Bids, offers or purchases can be placed on any item on any page where you see the Place BidMake Offer or Buy Now button.

Incremental Bidding

  • Incremental bids place the next incremental bid for the item/lot.
  • Bidding increment values will vary depending on the item. The increment is displayed below the current bid price.
  • Once you have placed your incremental bid, the box at the bottom of the item/lot listing will turn green to show that you are winning. If a red box is returned your bid is either not high enough to reach the reserve, or another user has placed an auto bid on the item/lot.
  • Here is what incremental bidding will look like:
  • Once you press the ‘bid’ button, you will be presented with a confirmation pop-up, which explains any additional charges:

  • You can tick the ‘skip confirmation for this lot’ box to skip this modal next time.

Autobid / Max Bid / Comission Bid

  • Autobidding allows you to place the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item.
  • Clicking ‘Place Autobid’ brings up a confirmation pop-up that allows you to enter your desired amount and review any additional charges:
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