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Welcome to our October mail auction. This sale includes a fabulous selection of Liechtenstein from an exceptional collection we purchased recently. You’ll find the small lots at #2313 to 2389 and the collection lots at #2052 to 2066. Also look for interesting sections of Germany and States, Italy, Saar, and several British Commonwealth countries such as Antigua, Barbados, Caymans, Falklands, Nevis, Newfoundland, and St. Lucia, not to mention Great Britian itself.

Our large lot sections continue to be very popular with collectors. Here you will find many lots ideal for starting a new country or expanding your existing collection. You can fill in a lot of album spaces at a reasonable cost compared to what you would have to pay if buying the stamps one at a time. Many of these lots are also useful when searching for cancellations and varieties of perforation or watermark, as time does not normally permit us to look for these.

This sale closes at midnight on October 18th. Please remember to bid early, especially if mailing your bids. Good luck in the auction.

Remember that Eastern Auctions Mail Sale bids do not incur any buyer’s fees, and there is no surcharge for credit card use. You pay only the hammer price plus shipping costs and required taxes. Bid by calling toll-free: 1 (800) 667-8267 or E-mail:

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