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General Sale including
C.A. Stillions 1923 – 1944 Newfoundland
W. Terry Averbeck Small Queen Covers
Vic Willson Canada Internationals Airmails
June 15th , 2019 (Lot 718 – 1255)

Postal history will be a dominant feature in our upcoming General Sale with fantastic Maritime Provinces colonial era covers; Newfoundland KGV and KGVI eras with a wealth of die proofs, varieties and imperforates in addition to specialized postal history lots; the W. Terry Averbeck collection of Canada Small Queen 1870-1897 Postal History with an excellent array of foreign destinations and rates; and the Vic Willson collection of Canada International Airmails 1919-1941.
Click here for General Sale – June 14th (Lots 571 – 717)

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