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General Sale: Featuring Colonial Africa
British North America, Canada
KGV Admirals and Postal History     

Friday February 28, 2020 (Lot 1-314)

A remarkable estate comprising parallel mint & used collections of Colonial Africa to be offered in numerous useful lots, ranging from better single stamps and sets to intact colony collections. From Afars & Issas to Zululand – virtually all British, French, German, Italian, Belgian, Portuguese and Spanish colonies are represented right up to last issues prior to Independence.

This sale includes well over 500 lots of British North America and Canada, including essays, proofs, imperforates, superb classic stamps to modern errors. Notable sections are the 1911-1927 King George V Admiral issue of Canada with rare plate multiples and lathework; extensive postal history with foreign destinations and very elusive WWI Canadian Expeditionary Forces in Siberia.


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