• Pre-bidding is placing bids before the live webcast auction starts. It looks the same as a Timed Auction, as shown below:
  • In webcast auction pre-bidding you only have the option to place an incremental bid or to enter an Autobid i.e. there are no Buy Now or Make Offer options for this type of sale.
  • The bid increments and starting bid are set by the Auctioneer per item.
  • Once the live webcast starts, your view will change as explained below.

Live Webcast Bidding 

  • When the auctioneer starts the webcast, your view will change, as shown below.
  • If the auctioneer chooses to have a video or audio live stream, this will also appear on the page, as above.
  • If the auctioneer is only streaming audio it will look as follows where the video stream is shown above:
  • You will be able to see the current item / item in the ring on the left and bid on it.
  • You can also still place a max bid / autobid on upcoming items. Enter the amount you wish to autobid and press Confirm. Your current bid will appear next to that item.
  • You can view sold or passed items by clicking the Closed tab below the video feed. It will indicate whether you have won this item or not:
  • During the bidding, the auctioneer will usually verbally (if streaming) and visually alert the internet bidder that they are selling the item, i.e. Going once…, Going Twice…, etc.
  • Sometimes the auctioneer will pause the auction. You will see this:
  • When all items have sold or been passed, you will see this:
  • Once the auction is finished, you will receive appropriate emails as to items you have won and your payment options.