Note: An Auto bid can sometimes be referred to as a Max Bid or a Commission Bid

  • When you place an Auto Bid, you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item, as shown below. You will also received a warning if your bid is much higher than the bid increment.


  • The other bidders do not know the value of your Auto Bid, but it is displayed to you all the time:
  • As further bidding continues the system will automatically increase your bid as others bid against you, up to your maximum amount. This ensures that you remain the highest bidder up to your maximum amount and helps to meet the reserve price.
  • If another bidder places a higher Auto Bid, or the current bid amount exceeds your Auto Bid, the lot box will clearly indicate that while your bid was successful you have still been outbid, as shown below:


When an Auto Bid is placed the following scenarios may occur:

  1. If there is a lower reserve price than the Auto Bid placed the current bid will jump to this reserve price.
  2. If there is a lower Auto Bid from another user then the bid will jump to one increment above the lower Auto Bid.
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