the usual "FAC-SIMILE" overprint. Very few of these exist in intact blocks.
Est. $300
NOVA SCOTIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Three different well-executed engraved forgeries on thick slightly blued paper, attributed to Argenti Forger A, each with "FAC-SIMILE" overprint as often seen. Excellent reference
Est. $250
NOVA SCOTIA FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved forgery block of four subjects on thick cream coloured paper attributed to Argenti Forger A, "die proof", without the usual "FAC-SIMILE" overprint. Highly unusual.
Est. $300
NOVA SCOTIA FAKES AND FORGERIES An impressive lot of 82 forgeries from the dangerous to the crudely executed, plus 1890 set of official reprints and two Spiro Brothers lithographed 3p blue forgery panes of 25 with different added cancels. Noted genuine 3p with bogus "5 / Cents." overprint as well as dangerous Forger A engraved forgeries without / with FAC-SIMILE overprint - 3p (2), 6p (3), 1sh (3), plus engraved Oneglia 1p, 3p (2), 6p (3) and myriad crude forgeries of all values including the so-called "Rainbow series" in different colours; many of unknown origin. Also a most unusual Spiro block of ten containing five tête-bêche pairs. Condition variable as expected.
Est. $1,000
NOVA SCOTIA FAKES AND FORGERIES An impressive lot of 87 forgeries, mostly lithographed and in singles, noting 1c & 5c Spiro Brothers strips of five. Also a fake 5c bisect cover and a few genuine stamps with questionable cancels. Noted elusive engraved Oneglia forgeries 2c and 5c (2). Other engraved forgeries are found of 8½c, 12½c (2) which may be be attributed to Oneglia. Many of the other forgeries are either Spiro Brothers or Senf, some duplication, however includes some of unknown origin. Usual mixed condition.
Est. $500
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Six lithographed forgeries of unknown origin, all perf 9 with 2p, 3p (two shades) and 6p unused plus 3p and 6p with added grid cancel. Dangerous forgeries, the two pence is especially deceiving.
Est. $300
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES The set of three lithographed forgeries, perf 9 on gummed paper with added 8-bar grid cancels, some minor perf toning. Excellent forgeries of unknown origin.
Est. $200
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Thirty different plus three multiples from the crude to very odd looking forgeries, some rarely seen. Noted a 2p PEI frame but Queen Isabella II (similar to early classics of the Philippines), three different rarely seen lithographed "Lyford" 10c Ship black on blue, black on green and red on white wove, latter with added cancel. A wonderful lot for the specialist
Est. $600
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Twelve singles, a pair and a block of four, attributed to infamous forger S.A. Taylor. Includes 3p blue (2), 4p black, 4c green pair and "used" block (last two known as "Birmingham" forgeries). Bogus denominations also with 10c violet (six different shades) and 15c blue (three shades). Interesting group that is not often seen.
Est. $300
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Thirteen different genuine stamps from 1p to 12c with fake grid '13' cancels, clearly and centrally struck. Unusual.
Est. $150
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Folder by British Philatelic Foundation, London in 1954, numbered "21" in pencil, a limited edition sold by subscription with "Lowell Ragatz" name printed on inside front cover. Contains two quadrilled pages displaying a selection of Sperati Reproductions, with Jean de Sperati pencil signed 4p die proof in black, then scarlet vermilion 4p Reproduction 'B' (3, 2 with added cancels), 6½p 'A', 1sh 'C' (3, one with partial CDS and two with grids), 4p orange 'B" unused and 'C' with grid, 1sh orange 'B' with grid. All have BPA handstamp numbered "21" on reverse. Second page shows six photo proofs 4p (3), 6p, 6½p and 1sh plus 14 of grid / datestamps. A rarely seen intact folio showing the work of this infamous forger on Newfoundland Pence
Est. $2,500
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Three engraved Oneglia se-tenant sheets of 36 - consisting of six vertical se-tenant columns of 2p, 4p, 6p, 6½p, 8p & 1sh values, printed in dark brownish scarlet, red orange and venetian red respectively; first pane is now a vertical strip of 6 and block of 30 on thick cream paper, folded horizontally at centre; second pane folded horizontally at centre between 6p & 6½p rows on the same paper; third pane on thin hard paper with watermark. Quite well-executed forgeries.
Est. $750
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved Oneglia forgery printed in brown on yellow wove paper, portion of added New Brunswick type grid '8' cancel at foot.
Est. $150
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved Oneglia forgery printed in yellowish green on thick cream wove paper, added New Brunswick grid '8' cancel; not often seen and quite deceiving.
Est. $150
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Sperati Reproduction 'B' (First State), die proof in scarlet vermilion on yellowish wove paper, light corner crease; BPA cachet handstamp and numbered '"43" on reverse. Excellent reference and not often seen in this format.
Est. $350
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved Oneglia forgery printed in purple brown on yellow wove paper with added New Brunswick grid cancel.
Est. $150
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Sperati Reproduction in scarlet vermilion, a deceiving forgery on white wove paper, displaying colour and paper very similar to the genuine, not often seen; accompanied by 2008 Greene Foundation cert. (stating: "forgery on white wove vertically meshed paper")

This previously unlisted reproduction has now been documented; see Sperati book volume II by Robson Lowe and Carl Walske, page 29 (published in 2001).
Est. $350
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Sperati Reproduction 'B' in scarlet vermilion on thick white wove paper, with added barred cancellation; BPA cachet handstamp and numbered "43" on reverse.
Est. $200
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Sperati Reproduction 'B' in orange vermilion on thin paper with two added barred cancellations; BPA cachet handstamp and numbered '"43" on reverse.
Est. $250
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Genuine but with fake grid 'N35'; 1861-1862 6p rose genuine block of four showing "STA" watermark letters, fake double ring "... ENGLAND PER AACHEN" dated cancel in blue and additional barred cancels; 1861-1862 6½p rose genuine block with posthumous St. John's 1864 double arc cancel and added grids.
Est. $250
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Imperforate se-tenant block of four in brownish olive on wove paper, ungummed, four different designs in denominations 1c, 3c, 5c and undenominated "Child Riding Fish". Rarely seen as a multiple, VF
Est. $500
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Se-tenant horizontal strip of four printed in black, perf 11 on gummed wove paper, imperforate vertically between pairs, showing four different designs and denominations. Illustrated in Winthrop Boggs "The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Newfoundland" on page 176; a rare and desirable item. ex. Ed Wener (June 2012; Lot 260)
Est. $500
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Four different designs without denomination, lithographed in blue green with (3c) Ship and (5c) Train, both are normally known with denomination, plus Child Riding Fish and Lighthouse. Perforated 11 on gummed paper, trivial flaws of no importance for these very elusive stamps.
Est. $500
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES A remarkable assembly of 19 perforated singles (about a dozen are gummed) and a 3c + 5c se-tenant pair imperforate between, attributed to William B. Hale and printed in France; includes 1c Pony Express Rider (5), 3c Sailing Ship (5), 5c Train (5) and 10c Steamship (6), mostly in different colours noting blue, dark blue, purple, brown, red and blue green, mainly sound and perforated on four sides. The largest selection of these elusive items we have ever offered (or seen being offered); it took many years of searching by the owner, a great opportunity for a collector to acquire these colourful and mysterious items.
Est. $1,000
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Two different fakes of the "Aerial Atlantic Mail" manuscript, one with J.A.R. initials and unused, the second without initials and used. Includes Greene Foundation research papers regarding the known genuine examples of the "Martynside" and analysis of a submitted unused example with fake manuscript.
Est. $250
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES 36c olive green with fake "Trans-Atlantic" surcharge, affixed on non-contemporary envelope with typed addressee added, both the St. John's slogan and Harbour Grace "departure" backstamp have been faked to emulate (to some degree of success) the sought-after flight cover. Very well done considering that only the actual postage stamp is real, everything else is fake!
Est. $750
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES An excellent forgery of the special pioneer Trans-Atlantic flight surcharge; well-executed and a wonderful reference copy. 2012 Greene Foundation cert.
Est. $500
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Forgery of the special pioneer Trans-Atlantic flight surcharge - a different type than the other two offered forgeries of this pioneer airmail.
Est. $400
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Pane of four of a very dangerous forged surcharge; not matching the characteristics of the genuine nor the well-executed so-called St. John's & New York forgeries.
Est. $750
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Pane of four with forged surcharge which caused the so-called St. John's trial, additional FORGERY handstamp on each to further avoid deception. Excellent reference
Est. $750
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES A very well executed forgery of the valuable inverted surcharge error; ideal reference. 1979 BPA cert.
Est. $500
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Fake Balbo essay surcharge (appears Position 2 of the "New York" forgery); very deceptive. 1979 BPA cert.
Est. $500
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Fake Balbo surcharge in an unusual block type font, trying to emulate the ultra rare Balbo essay. Unknown origin.
Est. $200
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES Group of 41 lithographed forgeries, for the most part crude looking from 1p / 1sh, many attributed to Spiro Brothers. Plus another 18 engraved Oneglia forgeries including shades and the not often seen 3p & 5p, three have added grid 'N35' cancel. Typical mixed condition on the crude forgeries. Excellent reference material.
Est. $300
NEWFOUNDLAND FAKES AND FORGERIES An impressive lot of over 110 forgeries, many attributed to Spiro Brothers, duplication but includes some "unused", different cancels, perfs, etc., many are of unknown origin and some are quite deceiving such as 5c black Seal and 10c Prince Albert, also couple unusual 5c blue Seal, engraved on wove paper perf 12, a very odd 2c KEVII typographed in green with printed datestamp, smaller in size and rebacked, Hawker forgeries (4), a few cinderellas, etc. Usual mixed condition on the early lithographed forgeries. Useful reference.
Est. $500
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved Oneglia forgeries - eight different including 3p, 6p & 12p with fake laid lines (going in the opposite direction vs. genuine stamps); plus ½p, 3p, 6p, 7½p and 10p on cream coloured wove; all with added cancels. A seldom seen group.
Est. $750
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Peter Winter (ProPhiForum) of Bremen, Germany intact forgery "sheetlet" sold by House of Stamps in Geneva, consisting of two tête-bêche blocks of four, offset printing in black on off white wove paper measuring 115 x 194mm. Includes 32 pages House of Stamps catalogue illustrated their "wares"; not often seen. Interesting and quite well done.
Est. $500
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Four different forgeries, includes an engraved Oneglia with fake horizontal laid lines and grid cancelled; plus Peter Winter forgery "sheetlet" of two tête-bêche blocks of four, offset printed in black on yellowed paper.
Est. $500
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Engraved Oneglia forgeries on cream coloured paper with added perforations and cancels. An appealing and elusive set, ideal for reference
Est. $350
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES 37,Two different unofficial overprints attributed to Henry Hechler, small flaws, one with "OS" overprint and other diagonal OFFICIAL (serifed lettering) overprint in black, prepared for his military service during the Second Riel Rebellion of 1885. Both these actual stamps are illustrated in Winthrop Boggs "The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Canada" handbook on page 748. An interesting duo; these were never authorized by the Post Office but still went through the mail, only a few exist.
Est. $250
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES The set of five engraved forgeries, likely of Italian origin, all on wove paper with added "roller" cancels. Quite deceptive.
Est. $500
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Lithographed forgery imperforate with added fake Montreal datestamp of German origin. Not often seen.
Est. $100
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Fake imperforate tête-beche pair, allegedly the work of André Frodel. Visually striking and quite well done.
Est. $150
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Over 50 different forgeries from the crude to well executed, noting a dangerous (unknown origin) engraved 10p Cartier, engraved Oneglia 7½p (2), 3p with added perfs, 5c, 10c (two shades), 12½c, 15c; some of the crude Pence & Decimal forgeries are very unusual and not often seen. Includes a convincing reproduction of Louis Riel essay in black on white gummed paper; four 2c Large Queen lithographed forgeries, three have fake laid lines; se-tenant 2c, 6c, 10c & 15c "Large Queen forgery strip; seldom seen litho forgeries of Small Queens 2c 5c (2) plus 2c RLS, plus a clever fake of 1c "printed on both sides"; 1897 Jubilee, two engraved "die proofs" of $4 and $5, plus eight different lithograph forgeries on gummed paper. Also additional various modern photocopies / reproductions.
Est. $1,000
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Various displayed on Lindner blank hingeless pages and in stockpages. Noted 1959 5c Seaway sheet of 50 fake inverts, 6c orange postal counterfeit "mint" singles and blocks of four (2), used (3) and one example on cover. 39c Flag imperf sheet of 110, 45c Flag coil strip of four and six different 2000s self-adhesive forgery booklets that were intended to defraud the post office. Nine different fantasy "spoof" stamp covers that went through the mail undetected (postmarked February 1993), all created by Frank, the Ottawa-based satirical magazine that "fooled" Canada Post (only 28 of these letters were mailed), etc.
Est. $1,000
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Sixteen items attributed to engraver Gregory Prosser and deemed modern creations. Most in "die proof" format. Includes Newfoundland 1880 5c Harp Seal two different, 1897 12c Willow Ptarmigan, 6 different "progressive" proofs; Canada (3p) Beaver with "blank" ovals in vermilion, Cartier portrait (2), (10c) Prince Albert, two different Large Queen with tablets, Bluenose vignette and (50c) Centennial Grain Elevator vignette. Eye-catching collateral.
Est. $350
CANADA FAKES AND FORGERIES Twelve handbooks and reference works (and two auction catalogues) mostly related to BNA forgeries. Includes The Work of Jean De Sperati by the British Philatelic Association 1955, original First edition numbered "143", Volume 1 (Text), 214 pages, hardcover and Volume 2 (Illustrations), plates 1-143 + A-J in cloth post binder; Canadian & BNA Fakes, Facsimiles, Reprints, Forgeries and Postal Counterfeits, Richard Gratton, 2008, #22/75, 81 pages; Out-Foxing the Fakers, Jean-François Brun, 1993, 119 pages;, The Oneglia Engraved Forgeries, Lowe & Walske, 100 pages, etc. Useful titles.
Est. $400
CANADA STAMPLESS COVERS 1841 (September 23) Folded cover from Quebec to Kingston, struck with a light but clear double framed triangle "Q" steamboat cancellation with filled-in "23 Spt 1841" date, rated "1/2", shows double ring Montreal SE 24 1841 transit in red. A very scarce steamboat cancellation (about a dozen known) of exhibition caliber, VF
Est. $500+
CANADA STAMPLESS COVERS Four covers with letter content, all from Montreal to Soldier Cornet Henry Dyneley, 1st Light Cavalry stationed at Madras or Bellary, India, earliest sent May 21, 1849, others mailed during 1851 (January 25, March 22 and September 22). Prepaid to forwarding agent at London and then routed via Gibraltar, Malta, Aden and Bombay (or Calcutta). All with some faults, discoloration and edge wear as customary for these well-travelled, flimsy envelopes, myriad manuscript rates, datestamps, etc. Fine
Est. $750+
CANADA STAMPLESS COVERS Folded lettersheet mailed Christmas Day 1853 in Montreal to Schiedam, The Netherlands, clear Montreal dispatch at left, rated "1/10" (stg collect) endorsed per Royal Mail Steamer via Liverpool, "110" Dutch currency to collect on delivery, British 10 JA 1854 transit and Shiedam 12 / 1 arrival backstamps in red; a rare
destination mailed during the Pence era, VF
Est. $500+
CANADA STAMPLESS COVERS 1912 (November 22) Cover from Robert L. Borden office with embossed crest of Prime Minister's Office "Coat of Arms" Canada in red on backflap, light ageing on back, countersigned at lower left, addressed to Henry Morgan, Ottawa with Ottawa Post Office Government Free datestamp (Davis OP-12) clearly struck denoting "in office" free franking privilege, VF
Est. $250+
CANADA An engraved plate essay printed in dim brown on hard white bond paper, large margins, choice, VF and scarce
Est. $500+
CANADA An engraved plate essay printed in dark blue on white wove paper (0.004" thick), most attractive, scarce and VF
Est. $500+
CANADA Engraved plate essay printed in violet brown on hard bond paper, sheet margin at right, attractive, VF
Est. $400+
CANADA 1P + variety,Plate proof block of four with sheet margin at left on card mounted india paper, showing the Major Re-entry (Pane B; Position 42) at top right with extensive doubling in lettering including "VR", ovals, etc., XF
Cat. $1,400+
CANADA 1,A fabulous used pair with ample to very large margins, superb colour and impression, showing prominent laid lines on pristine paper, each stamp struck with ideal concentric rings cancel. A great pair in an excellent state of preservation and very scarce thus, VF+
Cat. $3,200
CANADA 2TXix,Trial colour plate proof strip of three printed in black on india paper, vertical SPECIMEN overprint in carmine, sheet margin at foot showing tiny pencil annotated letters likely done by the engraver to note the position of where the "Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson, New York should appear. An interesting item, VF; ex. Henry Gates (March 1981; Lot 246)
Cat. $1,050
CANADA 2,An attractive used single with mostly very large margins, displaying bright colour on fresh paper with strong laid lines, light concentric rings and portion of additional red foreign cancel at left; a very nice stamp, VF+; 1970 RPS of London cert.
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 2,A selected used example with faint laid lines plainly visible in fluid, clear to very large margins, sharp and neatly struck concentric rings cancel, VF; 2018 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 2,A selected used single with excellent colour on fresh paper with prominent laid lines, adequate to very large margins, light socked-on-nose concentric rings cancellation of wonderful appeal, VF; 1981 Greene Foundation cert. ex. Duane Hilmer (September 1977; Lot 14)
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 3Pi,Plate proof in black on card mounted india paper, vertical SPECIMEN overprint in carmine, bright impression and in pristine condition, XF
Cat. $2,500
CANADA 4,A superb unused example surrounded by noticeably large margins, nice bright colour on fresh paper; a beautiful stamp for the discriminating collector, XF; 1977 PF cert.
Cat. $2,000+
CANADA 4,A choice used example with exceptional colour and sharp impression on fresh white wove paper, full to very large margins showing portion of neighboring stamp at left, light four-ring numeral cancel, XF
Cat. $300+
CANADA 4d,A beautiful, large margined pair with great colour, sporting a unusually light concentric rings cancels (many examples of this distinctive printing suffer from overinking of the cancelling device), XF and choice
Cat. $600+
CANADA 4d variety,A striking used example showing a major pre-printing paper fold running diagonally through the THREE PENCE denomination, slightly into outer frameline at foot, still a rare printing variety
Est. $300+
CANADA 5,A fabulous unused example displaying amazing rich colour - the unmistakable early shade, on wove paper and surrounded by ample to full margins, miniscule scissor cut at top left clear of frameline. A highly desirable stamp, VF and destined for the finest of collections. "One of the rarest unused stamps of Canada" - excerpt from the Professor Julian Smith sale catalogue.

Expertization: 1986 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: Maurice Burrus, Robson Lowe Ltd., April 1963; Lot 101
Duane Hilmer, Sotheby Parke Bernet, September 1977; Lot 77
Julian A. Smith, Maresch, October 1986; Lot 13
"Lindemann" Collection, private treaty circa. 1997


Cat. $40,000
CANADA 5,A nice used single, attractive with large margins and radiant colour light, partial four-ring numeral cancellation, VF; 1980 RPS of London cert. (identified as greenish grey shade)
Cat. $1,600
CANADA 5b,An attractive full margined example with exceptionally fresh colour, printed in a deeper shade than normally seen, lightly cancelled and in remarkably choice condition, VF+; 1987 BPA cert.
Cat. $1,600
CANADA 5b,A selected used single with adequate to large margins, exceptional colour and bold impression on fresh paper, centrally struck concentric rings cancellation, VF
Cat. $1,600
CANADA 7TC + var.,Trial colour plate proof in black on india paper, showing Major Re-entry (Position 6) with strong doubling in "ADA POS" of "CANADA POSTAGE", in "PEN" of "PENCE", ovals, etc. A scarce coloured proof especially desirable with the prominent variety, XF
Est. $750+
CANADA 7,A full margined example with brilliant colour, unobtrusive light cancellation, VF; 2014 Greene Foundation cert. for a pair from which this example originate.
Cat. $2,400
CANADA 7,An attractive, large margined example with excellent colour, light central Toronto diamond grid cancel as well as small portion of red circular transit at lower left. Seldom seen this nice, VF+
Cat. $2,400
CANADA 7i + variety,A sound used single with light, indistinct cancel, showing a Re-entry (Pos. 44) with doubling marks in "P...GE" of POSTAGE, in PENCE, short transfer variety at foot, F-VF; 2001 Greene Foundation cert. (as a normal #7, catalogue value as such)
Cat. $1,875
CANADA 7a, i,A remarkable used example, well clear to most very large margins all around, exceptional shade and sharp impression on fresh paper, neat diamond grid cancel of Toronto, VF; 2018 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $3,000
CANADA 8,ABNC trade sample proof printed in greyish blue on vertical wove paper (0.003" thick), perforated 12. A standout item with exceptional appeal, VF; ex. Henry Gates (March 1981; Lot 379)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 8,A beautiful mint single with brilliant colour on fresh white wove paper, ample to large margins and possessing full original gum, lightly hinged. An appealing stamp in outstanding quality, VF LH; 2019 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $2,800+
CANADA 8i,A beautiful used stamp with ample to large margins, with exceptional colour on pristine fresh paper, partially legible four-ring numeral cancel, VF; ex. Bertram Collection (February 1959; Lot 53)
Cat. $1,100
CANADA 8,A rare used horizontal strip of four, margin barely touches lower frame of third stamp, vertical crease between pairs, minor faults on second and fourth stamps, other two in sound condition, attractively postmarked with Smiths Falls, U.C. AU 27 1857 double arc postmarks (first month of usage), Fine appearing, a rarely seen used multiple with dated postmarks.
Est. $500+
CANADA 9TCi,Trial colour plate proof pair in black on india paper with vertical SPECIMEN overprint in carmine, seldom seen, VF
Cat. $1,000
CANADA 9,An attractive single with well clear to very large margins, nicely used with quite clear four-ring '37' (Quebec) cancel, F-VF
Cat. $3,500
CANADA 9,A selected used single with clear to large margins, displaying bright colour on fresh paper as well as a neat face-free four-ring numeral cancellation, F-VF
Cat. $3,500
CANADA 10,An appealing used example of this challenging stamp, printed in a lovely bright shade on unusually pristine and characteristically fibrous paper, minute thinning at extreme top right edge only, otherwise the stamp is unusually devoid of the flaws so prevalent on this fragile paper, clear to very large margins and an unusually light concentric rings cancel; an attractive stamp noticeably nicer than normally encountered, F-VF; ex. Grant G. Simmons (March 1971; Lot 59)
Cat. $6,750
CANADA 13a,A scarce used example in a lovely distinct shade, possessing full, intact perforations, centrally struck four-ring '21' cancel plus small portion of red transit cancel at left; a key stamp in sound above-average condition, Fine; 1980 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $5,000
CANADA 1851 (July 2) A superb folded cover with a very scarce double weight franking to Belleville, franked with an exceptional example of the 6p brown purple on handmade laid paper, remarkably fresh and tied by concentric rings, Montreal JY 2 double arc dispatch in red below; Kingston JY 4 and Belleville JUL 5 backstamps, usual light file folds. A beautiful early usage of the elusive 6 pence single-franking, certainly one of the finest known paying the double weight domestic letter rate, XF (Unitrade 2b) ex. Maurice Burrus (April 1963; Lot 294)

This domestic franking is much scarcer than the single 6p rate to USA - ratio of known covers is about 1 to 8.
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 1853 (March 28) Folded cover with red wax seal on reverse, mailed from Montreal to New York, franked with a large margined 6p slate violet on laid paper, bold colour and showing clear laid lines; cleaned to remove stains and portion of addressee excised but shows clear Montreal dispatch, Canada arc and PAID handstamps in red, VF; 2001 BPA cert. (Unitrade 2)
Est. $500+
CANADA 1853 (December 1) Clean folded cover from London, U.C. to New York bearing a horizontal pair of 3p brown red on medium wove paper, tiny scissor cut at foot just touching lower frame of right stamp, otherwise well clear to full margins, tied by concentric rings, neat London, U.C. DE 1 1853 double arc dispatch, border exchange office CANADA / PAID 10 Cts handstamp in red, light horizontal file fold well away from franking and no receiver backstamp as customary. A lovely cover paying the 6 pence rate to the US, VF (Unitrade 4a)
Est. $400+
CANADA 1858 (March 4) Blue folded cover from Iroquois, U.C. to Montreal, bearing a full margined 3p red on soft horizontally ribbed paper in flawless condition tied by light concentric rings, fairly clear Iroquois, U.C. double arc dispatch at left, light central file fold, clear next-day Montreal receiver backstamp, VF (Unitrade 4c)

Interestingly enough, the 3 pence Beaver on soft horizontally ribbed paper was issued sometime in early March, 1858. This cover may well be the earliest known usage.
Est. $500+
CANADA 1858 (August 27) Small envelope mailed from Belleville to Brockville, franked with a full margined 3p deep red on thick hard wove paper tied by a light four-ring numeral in dark blue, same-ink Belleville AU 27 1858 double arc dispatch; small portion of backflap missing, faint Brockville AU 28 receiver, VF; 2019 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 4v)
Est. $350+
CANADA 1857 (October 7) Small envelope bearing an imperforate 6p slate grey on medium wove paper, very large margins including part of adjacent stamp at foot, faint discoloration but tied by PAID 6 handstamp, partly legible Pointe-Aux-Trembles Montreal broken circle with filled-in "7 Oct 1857" date, addressed to Boston with Montreal OC 8 transit backstamp. A striking cover, VF (Unitrade 5)
Est. $750+
CANADA 1858 (March 14) Folded preprinted Notary Public form concerning non-payment of a promissory note mailed from Belleville to Kingston, bearing ½p deep rose on medium wove paper with large margins all around, just tied by centrally struck concentric rings in BLUE, further cancelled by manuscript, partially clear Belleville double arc dispatch in blue with same-ink "TOO LATE" instructional marking; Kingston MR 16 1858 receiver backstamp. A nice circular rate with coloured postmarks, VF (Unitrade 8) ex. Maurice Burrus (April 1963; Lot 303), Highlands Part One (November 2018; Lot 249)
Est. $750+
CANADA 1860 (June 29) Cover franked with a 7½ pence deep green (for the equivalent 12½ cent rate), just touching design at top right to otherwise large margins, light flaw at lower right, beautifully tied by Montreal duplex and sent via Allan Line to the UK, circular Paid Liverpool Col. Packet 11 JY 60 datestamp in red. Addressed to initially arrive at Bradford, then forwarded to Leeds with JY 11 backstamps of both, Otley JY 12 transit before arriving at Ben Rhyddings (just east of Otley), redirection fee of "1" penny sterling crossed out. An appealing cover, F-VF (Unitrade 9a)

Est. $2,000+
CANADA 1859 (January 7) Local drop rate cover bearing a quite well centered ½p in a deeper rose shade, perf 11¾, tiny perf flaw at top left, unusually tied by a Hamilton JA 7 1859 double arc CDS, additional dispatch strike at left; a very early usage of the perforated Half penny, among the earliest of the 14 recorded Local Drop ½p rate covers franked with this stamp, F-VF (Unitrade 11)
Est. $750+
CANADA 1859 (March 20) Envelope addressed locally and franked with a single ½p lilac rose perf 11¾, quite well centered for the issue and in sound condition, tied by concentric rings cancel, light but complete Campbellford MR 20 1859 dispatch at left; minor cover wrinkle at top well away from stamp. An attractive local drop letter rate (only 14 reported) and especially so from a small town, F-VF (Unitrade 11i)
Est. $2,000+
CANADA 1859 (June 22) Folded printed notice from Brantford to Hamilton, bearing an attractive 3p red perf 11¾ with typical centering for the issue and bright fresh colour, tied by neat four-ring '5' cancel with Brantford, U.C. JU 22 59 split ring dispatch; light file fold away from stamp, quite clear Hamilton next day receiver on back. A beautiful perforated 3 pence cover, VF (Unitrade 12) ex. Maurice Burrus (April 1963; Lot 308)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 1859 (May 31) Legal size envelope mailed registered from Stratford, U.C. to Toronto; double domestic letter rate franked with a quite well centered example of the perforated six pence brownish grey, perf 11¾, which is in sound condition with exceptional colour, tied by superb four-ring '46' (RF 8 - very rare), mostly clear Stratford split ring dispatch struck at left along with same-ink straightline REGISTERED denoting the one penny registration fee had been paid in cash as was customary at that time. Couple light folds and portion of backflap missing, overall in an excellent state of preservation. A very rare combination of postage rate, a perforated Six penny and a scarce four-ring numeral cancel, VF (Unitrade 13)

According to Wayne Smith's latest Pence cover census, a mere seven domestic covers bear the perforated six pence stamp. This example is the only one sent registered. An exceptional rarity.
Est. $7,500+
CANADA 14P-20TC,A complete set of the six different values in plate proof pairs, in issued (or near issued) colours on card mounted india paper (ex 5c on india), VF (Unitrade cat. $3,300)
Est. $1,250+
CANADA 14Pii,Plate proof single in rose, colour of issue, on india paper with the elusive diagonal SPECIMEN overprint in black, much scarcer than catalogue values indicate, VF
Cat. $500+
CANADA 14b,A fabulous, well centered mint block of four with deep fresh colour and intact perforations all around, large part original gum lightly disturbed which is inconsequential for this superior and rarely seen block, VF OG; 2014 Greene Foundation cert. (identified as #14 perf 12x12)
Cat. $8,000
CANADA 14iv,An unused example showing the best and most prominent type of the "Q" Flaw (Pos. 38) (Whitworth Flaw 1a) with very visible plate flaw below "O" and also a strong short entry at lower left. Rarely seen in unused condition, Fine+
Cat. $2,500
CANADA 14iv,A nicely centered used example with lovely fresh colour and showing the elusive "Q" flaw (Position 38; Whitworth Flaw 1a) - the best and most prominent of the three listed versions of this distinctive flaw, St. Vincent JY 30 64 split ring CDS positioned well clear of the variety. An ideal example, VF
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 14a,A mint imperforate pair, clear at top left to full margins and ungummed as issued; a scarce imperforate from the only one sheet printed, F-VF
Cat. $6,500
CANADA 14a,A rare imperforate pair, ungummed as issued, barely inside or touching outer frameline at right, otherwise large margined and in sound condition, Fine
Cat. $4,000
CANADA 15TCvii,Trial colour plate proof printed in black on india paper, VF and scarce
Cat. $800
CANADA 15c,A well centered unused block of four in the distinctive shade associated with very early printings, irregular perforations at left with some uncleared perf discs, a very scarce block, VF; Bertram Collection (February 1959; Lot 505), "Carrington" (June 2002; Lot 3306)
Cat. $3,400
CANADA 15 variety,A bright mint single showing the elusive and prominent "High Moon" (State 7; Position 78) plate variety, an elongated ink flaw positioned just above the sun, part original gum, Fine
Est. $500+
CANADA 15v,A nice used example of the Major Re-entry (Position 28; State 10), displaying exceptional doubling throughout the design, especially visible on the left side, light duplex datestamp, Fine, the most sought-after variety on this stamp.
Cat. $500
CANADA 16TCii,A scarce trial colour plate proof block of four printed in orange yellow on india paper, bright vivid colour, VF
Cat. $1,800
CANADA 16,A quite well centered example of this distinctive first printing, lightened pen cancel barely discernible to the naked eye (appears unused) and tiny corner crease, nevertheless a very presentable and collectable example of this sought-after stamp, F-VF (Unitrade cat. $6,250)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 17b, iv,A quite well centered used single showing the "String of Pearls" (Position 3) variety, light four-ring cancel, VF
Cat. $1,000
CANADA 17a,An attractive used strip of three with clear circular mute grid cancellations, fresh and choice, F-VF
Est. $300+
CANADA 18TC + varieties,Left margin plate proof strip of three with full ABNC imprint on card mounted india paper; top proof is the elusive Position 61 which shows the Re-entry from second state of the plate after engraver's retouches, initial features of the Re-entry are less prominent or corrected. Also shows the short entry on Position 71 and doubling of left frameline on Position 81. An interesting item for the specialist, VF (cat. as normal proofs)
Cat. $1,050+
CANADA 18iv,A quite well centered used single in a brighter shade, showing The Major Re-entry (Pos. 94) with strong doubling around and in "AGE" of "POSTAGE", in "E" of "PENCE", diamond grid of Toronto, VF
Cat. $900
CANADA 18,A nicely centered unused single with lovely colour, VF+
Cat. $1,250
CANADA 18b,An attractive imperforate pair with exceptional colour, ungummed as issued, barely touching frame at lower right but otherwise clear to large margins; faint crease, a scarce pair originating from the sole sheet of 100 printed, Fine (Unitrade cat. $4,000)
Est. $750+
CANADA 19TCi,Trial colour plate proof printed in black on india paper, seldom seen, VF
Cat. $550
CANADA 19TCii,Trial colour plate proof pair, printed in orange yellow on india paper, sheet margin at right, VF
Cat. $900
CANADA 19a,An impressive mint strip of three from a scarcer early printing, quite well centered for the issue and displaying amazing deep, rich colour and impression as well as possessing large part original gum. A wonderful multiple of this distinctive early printing, Fine+ and very scarce thus. (Unitrade cat. $8,250 as mint singles)

Expertization: 2018 Greene Foundation certificate

Provenance: General Robert Gill, October 1965; Lot 101 (described as indigo shade)
E. Carey Fox, Second Portion, October 1968; Lot 165
J. Grant Glassco, July 1969; Lot 83
Est. $2,500+
CANADA 19,A nicely centered mint single in a lovely bright shade, small part original gum, VF; 1986 Greene Foundation cert. (cat. as unused)
Cat. $1,800
CANADA 19,A beautiful used single with bright colour, quite well centered with large margins and light circular grid cancel, VF and attractive
Cat. $300+
CANADA 20b,A superb mint imperforate pair, ungummed as issued, nicely margined which is rarely seen with these, VF; from the sole sheet of 100 stamps.
Cat. $5,000
CANADA 1859 (October 17) Small mourning cover from St. Catharines, U.C. to Rhode Island, USA, bearing a fine centered 10c black brown perf 11¾, faint perf toning, tied by light four-ring '38' cancel, red St. Catharines, U.C. OC 7 59 split ring datestamp at left and two-line border crossing CANADA / PAID 10cts handstamp; no backstamp as customary. A very scarce and desirable usage of the First Printing, F-VF (Unitrade 16)
Est. $2,500+
CANADA 1860 (January 27) Folded cover from Kingston, U.C. to New York, bearing a very fine example of the elusive 10c black brown, perf 11¾ tied by a four-ring numeral (likely '18'), cover with light stain, couple small tears at top and file fold away from the stamp; clear Kingston JA 27 1860 double arc dispatch in red; no backstamp as customary, Fine (Unitrade 16) ex. Amos Eno (March 1959; Lot 114), Charles Lathrop Pack (Part 1, December 1944; Lot 146)
Est. $2,500+
CANADA 1864 (November 19) Clean blue folded cover endorsed "Per Cunard Mail" with three colour franking to Scotland - 1c, 12½c (both perf 12x11¾) and a 5c (perf 11¾x12) all tied by diamond grids, clear Toronto split ring at left, clever repair to 1c; Glasgow DE 5 1864 circular backstamp. An unusual franking (overpaid by 1½ cent) to the United Kingdom, VF (Unitrade 14viii, 15, 18)

According to the Firby census, this is the only one recorded to the United Kingdom franked with single 1c, 5c and 12½c.
Est. $750+
CANADA 1866 (November 17) John Christopher & Bros. Dealers in Lumber typographed in blue advertising cover, slightly reduced at right, franked with a 5c vermilion perf 12 cancelled by light G.W.R. / West NO 17 66 RPO split ring, second strike at left, addressed to Wardsville, Newbury NO 17 and partial large CDS of Wardsville on back, VF; ex Vincent Greene (Unitrade 15)
Est. $150+
CANADA 1867 (September 11) Orange envelope bearing a scarcer franking consisting of a 1c rose single and 2c carmine red pair perf 12; 1c shows Major Misplaced Entry (Position 28) with various prominent marks throughout design and in lower right margin; cover slightly reduced at right but otherwise clean, stamps cancelled by light grids, large portion of Toronto split ring dispatch and mailed to Hamilton with clear next-day backstamp. Of the dozen such 5c frankings reported this example is particularly desirable with the seldom seen variety, F-VF (Unitrade 14xi, 20i) ex. Norman Brassler (October 1990; Lot 122)
Est. $600+
CANADA Die Essay typographed by the National Bank Note Co. in light yellowish brown on white wove paper measuring 35 x 60mm with light blue horizontal lines (10mm apart), characteristic solid background surrounding the design. Very attractive, VF (Minuse & Pratt 25E-Ab) ex. "Victoria" Collection of Canada (Danam, July 1981; Lot 3)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA A striking engraved die essay (stamp size), printed in dark blue green on india paper, the lower corner numerals and "THREE CENTS" imprint are in a different format than the issued stamp; trivial mounting marks of no importance for this very rare Large Queen essay, Fine. After thorough research, we were able to find only two other examples, both with similar small margins. (Minuse & Pratt 25E-Ba) ex. "Victoria" Collection of Canada (Danam, July 1981; Lot 51)
Est. $3,500+
CANADA 21-29,The complete set of eight plate proofs in first issued colours; the 5 cent printed on thick bond paper, others on white card. Seldom offered set, VF
Cat. $6,250
CANADA 22-29,Selection of seven different plate proofs in issued colours on card, no ½c but includes an extra 15c shade; couple slight flaws, otherwise VF (Unitrade cat. $6,500)
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 21,An engraved trial colour stamp size die proof printed in dull claret on india paper, light natural india thinning of no consequence, an extremely rare coloured die proof, F-VF

After extensive research we were able to find one other die proof in this colour, from the S.J. Menich Large Queen sale (February 1997; Lot 784), also on india paper with larger margins.
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 21,A fabulous plate proof pair in the issued colour on card and showing part BABN imprint (Boggs Type IV) in the margin, tiny scissor cut at foot between right stamp and margin, a desirable item, VF; ex. "Victoria" Collection of Canada (Danam, July 1981; Lot 6)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 21c,A well centered mint block in a deep shade, bold impression and full original gum showing a trace of disturbance equivalent to light hinging, VF
Cat. $1,440
CANADA 21 variety, ii, iv,A remarkable unused example with bold colour and sharp impression on the distinctive and scarce thick almost "blotting" paper, showing both line above "P" of "POSTAGE" and "spur" in scroll left of "H" varieties. A very scarce combination of paper type and plate varieties, Fine+; 2017 Greene Foundation cert.
Est. $350+
CANADA 21a, v, vi,A beautiful mint example in a distinct shade, Montreal printing and perforation gauge, showing the scarce, prominent "H" spur variety (Position 4), with full, dull streaky original gum, never hinged. An unusual combination of printing & perforation varieties, choice, VF NH
Cat. $1,500+
CANADA 21a, vi,A well centered used horizontal strip of six, printed in a distinctive shade with clear mesh paper; couple short perfs at foot of second stamp, light segmented cork cancels, a Very Fine and scarce multiple; ex. "Jura" (June 2007; Lot 2019)
Est. $500+
CANADA 21,A well centered example with centrally struck fancy Cross cancellation in dark blue (very similar to Lacelle 1161 from Owen Sound, Ont.), VF
Est. $100+
CANADA 22,An exceptional mint single with intact perforations, large part OG, superbly centered with incredible colour, XF
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 22a,A reasonably well centered unused single showing large portion of " . B" and "TH" letters of the papermaker's watermark, deep colour and fresh, F-VF
Cat. $3,000
CANADA 22 variety,A very well centered used pair on the short-lived coarse paper with distinct vertical mesh paper (Duckworth Paper 7), lightly cancelled, VF
Est. $250+
CANADA 31,An impressive used single with light oval grid cancel of New Brunswick, trivial tiny shallow thin spot, otherwise exceptionally choice with superior centering, deep colour and a lovely clear impression; couple European guarantee backstamps. Rarely seen with such superb centering, a desirable example of this notoriously difficult stamp, VF
Cat. $10,000
CANADA 23,A well centered used single with clear Toronto fancy "2" (Lacelle 34) cancellation, VF
Est. $200+
CANADA 23iii,A bright used single on the scarcer paper type (Duckworth Paper 9B), with quite clear four-ring '15' cancel (Guelph), F-VF
Est. $250+
CANADA 24b,A precisely centered unused example with exceptional colour, pristine fresh, XF
Cat. $1,400+
CANADA 24b,A choice, well centered unused example in the characteristic deep shade on associated with this first printing, VF; 1988 RPS of London cert. (identified as "grass green" as listed in Gibbons)
Cat. $1,400
CANADA 24iv,An extremely well centered mint block of four showing the characteristic shade and prominent vertical mesh paper associated with this paper type, original gum partially disturbed, perforations sensibly strengthened by hinges, nevertheless in a remarkable state of preservation and still showing a large part white, shiny original gum. A superior multiple - in fact one would find it hard to secure a nicer block, VF+ OG; ex. Fred Jarrett (February 1960; Lot 130)
Cat. $12,000
CANADA 24a,A beautiful unused example displaying the characteristic bright shade, showing large portion of papermaker's watermark "TH" letters, traces of gum, Fine+ (Unitrade cat. as no gum)
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 24i,A selected mint single displaying exceptional colour on fresh paper, a striking stamp especially desirable in such an unusual shade, VF hinged; 2019 Greene Foundation cert. (identified as "pale emerald green shade")
Cat. $4,000
CANADA 24iii,A remarkably well centered example on the distinctive scarcer paper (Duckworth Paper 8), with superb, socked-on-nose fancy segmented Radial cancel, XF
Cat. $350+
CANADA 24v,A striking used example, nicely centered with large margins, showing the Major Re-entry (Position 7) with noticeable doubling in "D" of "CANADA" and in scroll at lower left, London, Ont. cancel, VF
Cat. $800
CANADA 25,Trial colour plate proof pair printed in dark purple on card mounted india paper, sheet margin at left. A rare coloured proof especially in a pair, a beautiful item, VF; ex. Stanley Cohen (April 1987; Lot 1259), "Jura" Collection (June 2007; Lot 2056)
Est. $2,000+
CANADA 33,A fabulous used example of this notoriously difficult stamp, very well centered with exceptionally fresh colour, on pristine paper with prominent laid lines and in flawless condition, neat central concentric rings cancellation and superb in all respects, Extremely Fine and rarely seen thus; ex. Harry Lussey (August 1980; Lot 271)
Cat. $2,500+
CANADA 33,A scarce used single in sound condition, displaying the distinctive shade and impression and with an appealing, light 1868 datestamp IN BLUE, Fine
Cat. $1,000
CANADA 25a,A very attractive and well centered used single with brilliant colour, showing "& G" letters of the papermaker's watermark, light concentric rings cancellation, VF
Cat. $600
CANADA 25,Used single with superb strike of fancy "B" within segmented Star cancel (Lacelle 263) of Oshawa, Ontario, F-VF
Est. $200+
CANADA 26,An engraved stamp size, trial colour Die Proof printed in black on india paper, small to large margins and displaying a lovely clear impression; exceedingly rare and ideal for exhibition, VF

This die was prepared in 1868 along with the other denominations. The stamps were released October 1st, 1875, a provisional issue for the newly reduced rate to the UK.
Est. $3,500+
CANADA 26,Trial colour plate proof pair printed in deep blue directly on card (.014" thick), in lovely condition with large margins, VF

This is a distinctive colour, much deeper than the more common proof printed in pale blue on thick soft paper.
Est. $1,250+
CANADA 26,Trial colour plate proof printed in pale blue on thick soft wove paper (.007" thick), in pristine fresh condition, XF
Est. $500+
CANADA 26,A superb trial colour plate proof with large even margin, printed in dark green on card .0014" thick, XF
Est. $500+
CANADA 27,A beautiful unused example, much nicer than we are accustomed to seeing, nicely centered for this challenging stamp and with bright colour, VF; 1981 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $3,000
CANADA 27b,An extremely rare mint single remarkably displaying large portion of papermaker's two-line watermark with near complete "LU" letters of "CLUTHA" and small portion "& G" of "E. & G. BOTHWELL" along top of stamp; small sealed tear at right hard to see. Only a handful mint OG Six cent watermarked stamps exist in any condition. One of great rarities of the Large Queen issue, Fine OG; 2009 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $30,000
CANADA 27b,An elusive stamp showing portion of papermaker's watermark "LS" of "CLUTHA MILLS", faint cancellation, much nicer than normally seen, Fine+
Cat. $1,500
CANADA 27iii,A well centered example, very lightly cancelled (looks unused at first glance) and showing the Major Re-entry (Position 95) with noticeable doubling in upper corner ornaments, a few dulled perfs, VF (Unitrade cat. $750)
Est. $200+
CANADA 28 variety,A well centered used single showing the prominent plate flaw in "A" of "HALF" (allegedly Position 54; Duckworth Flaw No. 4), face-free cancel well away from the variety, VF
Est. $250+
CANADA 29b, ii,A very scarce, early printing mint single, distinctive deep colour and showing very clearly the "Pawnbroker" variety (Position 10), couple shorter perfs, large part OG, Fine and attractive
Cat. $2,400
CANADA 30c,A most appealing unused single of this distinctive printing, possessing exceptional colour on fresh white paper, truly a beautiful example in superior quality, F-VF; ex. Harry Lussey (August 1980; Lot 248)
Cat. $4,750
CANADA 29i,A well centered mint block showing right portion of BABN imprint (Boggs Type IV), a few split perfs in selvedge, fresh with large part original gum, F-VF
Est. $300+
CANADA 30i,A well centered mint example with lovely pastel colour on fresh paper, a beautiful shade, VF+ NH
Cat. $600
CANADA 29ii,A positional mint single showing the "Pawnbroker" constant plate variety (Position 10), LH in top margin, stamp with natural gum skip but NH, Fine; ex. "Victoria" Collection of Canada (Danam, July 1981; Lot 107) (Unitrade cat. as hinged)
Cat. $1,200
CANADA 30,Mint single with SPECIMEN (serifed letters) handstamped overprint in violet, large part original gum, F-VF and scarce

It is interesting to note that this specimen type is very similar to that found on the high values of the Diamond Jubilee series.
Est. $250+
CANADA 29d,A large margined mint imperforate pair, characteristic shade, VF hinged
Cat. $1,600
CANADA 29c,Used single showing small portion of papermaker's watermark ("M A" letters of "CLUTHA MILLS") at top, couple perf flaws, superb fancy Toronto "2" cancel (Lacelle 19) in upright position, Fine
Est. $300+
CANADA 29b,A well centered pair of this early dull shade of red lilac, unusual small segmented cork cancels, VF
Cat. $300
CANADA 29b,A well centered example showing a quite clear two-ring '8' (Ottawa - RF 5; very scarce), minute perf tear at left, a desirable numeral cancelled stamp, VF
Est. $150+
CANADA 29a,Used single of the scarcer perforation with a highly unusual cork cancel IN RED; a rare coloured cancelled stamp, Fine+
Est. $250+
CANADA 30c,An unusually well centered example of this short-lived printing, neat circular "OTTAWA" cancellation in black, VF and appealing
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 30b, iii,A well centered example in a deep rich shade, showing the "Pawnbroker" constant plate variety (Position 10) well clear of light circular datestamps, F-VF
Cat. $450+
CANADA 29/30,Twelve used singles with clear squared circle cancels from five different towns including Brockville, Halifax, Ottawa, Victoria and Winnipeg; dates range from December 1893 to February 1898. Trivial flaws on a couple, mainly Fine or better with mainly VF strikes
Est. $250+
CANADA 1868 (May 27) Clean cover franked with a select 1c brown red on thin hard wove paper paying the drop letter rate, tied by St. Catherines, C.W. MY 27 68 duplex, VF (Unitrade 22b)
Est. $150+
CANADA 1880 (October 16) Theakston & Angwin Hardware advert handstamped envelope mailed to Pictou, NS at the circular rate, unsealed with backflap folded inside as required for inspection, franked with vertical pair of ½c black perf 12 tied by Halifax OC 16 80 duplex, Pictou OC 18 split ring receiver on back; pays the unsealed 1c (per 4 ounces) printed circular rate, VF (Unitrade 21)
Est. $300+
CANADA 1868 (July 17) Beautiful orange envelope mailed from Exeter, U.C. to Toronto, docketing markings on arrival, bearing a choice singe of the elusive 3c bright red on laid paper with prominent laid lines, tied by superb concentric rings cancel, clear Exeter, U.C. JY 17 1868 double arc dispatch at left, London JY 17 and Toronto JY 18 receiver backstamps; cover slightly reduced at right, an outstanding and visually striking cover, VF (Unitrade 33) ex. Harry Lussey (August 1980; Lot 276)

Est. $2,000+
CANADA 1868 (July 22) Clean cover from Montreal to Richmond, Quebec, franked with a 3c bright red on laid paper, sealed tear at bottom right, tied by somewhat blurry Montreal JY 22 68 duplex, Richmond, C.E. JY 23 1868 double arc receiver backstamp, F-VF (Unitrade 33)

The recent census by Wayne Smith reports a total of only 34 covers franked with a 3 cent on laid paper; of these 7 were mailed from Montreal. We have seen one similar 3c laid paper franked cover from the same correspondence, postmarked at Montreal JY 15 68 and is ex. Dale-Lichtenstein, Firth.
Est. $500+
CANADA 1869 (July 2) Orange envelope mailed from Millington to Toronto, showing a choice diagonal bisect of the 6c brown tied by PAID (italic) handstamp, additional strike at left and same-ink Millington C.W. split ring with inverted indicia "JY" and manuscript filled-in "2" date; slightly reduced and portion of backflap missing, partial Beaverton transit and same-day Toronto JY 2 backstamp. A very scarce and striking example of a provisional usage of the 6 cent Large Queen, half used for the 3 cent domestic letter rate, Fine; 1975 PF cert. (Unitrade 27d, cat. $4,000)

Millington is currently a Ghost Town; it was once a farming community with a population in 1869 of about 60.
Est. $1,250+
CANADA 1873 (May 20) Orange cover from Madoc to Toronto, showing mixed-issue franking of a well centered Large Queen 2c emerald green shade clearly showing the Major Re-entry (Pos. 7) alongside a Small Queen 1c yellow orange, First Ottawa printing, both cancelled by concentric rings and 1c tied by Madoc split ring; part of backflap missing, Toronto MY 21 73 receiver CDS. An appealing mixed-issue franking, ideal for the specialist, VF (Unitrade 24v, 35ii)
Est. $500+
CANADA 1887 (March 28) Blue cover with preprinted address at Plymouth, Michigan franked with horizontal strip of six ½c black Large Queen perf 12, light vertical crease and perf fault on fifth and sixth stamps respectively, tied by neat cork cancels, Galt CDS dispatch at left; an impressive multiple franking paying the 3 cent per half ounce letter rate to the USA. Only 8 such frankings have been recorded in the census compiled by Wayne Smith, F-VF (Unitrade 21) ex. "Victoria" Collection of Canada (Danam, July 1981; Lot 133)
Est. $500+
CANADA Undated (circa. mid-1880s) Wrapper endorsed "Parcel Post" mailed from Quebec to St. Joseph, Beauce, franked with a 15c dark blue grey Large Queen on medium horizontal wove paper along with Small Queen Montreal printing 1c yellow with minor flaws at right and 2c green, tied by somewhat blurry two-ring '3' cancels of Quebec; no backstamp. An unusual triple weight parcel post rate (6c per four ounces; effective April 1879), Fine (Unitrade 30b, 35i, 36)
Est. $300+
CANADA Canadian Bank Note Engraving & Printing Co. plate essays; lithographed 1c yellow on white wove glazed surface paper; engraved 2c red orange on yellowish card and 3c dark orange red on india paper, VF
Est. $500+
CANADA Canadian Bank Note plate essays - lithographed 1c yellow on white surface wove paper, engraved 1c orange yellow on india, engraved 2c blue on india, minor toning at left and engraved pair 2c orange red on Japanese very thin laid paper, horizontal crease at foot, VF
Est. $750+
CANADA Canadian Bank Note Engraving and Printing Co. engraved plate essay strip of three in green on the distinctive very thin Japanese paper and showing the "Running Horse" overprint in black, small touch of blue ink on horse's nose, portion of CBN imprint at foot. Quite remarkably devoid of flaws for this fragile paper. A wonderful essay strip destined for an advanced collection, VF (Minuse & Pratt 36E-Ai)

Provenance: Bertram Collection, Shanahan's, February 1959; Lot 1057
BNA Sale, Robson Lowe, January 1964; Lot 1224

Literature: Illustrated in Robson Lowe "Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps Volume V - North America" on page 186.
Illustrated in Minuse & Pratt "The Essays and Proofs of British North America" handbook catalogue page 20.
Est. $1,500+
CANADA Engraved plate essay block of four printed in green on india paper, small scissor cut between left pair otherwise a choice and beautiful block, VF
Est. $750+
CANADA Canadian Bank Note plate essay pair, lithographed, printed in pale orange red on white coated surface wove paper, VF
Est. $350+
CANADA 34/43,Seven different plate proofs on card mounted india paper, in choice condition, large margins except the ½ cent and 3 cent which are on india, includes ½c black, 1c orange yellow, 3c orange red, 5c olive green, 6c brown corner margin example, 8c slate and 10c salmon pink, VF (Unitrade cat. $4,200)

Also includes (not counted) three different imperforate singles on wove paper, each with 1983 RPS of London cert. stating "plate proof".
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 34/45,The set of seven with diagonal sans-serifed SPECIMEN handstamp overprint in violet prepared for the 1891 UPU Congress which took place in Vienna, part OG or without gum, Fine and scarce

The 1c, 5c and 6c are late Montreal printings, other values are Second Ottawa printings; lacks the 8c and the Widow Weeds as they were issued in 1893.
Est. $500+
CANADA 34/47,The basic set of ten denominations of the Small Queen & Widow Weeds, all 1890s Ottawa printings except for late 1880s 6c cold brown shade with a few short perfs at foot, all are sound and show unusually selected, centrally struck Ottawa squared circles, F-VF stamps with VF strikes
Est. $150+
CANADA 34a,A large margined mint imperforate pair with full original gum showing just the faintest trace of hinging, VF VLH
Cat. $800
CANADA 34iii,An impressive mint interpanneau gutter margin block of eight, nicely centered with intact perforations, strong reverse printing offset on gum side characteristic of the later printings. A wonderful block in premium quality, VF+ NH (Unitrade cat. as two gutter pairs)
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 34,A superb mint single with precise centering amidst jumbo margins, full immaculate original gum, a great stamp for the perfectionist, XF NH GEM
Cat. $75+
CANADA 34,An unusually choice mint single, very well centered with very large margins and post office fresh, XF NH JUMBO
Cat. $75+
CANADA 34i,A superb large margined mint example of this distinctive shade, very well centered, XF NH JUMBO
Cat. $75+
CANADA 34ii,An impressive mint single displaying true deep colour on bright white paper, from the last printing and scarcer than catalogues indicate, displaying superb centering within oversized margins, XF NH JUMBO
Cat. $175+
CANADA 35,Plate proof pair on wove paper with vertical defacement lines, VF (Unlisted in Unitrade catalogue)
Est. $200+
CANADA 35ii,An impressive mint block of eight, faint perf toning in places but displaying characteristic colour and sharp impression, possessing with full unblemished original gum, NEVER HINGED. Multiples of early printings are hard to find, F-VF NH (Unitrade cat. $4,400)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 35d,A remarkably fresh and well centered mint example of this elusive perforation variety, deep sharp impression on fresh white wove paper, intact perforations and showing full, dull streaky original gum characteristic of early Montreal printings, light natural gum bend. A difficult stamp to find in superior condition, VF NH; 2016 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $1,800
CANADA 35b,A premium quality mint imperforate pair, sheet margin at right, post office fresh colour, couple natural bends mostly in sheet margin, a beautiful pair with pristine original gum, VF NH
Cat. $1,500
CANADA 35viii,Used pair, the left stamp a choice, large margined example showing the sought-after "Strand of Hair" variety (Hurst's Long Strand Type 1, the most prominent subtype), light oval "R" cancel away from the variety, VF; 2014 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $600
CANADA 36,Imperforate block of four showing full BABN plate imprint (Boggs Type IV) in right margin, overall "blanket" of small defacement dashes; top pair with horizontal crease, otherwise VF, a rare positional proof block; ex. "Lindemann" collection, Ted Nixon (March 2012; Lot 84)
Est. $750+
CANADA 36iii,A superb mint imperforate pair with sheet margin at left and large margins on other sides, very lightly hinged (appears NH at first glance), XF
Cat. $900+
CANADA 36ii,A remarkable mint corner margin single, well centered with unusually wide margins, amazing deep rich colour - unlike any other shades of this stamp, full original gum, lightly hinged almost confined to sheet margin. A wonderful stamp, XF LH GEM; ex. George Arfken (October 1990; Lot 447)
Est. $200+
CANADA 36i variety,A remarkable mint example in a distinctive shade, very well centered with enormous margins and full pristine original gum; a beautiful stamp in premium quality, XF NH JUMBO
Cat. $300+
CANADA 36i,A post office fresh mint example, very well centered and in a beautiful bright shade, VF+ NH
Cat. $300+
CANADA 37,Trial colour plate proof printed in black on card mounted india paper, strong colour and bold impression, large margins all around; small mounting mark on back. An underrated proof - very rare in this colour, VF; 2020 Greene Foundation cert.
Est. $750+
CANADA 37,A wonderful plate proof block of four with exceptional colour characteristic of an early printing, on card mounted india paper with huge margins all around; rarely seen in a block, VF; ex. "Scenic" Collection (Sam Nickle) (November 1982; Lot 2177), Bill Simpson (Part I, March 1996; Lot 171), Ted Nixon (March 2012; Lot 122)
Cat. $4,000
CANADA 37a,An attractive mint block, right pair is very well centered, light horizontal crease at top, brilliant colour and large part white original gum characteristic of this early printing, F-VF OG (Unitrade cat. $2,100) ex. Ted Nixon (March 2012; Lot 156)
Est. $600+
CANADA 37iii,A beautiful mint block with exceptional colour and clear impression on fresh white wove paper, with remarkably full, dull white streaky original gum, very lightly hinged (LR stamp NH). A very scarce and desirable multiple of this early printing, Fine+
Est. $500+
CANADA 37 shade,A fabulous mint singe displaying printed in a remarkable and very distinctive shade, the impression, paper and original gum are typical of 1880s printings, well centered within large margins and possessing full unblemished original gum; a great stamp, VF+ NH JUMBO
Cat. $750+
CANADA 37 shade,A precisely centered mint single with bright colour and clear impression on white horizontal mesh paper, full yellowish original gum associated with late Montreal printings; a lovely shade in choice condition, VF+ NH
Cat. $750+
CANADA 41,A remarkable mint single with superior centering amidst enormous margins, vivid colour on fresh paper and full pristine original gum. A visually striking stamp, XF NH JUMBO; 2013 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $270+
CANADA 41,A choice mint single, well centered with large margins, vivid colour and full original gum, VF+ NH; 1985 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $270+
CANADA 41 shade,A well centered mint single with four large margins, printed in a deeper shade with aniline ink effect visible from the back associated with last printing of this value, VF+ NH
Cat. $270
CANADA 42,A superb margined mint single, very well centered with rich colour and full original gum; visually striking, VF+ NH JUMBO
Cat. $900
CANADA 42a,Imperforate pair with mostly large margins and bright colour, ungummed as issued, VF (Unitrade 42a)
Cat. $900
CANADA 43,Mint top plate imprint strip of ten with full BABN imprint (Boggs Type IV) and plate "A" letter at centre, "SIX CENTS" counter and reversed "R" indicating final re-entered stage of the plate, split at centre and strengthened by hinges, the other eight stamps are NH. A very scarce and most attractive plate strip, Fine+
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 43,Mint corner block of ten, well centered and showing left half of BABN imprint (Boggs Type IV), partial separation between third and fourth columns strengthened by a hinge, thin on top left stamp but six stamps are NH including second stamp in top row and entire bottom row; a scarce positional block for the specialist, F-VF (Unitrade cat. $4,900)

Positions 92, 93 & 95 show Re-entries with visible doubling in "POS" (Pos. 93) and "DA POSTAGE" (Pos. 92 & 95).
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 43,A beautiful mint block, well centered with bright colour on fresh paper, full original gum relatively lightly hinged, VF
Cat. $1,200
CANADA 43,Lower margin mint single, well centered for this difficult stamp, with attractive deep rich colour and full original gum, VF NH
Cat. $1,200
CANADA 43,A select mint example with lovely bright colour, well centered within large margins, pristine original gum; VF NH; 1998 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $1,200
CANADA 43b,A bright fresh mint imperforate pair with full original gum, VF VLH
Cat. $750
CANADA 43b,A choice imperforate pair with large margins, fabulous colour and deep impression, ungummed as issued, XF
Cat. $750
CANADA 40e,A most attractive mint example of this very challenging shade - a very early printing only a few months after issue in November 1874. Nicely centered with large margins and displaying the distinctive, brilliant colour on pristine fresh paper, and large part characteristic dull, streaky white original gum. A true condition rarity and a great stamp for an advanced collection, VF OG

Provenance: Ted Nixon, March 2012; Lot 297
Daniel Cantor, November 2015; Lot 207
Cat. $4,000
CANADA 40e,A quite well centered unused single, large margined, expertly regummed, displaying the true bright colour and impression of this first printing. Ideal for the collector seeing great looking stamps without paying the substantial premium for gum, F-VF; 2020 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade $2,750 for mint)
Est. $500+
CANADA 40c,An unusually select mint example of this difficult stamp, well centered and displaying true post office fresh colour as well as a large portion of its dull, white streaky original gum, vastly superior to what we are accustomed to seeing, VF OG
Cat. $2,400
CANADA 45a,An outstanding, unusually well centered and fresh mint imprint block of eight, lovely distinctive colour and showing the full BABN imprint (Boggs Type V) in the right sheet margin, a few split perfs and minor creases entirely confined to selvedge, all stamps are sound. A visually striking and beautiful plate multiple, VF OG (Cat. $6,400 as stamps only)
Est. $3,000+
CANADA 45,An impressive mint example in the true shade of the last printing, exceptionally rich colour, precise centering with large margins, full original gum; a premium stamp, XF LH; 2017 Greene Foundation cert. ex. Bill Simpson (Part III, October 1996; Lot 1633)
Cat. $900+
CANADA 45c,A bright, fresh mint imperforate pair with large margins, ungummed, VF
Cat. $750
CANADA Engraved Large Die Essay, printed in black on india paper measuring 35 x 54mm, displaying several guidelines around the design. A beautiful essay of this unissued denomination in excellent condition and exceptional in all respects, XF (Minuse & Pratt E-1a) ex. Fred Jarrett (March 1960; Lot 365)

Est. $7,500+
CANADA Engraved Die Essay in bright blue on thin hard wove paper measuring 24 x 31mm; likely prepared to emulate the colour of the preceding 12½c Large Queen, an exceptional proof, VF (Minuse & Pratt E-1a unlisted paper and colour)

We are aware of only one similar coloured die proof on thin wove paper, illustrated in Hillson and Nixon "Canada's Postage Stamps of the Small Queen Era 1870-1897" on page 29; Cantor, Brigham. It was sold in our November 2018 sale; Lot 808. We have also seen two 12½c in dark blue on india paper, both small size die proofs, one has hint of toning and other (ex. Gerald Firth, Simpson) has a hole almost clear of design at top left.
Est. $6,000+
CANADA Engraved Die Essay printed in green on india paper 27 x 30mm, inconsequential thinning on reverse which is a natural trait of this paper. A desirable and fresh example of this remarkable essay, an unissued Small Queen denomination, VF (Minuse & Pratt E-1a)

Est. $3,500+
CANADA 1879 (April 14) Red orange envelope sent unsealed from River John, Nova Scotia to Tatamagouche, bearing a diagonal bisect of the 2c green (Montreal printing) perf 12, nicely tied by oval grid, mostly legible River John split ring dispatch at left; pays the domestic printed matter rate of 1 cent (per four ounces). Envelope has overall minor wrinkling in no way touching the bisected stamp. A rare printed matter franking, only a few such usages exist, especially prior to 1880; pencil signed by expert Sergio Sismondo, VF (Unitrade 36b; catalogue value $3,000)
Est. $1,250+
CANADA 1885 (November 28) Envelope franked with a vertically bisected 2c green, Montreal printing perf 12, neatly tied by the datestamp of a Halifax duplex; pays the 1c local drop letter rate; small cover fault at left, otherwise a clean example of the elusive bisect of the 2c Small Queen, which at the time was unauthorized but tolerated by the post office, F-VF; 1979 RPS of London cert. (Unitrade 36c; cat. $3,000)
Est. $750+
CANADA 1870 (April 1) Cover franked with the elusive 3c copper red, First Ottawa printing perf 12½, small fault at lower left corner, tied by two-ring numeral cancel, St. John NB AP 1 70 CDS dispatch, sent to Miramichi and backstamped with Newcastle AP 4 1870 double arc on arrival, Fine; 2002 Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade 37d)
Est. $500+
CANADA 1874 (January 6) A beautiful small white cover mailed internally in Nova Scotia from Niely Road to Bridgetown, bearing a well centered diagonal bisect of the 6c yellow brown, Montreal printing perf 11½x12, tied by a light circular grid cancellation, partial Niely Road JA 6 74 split ring dispatch at left; on reverse partially legible next-day Bridgetown receiver; envelope slightly reduced at left. An unusually choice example of the very scarce bisected 6 cent to pay the 3 cent domestic letter rate - the practice of bisecting stamps was still tolerated in Nova Scotia even after joining Confederation in 1867, VF (Unitrade 39a; catalogue value $5,000)
Est. $2,500+
CANADA 1887 (June 7) Envelope with embossed crest on back postmarked House of Commons Canada in black (Davis CP-25) with 3c orange red Small Queen, oxidized colour but large margined and neatly tied by Ottawa duplex, missent to New York with (JUN 10) arrival, returned to Ottawa Dead Letter Office (JU 23); unusual Deficiency in Address Supplied at DLO handstamp, then sent to Halifax with receiver backstamp. A neat DLO official cover, VF
Est. $200+
CANADA 1897 (April 23) Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Berlin Ont. illustrated advertising cover franked with well centered 3c bright vermilion, Ottawa printing perf 12, tied by clear Berlin, Ont CDS to Amherstburg, Ontario with next-day receiver backstamp, VF and attractive (Unitrade 41)
Est. $200+
CANADA 1872 (November 25) Orange cover registered from Smith's Falls, U.C. to Toronto, bearing 1st Ottawa 2c emerald green and 3c rose red, tied by fairly clear four-ring '44' numeral cancellations, Smith's Falls double arc dispatch at left, REGISTERED straightline, next-day Toronto CDS receiver on back; horizontal fold among bottom edge and portion of backflap missing, a beautiful 4-ring numeral cancelled cover, paying 3c domestic letter rate + 2c registration fee, VF (Unitrade 36 early printing, 37a)
Est. $200+
CANADA 1871 (September 14) Yellow cover from Norwich, Ont. to Cedarville, NY bearing a large margined pair 3c deep rose, First Ottawa printing (colour very similar to thick soft paper variety) tied by Norwich SP 14 1871 double arc dispatch; right stamp shows an unusual plate flaw visible above "N" of "CENTS" and running through Queen's neck, an interesting variety that shows prominently, VF (Unitrade 37a shade + variety)
Est. $150+
CANADA 1896 (January 29) 2c Green postal envelope uprated with a four-colour franking - Ottawa printing perf 12 1c yellow, 2c green, 3c bright vermilion and ½c black gutter margin strip of four, all tied by clear Berlin, Ont. postmarks, oval "R" registration handstamp; backflap torn and sealed with piece of adhesive, RPO transits along with Cleveland Registered JAN 31 1896 boxed receiver. A visually appealing franking paying the double letter rate (overpaid 2c) plus 5c registration to the US; few covers bearing a half cent gutter strip exist, F-VF (Unitrade 34iii, 35, 36i, 41, EN9)
Est. $500+
CANADA 1876 (November 24) An attractive, clean cover from Fingal, Ontario to Menton, France; slightly reduced at right, bearing Montreal printing perf 11½x12 2c green and a 3c red strip of three cancelled by neat manuscript, light split ring dispatch at left, strip tied by London Paid 11 DE 76 CDS red transit, crayon "3" denoting 3d British Claim; Menton 12 DEC arrival. Then forwarded across the border to San Remo, Italy with next-day backstamp; free of charge according to UPU postal regulations as both countries had joined on January 1st, 1876. Postage to France was to 10c per half ounce January 1876 effective to August 1, 1878 when Canada joined the UPU. An unusual franking overpaying by one cent the short-lived pre-UPU 10 cent rate and forwarded without postage due to newly adopted regulations between France and Italy, F-VF (Unitrade 36e, 37e) ex. Michael Rixon (November 2001; Lot 195)

Est. $600+
CANADA 1876 (December 7) Envelope from St. Thomas, Ontario to Menton, France bearing pair of 5c olive green Montreal printing perf 12, one with negligible perf flaw, nicely tied by St. Thomas duplex, portion of London PAID ties stamp at top left, Calais 21 DEC 76 transit on front along with Menton 22 DEC arrival CDS on back. Redirected across the border to San Remo, Italy with next day CDS on reverse. A nice 10 cent pre-UPU cover to France, remailed to Italy without postage due based on newly adopted UPU regulations between France and Italy, VF (Unitrade 38) ex. Bill Simpson (Part II, May 1996; Lot 180)
Est. $750+
CANADA 1896 (June 3) Clean registered cover to Switzerland with single-franking 10c pink Ottawa printing, nicely centered with brilliant fresh colour, tied by centrally struck Yorkville dispatch CDS, oval "R" registered handstamp at left, oval Registered London 13 JU 96 transit in red; on reverse Lausanne 14.VI.96 receiver CDS. A beautiful registered cover to Switzerland with a desirable 10 cent single franking, VF (Unitrade 45b)
Est. $500+
CANADA 1898 (May 30) Registered cover with circular House of Commons / Canada MAY 30 1898 (Davis CP-27i) dispatch and handstamp signature at left, OTTAWA / R.G. MAY 30 98 CDS and oval "R" registration handstamp, Windsor and Detroit MAY 31 backstamps. Handled as unofficial correspondence so postage was required with 10c salmon pink, Ottawa printing perf 12 and 1c Jubilee, neatly tied by "C" in double circle (Lacelle 334) denoting government mail that could not be "free franked". An impressive mixed-issue "free frank" cover paying double weight (6c) plus 5c registration to the US, VF (Unitrade 45b, 51)
Est. $350+
CANADA 1882 (December 26) A beautiful cover endorsed "Via San Francisco" franked with single and horizontal strip of four 3c orange red, Montreal printings perf 12, tied by clear Halifax duplex datestamps to Melbourne, Victoria State (Australia), red crayon "45ctm" accountancy marking interprets to 9 cent credit to US, clear Windsor DE 30, San Francisco JAN 5 and Melbourne FE 12 83 receiver backstamps; envelope with couple light folds, one lightly touching third stamp in the strip, nevertheless a great cover paying the non-UPU letter rate of 15c via the United States, VF (Unitrade 37)

Provenance: "Midland", January 2004; Lot 468
S.J. Menich, June 2000; Lot 87
George Arfken, May 1997; Lot 1001
Est. $750+
CANADA 1885 (December 14) Cover from Brantford, Ont. to Sydney, New South Wales bearing 3c orange red strip of five Montreal printing perf 12, tied by clear dispatch duplex, via Windsor DE 14, San Francisco DEC 21 & DEC 29, arriving in Sydney JA 23; red crayon "45ctm" denotes 45 centimes or 9c credit to US. Redirected to Melbourne, Victoria State with "2d" manuscript fee, Melbourne JA 25 receiver. Portion of backflap missing and some edge flaws affecting second stamp; a very scarce 15c non-UPU letter rate to the Australian Colonies, Fine (Unitrade 37) ex. Michael Rixon (November 2001; Lot 213)

Postage rates to New South Wales and Victoria via the US were 15c per half ounce from April 1879 to October 1882. These Colonies joined the UPU October 1st, 1891; prior to that redirection of letters between them was not free.
Est. $500+
CANADA 1887 (June 22) Envelope endorsed "Via San Francisco" at foot, bearing a 5c dark olive green and a 10c magenta, Montreal printings perf 12, latter with couple perf flaws, tied by Brantford duplex datestamps, addressed to Melbourne, Victoria State (Australia), red crayon "45c" accountancy mark equals 9c credit to US, light San Francisco datestamps and Melbourne JL 29 CDS backstamps; small corner fault at top left. An attractive 15c non-UPU letter rate to Australia via the United States, in effect between April 1879 and December 1888, VF (Unitrade 38, 40a)

Provenance: "Midland", January 2004; Lot 481
George Arfken, May 1999; Lot 1007

Only three covers (includes this cover offered here) showing a Ten cent Small Queen stamp have been reported to Victoria State (Australia), all three are rated 15 cent (and also bears a 5 cent stamp).
Est. $1,000+
CANADA British American Bank Note Co. engraved vignette of Queen Victoria facing right in her widow weeds, in large oval with decorative ornaments, printed in black on india paper mounted on same-size card 55 x 79mm with "VICTORIA" and BABN Co. Montreal & Ottawa imprints below; a few old mounts on back. A beautiful collateral item that is seldom seen, VF

This vignette (without the imprints) was adopted for the British American Bank Note Company Trade Sample Sheet (consisting of various Large & Small Queen stamps and Second Bill Issues) prepared in 1869.
Est. $500+
CANADA 46,An exceptionally choice plate proof single in the issued colour, surrounded by enormous margins, XF
Est. $500+
CANADA 47,Plate proof block of four in the distinctive bright shade of blue associated with this proof, on card mounted india paper with sheet margin at right; 10mm scissor cut between lower pair, rarely seen proof block, VF
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 46-47,Nicely centered mint singles with SPECIMEN (15mm long) handstamp in violet, similar to that applied to the 1897 Diamond Jubilee high values, large part original gum; a very elusive duo, VF
Est. $750+
CANADA 47a,Mint imperforate pair with part sheet margin at left, characteristic deep colour, nicer than normally seen, VF hinged
Cat. $1,800
CANADA 1896 (July 17) Cover endorsed "Cards" and addressed to "McCorquodale Printer Publishers" in Glasgow, Scotland (at the time one of the largest printing companies in the UK), franked with a well centered 20c orange Widow Weeds tied by light Montreal CDS, additional clearer strike left, Glasgow JY 25 96 receiver backstamp; cover with small tear at right and minor wrinkles away from stamp, suggesting heavy content it originally carried, paid the correct quadruple UPU letter rate of 20 cent to the UK, F-VF and rare thus (Unitrade 46)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 1896 (November 2) Cover with a very scarce single-franking of the 20c Widow Weeds, tied by superb Sydney, NS NO 2 96 CDS postmark and sent to Montreal with next-day receiver, small circular "MY NO 3 96" Carrier marking. A beautiful cover, VF; the letter was delivered in one day, quite remarkable considering the distance travelled. (Unitrade 46)
Est. $500+
CANADA 1898 (June 16) Legal envelope from D. McFarlane Solicitor, Truro, NS to London, England, with a rarely encountered single usage of the 50c Widow Weeds, tied by oval "R" registration handstamp, second strike left, Truro dispatch CDS; Halifax & St. John M.C. / W / JU 17 98 RPO, St. John NB JU 17 transit backstamps, oval Registered London 1 JY 98 arrival datestamp in red. Opened on three sides for display, lower backflap reduced with edge faults, which is quite understandable having originally carried heavy legal documents, an impressive ninefold UPU letter rate (45c) plus 5c registration, a Fine appearing and rare cover. (Unitrade 47)
Est. $750+
CANADA Envelope dispatch from London, C.W. circa. 1864 to The Superior Court of Buffalo, New York; Forwarded by American Express Company, Livingston, Fargo & Co imprint with "Dog guarding a strongbox" illustration in black on red adhesive label of London, C.W. affixed, edge faults at top due to placement, originally contained court papers, a Fine appearing and very rare usage of this express company label.
Est. $750+
CANADA Money Package forwarded by the American Express Co. legal size orange cover with red wax seals on reverse, enclosing "$200" from Toronto to Smith Creek Station, Michigan, circa 1866; "Money Package by the America Express Co" imprint in black with vignette of sealed woman on orange adhesive of Toronto, C.W. affixed at left; understandably cover has light wrinkling, a very scarce express company cover, F-VF
Est. $750+
CANADA 50-65,A beautiful mint set with exceptionally fresh colours; 8c, 15c and $1 to $5 are fine centered, other values are well centered. All sixteen with full original gum, NEVER HINGED. A popular and sought-after series, F-VF NH (Unitrade cat. $16,480)
Est. $3,500+
CANADA 50-60,Short set of eleven, rich colours and quite well centered, F-VF NH; 50c with 2010 PF cert. (Unitrade cat. $4,490)
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 1897 (June 22) Large cover franked with the 1897 Diamond Jubilee ½c to 50c, each tied by superb St. Henri de Montreal postmark (the fourth day of issue); envelope has light vertical crease and couple small edge faults away from the stamps; a colourful cover, F-VF (Unitrade 50-60)
Est. $500+
CANADA 1899 (April 24) Registered cover to Pasing, Bavaria, redirected to Wolratshausen, franked with Diamond Jubilee ½c to 6c tied by Berlin AP 24 99 CDS postmarks, 5c further tied by red oval Registered London 4 MY 99 transit; on reverse Toronto and two different German datestamps. Minor cover wrinkling in no way detracts, F-VF (Unitrade 50-55)
Est. $300+
CANADA 50,A marvelous mint example, very well centered with uncharacteristically large margins, sheet margin at foot, a wonderful stamp that will certainly stand out in a collection, XF NH JUMBO; 2004 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $420+
CANADA 1903 (November 18) Sun Life cover to Cuba franked with vertical pair and strip of three of 1c Jubilee, tied by Montreal duplex; portion of Santiago de Cuba NOV 25 CDS receiver backstamp; an impressive Diamond Jubilee 5c UPU franking to Cuba, VF (Unitrade 51)
Est. $300+
CANADA 53,Large Die Proof in the issued colour printed directly on card, die sinkage area 62 x 63mm on full-size card 226 x 151mm; in superb condition, XF
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 53,An unusually choice mint Plate 29 block of four, LH in ungummed part of selvedge, stamps with pristine original gum, VF+ NH
Cat. $480+
CANADA 53,An incredible mint example surrounded by "boardwalk" margins, brilliant fresh colour and full original gum, never hinged. An absolute JUMBO ideal for someone seeking the extraordinary, XF NH
Est. $350+
CANADA 55,Large Die Proof in the issued colour printed directly to card; die sinkage area 64 x 63mm on full-size card 226 x 150mm. A beautiful proof in immaculate condition, XF
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 56,A premium mint example as fresh as the day it was printed, VF NH
Cat. $600
CANADA 56, 57,Two amazing mint singles, extremely well centered with superb margins, both with equally impressive deep colour; a wonderful duo for a collector seeking exceptional stamps without paying the substantial premium for NH status, XF VLH GEM
Est. $400+
CANADA 57,Large Die Proof printed in the issued colour on india paper 62 x 61mm die sunk on full-size card 226 x 150mm. In immaculate condition, rarely seen, most were printed directly on card, XF
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 57,A precisely centered mint single with brilliant colour and full original gum, VF+ NH
Cat. $750
CANADA 57i,A remarkable mint single, very well centered within noticeably large margins, shows the elusive Major Re-entry (Position 5) with prominent doubling marks in "POSTAGE", "VR", "1837", "1897", among other traits, VF NH JUMBO (Unitrade 57i)
Cat. $1,500
CANADA 1897 (October 1) Legal size pre-addressed Economical Mutual Fire Insurance Co. cover mailed from London to Berlin, Ont. franked with 5c & 10c Jubilees tied by light squared circle dispatch; next-day Berlin OC 2 receiver on back. Cover with couple vertical folds and edge wrinkles (quite normal as it paid five times the domestic letter rate up to 6 ounces); a very scarce commercial usage franked solely with Jubilee stamps, F-VF (Unitrade 54, 57)
Est. $350+
CANADA 1898 (August 29) Mixed-issue franked cover mailed registered to Bolivia, with 10c Jubilee, 5c Leaf and 1c & 3c Numerals tied by Berlin, Ont. CDS dispatch, oval "R" registered handstamp, sent via New York where a registered label was affixed; on reverse Toronto AU 29 98 and New York double oval 8 - 31 1898 registration transit; a rare Victorian era destination cover, VF (Unitrade 57, 70, 75, 78)
Est. $350+
CANADA 58,Large Die Proof printed in the issued colour on india paper 63 x 62mm die sunk on full-size card 227 x 150mm. A beautiful proof and superb in all respects, XF
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 59-65,The set of seven SPECIMEN handstamp overprints; 50c to $3 in mixed condition but the $4 and $5 are exceptionally nice never hinged examples (Cat. $3,400 as Fine)
Est. $750+
CANADA 59v,A nicely centered mint single with deep colour, showing the Re-entry (Position 37) with visible marks in "POS" of "POSTAGE", faint gum bend. A very scarce variety, VF NH
Cat. $2,700
CANADA 61-65,The five dollar values of the set, each with bright fresh colour; $3 and $4 regummed, others with full original gum hinged, F-VF (Unitrade 61-65 cat. $7,150)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 61,A post office fresh mint single, well centered within large margins, exceptionally rich colour on fresh paper, full sheet margin at left, VF+ NH; 2002 PF certificate for a block of four from which this originates.
Cat. $3,000
CANADA 61,A post office fresh mint single, nicely centered with bright impression and full unblemished original gum; a choice stamp, VF NH
Cat. $3,000
CANADA 61,A beautiful mint single, well centered within large margins, exceptional colour and full original gum, relatively lightly hinged, VF
Cat. $1,000
CANADA 61,A precisely centered used example with large margins, brilliant fresh colour, and socked-on-nose Montreal CDS postmark, most attractive, XF
Cat. $1,000+
CANADA 62,Large Die Proof in the issued colour printed directly to card, die sinkage 66 x 63mm on full-size card 226 x 151mm. Exceptional and highly desirable, XF
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 62,A beautiful mint single, precisely centered with true rich colour and full original gum, XF LH; 1985 RPS of London cert.
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 62,A marvelous used single, superbly centered with remarkably large margins and exceptional colour, clear socked-on-nose Toronto JA 11 98 split ring CDS. A spectacular stamp in all respects, XF GEM
Cat. $1,200+
CANADA 63,Large Die Proof printed in the issued colour directly to card, die sinkage 63 x 62mm on full-size card 225 x 151mm. In pristine condition and very attractive, XF
Est. $1,500+
CANADA 63,A nicely centered mint single, relatively lightly hinged, VF; 1991 PF cert.
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 64,An extraordinary mint single with superb colour and bold impression, well centered with large margins and possessing full immaculate original gum NEVER HINGED. A great stamp in all respects, VF+ NH; 2004 Greene Foundation cert.
Cat. $6,000+
CANADA 64,A very well centered mint single rich colour, tiny hinge thin but a great looking stamp, VF+ OG
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 65,A well centered mint single with deep rich colour and full original gum, VF+ LH; 2002 PF cert.
Cat. $2,000
CANADA 65,An attractive used single with rich colour and partial magenta Winnipeg postmarks, F-VF
Cat. $1,200
CANADA 66,Progressive Engraved Die Proof - the Master Die printed in violet on thick card, showing the completed central vignette and the top half of the oval frame with "CANADA POSTAGE" imprint. A superb item and a cornerstone for a serious collection of this issue, VF; ex. BNA Essays, Proofs Sale, Robson Limited, June 1963; Lot 151

Est. $2,500+
CANADA 66,Progressive Engraved Die Proof printed in violet on card, showing completed central vignette and oval frame with "HALF CENT" denomination now complete and a thin line surrounding the central ovals added. A superb early stage progressive proof, outstanding in all respects and extremely rare, VF; ex. BNA Essays, Proofs Sale, Robson Lowe Limited, June 1963; Lot 152

Est. $2,500+
CANADA 66P-73P, 68Pi,A selected set of eight large margined plate proof singles in the issued colours on card mounted india paper, includes an extra 2c proof in the dull purple shade, VF
Cat. $2,100
CANADA 66a-73i,A fabulous "hand-picked" set of eight mint imperforate pairs, on vertical wove paper or horizontal wove in the case of the 5c and 8c, deep rich colours and mostly large margins. The key 3 cent and 8 cent pairs are NEVER HINGED. A challenging set to assemble in superior condition, VF-XF
Cat. $10,550
CANADA 66a,A superb mint imperforate pair surrounded by enormous margins, full original gum. A beautiful pair that really stands out, XF LH GEM
Cat. $750+
CANADA 67a,Full margined mint imperforate pair with fresh colour, VF LH
Cat. $750
CANADA 68a,Mint imperforate pair with portion of sheet margin at foot, full original gum, VF LH
Cat. $750
CANADA 69,Trial colour die proof printed in slate green, stamp size on thick card (0.013" thick), scarce, VF
Est. $300+
CANADA 70,Trial colour die proof printed in dark violet, stamp size on card (0.013" thick), very scarce, VF
Est. $350+
CANADA 70i,A scarce mint imperforate pair, ungummed as issued, VF
Cat. $600
CANADA 71,A spectacular mint single with fabulous centering and incredibly large margins virtually unheard off on the Leaf issue, full pristine original gum, never hinged. In all likelihood THE FINEST EXISTING Six cent extant, XF NH JUMBO GEM; ex. "Lindemann" collection
Cat. $600+
CANADA 72a,An impressive mint imperforate plate block showing the entire "OTTAWA - No - 1" imprint at top, printed on the distinctive horizontal mesh paper, deep rich colour, tiny natural inclusion near edge at top left of no importance, lightly hinged in selvedge only leaving stamps NH, Very Fine

According to Jephcott and Gates estimates on imperforate issues of the Leaf series, three panes of 100 on vertical (or horizontal) mesh paper were printed for the Eight cent. The plate imprint only shows once per sheet (above Positions 5 & 6) so a mere three imprint blocks can exist.

Est. $4,000+
CANADA 72,A superb mint Plate 1 block of eight, remarkably well centered for such a difficult plate multiple and with brilliant fresh colour, natural gum inclusion on top left stamp and a few split perfs entirely in top margin sensibly strengthened by small hinges, all eight stamps are NEVER HINGED. No doubt among the choicest plate multiples that exist, VF NH (Unitrade cat. $12,000 plus 50% premium for a plate multiple)

Est. $5,000+
CANADA 72ii,A brilliant fresh mint example, nicely centered with radiant colour on the distinctive horizontal mesh paper, full pristine original gum. Considerably scarcer in such choice condition than the standard Eight cent on vertical wove, VF NH
Cat. $1,500
CANADA 73,A brilliant fresh mint example, nicely centered with intact perforations and full unblemished original gum, VF NH
Cat. $2,400
CANADA 74v, 75vi, 77d, 79ii, 82ii, 83ii,Six different imperforate pairs ungummed as issued, includes ½c, 1c, 2c carmine in the scarcer Die II, 5c, 8c and 10c. All with full to very large margins and bright colours, VF-XF (Unitrade cat. $5,950)
Est. $2,000+
CANADA 74a / 81a,Lot of six different imperforate pairs, ungummed as issued, includes ½c, 1c, 2c Die I, 2c Die II, 5c and 7c, VF (Unitrade cat. $5,100)
Est. $1,000+
CANADA 75a,A choice mint imperforate pair with large even margins, distinctive deeper shade and with large part original gum, VF LH
Cat. $1,600
CANADA 75iii variety,Mint block with portion of Plate 6 imprint, each stamp shows a visible to prominent Re-entry in one or both lower corner value tablets or in the numeral "1", small marginal crease at top, stamps are F-VF NH
Est. $300+
CANADA 76a,An outstanding mint example of this distinctive printing - colour, paper and impression associated to the elusive paper type (0.005" thick), extremely well centered with uncharacteristic large margins. A great stamp, XF LH JUMBO
Cat. $250+
CANADA 77b,A quite well centered mint booklet pane of six with intact tab margin at left, printed on the characteristic horizontal mesh paper; natural disturbance confined to tab margin only which occurred during the binding process, stamps with pristine original gum, much nicer than normally encountered, F-VF NH
Cat. $2,750
CANADA 77d,An imperforate block of four of the scarcer die, very attractive with brilliant fresh colour and sheet margin at foot. Multiples are seldom seen, VF
Cat. $3,000
CANADA 79,A bright fresh mint Plate 2 strip of three showing the full imprint with reversed plate number, not easy to find, Fine+ NH
Est. $350+
CANADA 79b,A choice mint example with brilliant colour, well centered; a great stamp, VF+ NH
Cat. $1,050
CANADA 80a,Mint imperforate pair in top-quality, large margined with full pristine original gum; rarely seen in such superb condition, XF NH GEM
Cat. $3,750+